Golden Keys: A series of booklets which contain questions from many people and answers by Maitreya. Each of these questions and answers are like a Golden Key that opens a door to a greater understanding of Him and His teachings. This is the first in the series.


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Each of these booklets contain answers given by Maitreya or approved by Him to questions which were asked in the letters He received from many. Each question and its answer is like a little Golden Key to unlock the meanings of His Mission and teachings a little further.

The questions are separated into categories. After the question and answer, there may be a reference to the books in The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament or The Plan, the main writings of Maitreya.

We hope these booklets answer all questions you might have. If not, you can further search for answers in our website. If your questions have still not been answered, please send them to the Mission. You will receive answers that are either directly from Maitreya or have been reviewed by Him. We may use answers that are not a repetition in new Golden Keys in the future.


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Religious Beliefs..............................................4

How Did THOTH Come Into Existence?...............6

The Greatest Sign and Symbols.......................9

About Maitreya..............................................11

About the Mission...........................................14


Who is Maitreya?



Dedicated: To the Essence

In Each Man and Woman

Which Knows No Race, Religion or Creed.




1- Doesn't God uplift those He chooses to use and help to uplift others?

Indeed this is Truth. The last six thousand years was the period in which such beings were prepared and in this conjunction of history, these Chosen Ones should be unified, to fulfill the prophecies.


2- How can the world problems be solved?

Words are beautiful (inspiring) but they will remain just beautiful words unless action is taken. To bring the KOHOE (Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth) can only be done by the actions of individuals, groups, and nations.

Most people do not approach the problems from their roots. They work with the effects, not the causes. Maitreya's teachings and approach is directed toward the causes.


3- Can Maya of terror and destruction be stopped?

Maya is terror and destruction as long as man has not learned the ways of Being. When this is realized, the very Maya becomes a guiding light. That is why Maya (the devil) is also called the Shining Star (Lucifer). This universe has been created so that man (unit consciousness) can reach Pure Consciousness. Only through this manifested world and evolutionary process can this occur quickly.

When man cures the causes of this illusive separation of one from the other and becomes One in God, then there will be no terror, but peace.


4- Isn't it the way of this planet to fight to death over matters that are lower in nature?

It is not intended to be this way. As we can read in the Old Testament in Genesis, God wanted man to live in the Garden of Eden (Paradise). Because of man's lower way he defiled the Lord's Ways and thought he could do without Him. So it became necessary for us to guide ourselves back to where we can again build this Paradise (read the book The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament to find the Eternal Divine Path).


5- What about the predictions of coming disasters?

The disasters in 1983 and beyond are a part of an overall Plan to first awaken many people as to how helpless humans can be and secondly to accelerate the processes of bringing the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth (KOHOE). Man still thinks he can do without God. Man without God is a helpless separate ego. This lesson should be learned. Everything is in Divine Order.


6- What is the best way to handle present day news and negative vibrations in general?

"And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye not be troubled..." (Matthew 24:6)

When we want to build a new house over an old one, first we have to destroy the old in order to replace it with the new. The New Order of the Ages is upon us. Therefore the old is crumbling.

We are in the middle of cleansing the earth for the Golden Age to come. This is why it looks even messier than before. But it will pass. Concentrate on this so the news will not affect you!

When we try to clean the house, in the middle of the process the house looks even more messy than before. But when it is cleaned and everything is replaced, it will look beautiful.


7- Why does Maitreya not save us right away and change this whole world for the good, right now?

It is like a seven year old child to say, why doesn't his Father, who is the head of the university, just give him a doctorate degree without him going through all the years of training in school, high school, etc? We are here to learn many lessons. No one can be saved until he or she is ready.

Never has a Savior come who has saved all instantly, and never will there be. It is the wishful thinking of the childish character who believes in this. Karmically Maitreya is bound to follow the Laws of the Universe. Each person has to grow - the Savior can show the way - but it is you who has to walk it.


8- What is the meaning of the name "Maitreya?"

Many meanings have been given to this name: friend, counselor, elder brother, teacher, etc. But the essence of its meaning is "The Compassionate One."

Compassion is the manifestation of the Love of Christ with the understanding of Buddha.

The man who has compassion has so much Love that he can empathize. So he understands.


9- What is meant by "as the thief of the night?"

Many expect Christ to come from the sky and suddenly change all things and bring His Kingdom on earth.

But He will first come quietly and prepare the Saints, and when all is prepared, then all will see Him. In this period of preparation He is hidden like a thief of the night.


10- What is meant that the dead will be resurrected?

Death here means ignorance and life means enlightenment. Therefore, those who rise from ignorance to enlightenment are called the resurrected ones.


11- What about the dark and light struggle in our midst?

Our pure thoughts and open hearts make the world heal itself of terror and destruction. The darkness as old beliefs and dead religions (dogmas) are now fighting fiercely with the progress of the human to reach higher consciousness. But who has ever seen that when the light comes, darkness continues to exist? Light shall heal the earth, and terror and destruction will go away.




1- What about circumcision?

God Himself, as a sign of covenant, demanded that Abraham circumcise all males with him (Genesis 17:10-14). There are always great benefits for man behind God's demands or commandments. Circumcision prevents many diseases, allows for faster development of mental abilities and reduction of undesirable excess sexual stimulation, and many other benefits (read "Circumcision" in Essays 3 in THOTH). However, true Circumcision is of "the Heart."


2- What about miracles?

History has shown us that miracles do not make better believers. A true believer sees miracles all around himself or herself. Such a person looks at his hands, eyes, others, nature, the events in his life, universe, etc. and sees all as a miracle from God. These are sufficient for the true believers.

Other miracles, such as healing, which are sought by many, are miracles to them because they do not know the principles behind them. If they become a channel for God these miracles are the birthright of every individual.


3- What about healing?

Each person has to learn to heal himself or herself. If another person heals a person it usually will not last long. But if a person heals himself then that will be a healing of the spirit and will be permanent. In the Golden Age to come each person should become a channel for God. They will not look to others to know God!


4- Can you have religions of your own beliefs or is there just one way the only way?

Let everyone find the Eternal Divine Path through whatever religion or belief they have at the present time, then realize where their beliefs fall in The Plan and learn about others also. This will expand everyone's view and will accelerate the coming of His Kingdom. Each complements the others. Let us bring the right environment on earth, let each man find his own God, by understanding His Hand in creation and history. God is within you!


5- What does it mean "to struggle with God?"

It does not mean "to struggle against God" but with God as a team. Life is a struggle with the illusion of separation from God. We struggle in order to establish His Kingdom and also eventually become One with His Divine Essence.


6- Can any humans allow themselves to be close-minded?

No. Anything which separates man from man is from being close-minded.


7- What are some requirements before the human is able to open himself to the new teaching of Maitreya?

1- To empty the cup so a new wine can be poured into it.

2- To realize that if they had the whole truth there would be no need for a new teacher or Messiah to come. If they knew it all why would they need Him?

3- To overcome the misconception of many theosophists and New Agers that the Old Teachings are obsolete. "Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled" (Matthew 5:18).


8- Is this a new type of religion?

It depends on your definition of religion. The coming of Maitreya has been prophesied for centuries and His teachings can be looked upon as you would like to look at them. The importance of His teachings is the TRUTH, not the concepts and expectations people have about Him.


9- Is there any form of priesthood (head of church, etc.) necessary?

There will be no need for priests. Spiritual teachers emerge when they are accepted as such by individuals and groups. The teaching in THOTH directs each person to become an instrument "to do His will." Each man has to become a priest and find the truth by himself.




1- How was the book of THOTH presented so that it should be written?

It was revealed gradually and published in its present form over a span of 7 years (1977-1984) through Maitreya personally. These revelations were eventually put together as one book The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament.


2- Was this written by Maitreya or was He overshadowed?

It was written by Maitreya Himself, as the representative of God on earth. The Spirit of God wrote it!


3- What are the basic teachings of THOTH?

Humans are eternal and immortal in essence; All humans come from the same source, so we are brothers and sisters; God is infinite and realizing It also is infinite; All religions of the world are complementary, each are a part of a greater truth called the Eternal Divine Path.


4- What is the Universal Mantra mentioned in THOTH?

Haree Om Shrii Hung - Om Nam Kevalam (HOSH - ONK) has the same rhythm as the famous Tibetan mantra "Om Mani Padme Hung." Each line has the same rhythm as "Om Mani Padme Hung," therefore the two lines of the mantra have twice the effect of the "Om Mani" mantra. There is an entire book written about the power of the "Om Mani Padme Hung" mantra. The HOSH mantra consists of seven symbols: Haree (ichng-s.gif (891 bytes)) Om (kohoe-s.gif (879 bytes)) Shrii (cross-s.gif (869 bytes)) Hung
(islms15c.jpg (912 bytes)) Om (baha-s.gif (97 bytes)) Nam (kohw-s.gif (904 bytes)) Kevalam (center-s.gif (899 bytes)), each related to one sign in The Greatest Sign and also to each chakra.

The meaning of this Mantra is "The Goal of the Life is to Be(come) Divine [Haree Om Shrii Hung] - That Divinity, God, is Everything [Om Nam Kevalam]." The Mantra is also called the "Shrii Shrii Para Maha Mantra."


5- Why should I read, study, or work with THOTH?

It is not intended to give you the ultimate answer (although in a sense It does by letting you know that there is no ultimate answer), but to break the barriers and open you more to the possibilities, to arouse your curiosity and lead you to meditate, investigate, and help you find out the truth about yourself and life. No one person can give the Truth to another. This should be realized: that no matter how much we can tell a person about the Truth, if he does not know it within himself, it will not help.


6- What are the feelings about man and woman in THOTH?

There is a difference between the definition of male and female and man and woman (read THOTH).

We have to create equal opportunities for all, physically, mentally, and spiritually. The most important part is to bring the KOHOE, then leave the people alone to mix and be as they please, as long as their actions will not harm others physically or mentally.


7- Will THOTH be published in other languages?

Some of the materials have already been translated into several languages, and they will eventually be translated into others. However, we recommend everyone learn English as the original revelation has come in that language. So, it is best understood in English.


8- Does the word THOTH have any meaning, apart from being the first letters of the book?

Yes, it also means The Highest Of The Highs. Furthermore, as is explained in the New Illustrated Colombia Encyclopedia (Volume 22 - 1978-79), Thoth means:


In Egyptian religions, one of wisdom, a patron of learning and of the arts, he was credited with many inventions, including writing, geometry and astrology...


Also legend says that Thoth was an Atlantean who left the sinking land and went to Egypt, where he built the pyramids and ruled that land for years.


9- What is meant by "His words go before Him?"

The book THOTH goes before Him so those who are of the Light will see this and respond to it.


10- Why is this new teaching again in a Scripture?

Because it is from God.


11- Does THOTH show the relationship between Western and Eastern religions?

That is one of the reasons It has been written.


12- What is the teaching of THOTH?



13- Why should one want to read and study THOTH?

Because it is The Last Testament.




1- What is the true meaning of the Seven Seals?

Each of these Seals relates to one or more religions of the world, which when combined together and their significance in the history of man is understood, it will be realized that each of the great religions of the world have only a part of a greater truth. They are complementary to each other as none is perfect by itself, and together they synthesize all the religions of the world and unify all under one banner (The Greatest Sign).


2- What does the logo used in the letterhead of the Mission of Maitreya represent?

The prophecies state that Maitreya will synthesize the religions of the world under one teaching and unify the West and East together to create perfected beings. The chair in the picture symbolizes Maitreya's mastery of Western knowledge and that He will sit on a chair like a Westerner (in contrast to Guatama Buddha who sits cross-legged). The picture which shows Maitreya as the Buddha (Enlightened One) symbolizes the Eastern side of His teachings and that He will be born in the East where Western souls are expecting the Messiah to come from.


3- What is a Mandala?

A Mandala is a painting or drawing that guides a person toward higher thoughts or God. It usually is a crystallized idea in the form of a visual aid. The Greatest Sign is a Mandala.


4- What is a Yantra?

A Yantra is a symbol or geometric figure that guides a person toward higher thoughts or God. It usually is a crystallized idea in the form of a visual aid. The Greatest Sign is a Yantra.


5- What do you mean by "every word of God has more than seven meanings?"

Each word of God can be interpreted according to the level of consciousness the person is in. Even within each level there are many more levels. That is why there are so many different interpretations of the word of God, and each person believes he has the answer!


6- What is The Greatest Sign?

It is the essence of Maitreya's teaching, in the form of a sign (yantra, mandala).


7- Is mantra meditation an exercise for gaining control of the mind?

No, it is to be(come) One with God.




1- What was the name given to Him at His earthly birth?

His childhood given name is Mohammed, the earthly name of Mehdi (the expected Messiah of Moslems).


2- What other names does Maitreya have?

Many names - Y'shua, Joseph, Mohammed, Maitreya (known in Hinduism and Buddhism). Moslems are awaiting Mehdi (earthly name Mohammed). The Messiah awaited by the Jewish and Christian people is Y'wehshua or Y'shua, and also Joseph. He was also given the name Vigi Kumar, meaning Young Prince, one of the titles given to Krishna. The expected Messiah of the Hindus is the Kalki Avatar, who is supposed to be the reincarnation of Krishna.

He did not call himself by these names. They were given to Him, as explained by the prophecy, "...many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many" (Matthew 24:4-5, Luke 21:8, and Mark 13:5-6). There are many who call themselves Christ or Maitreya and deceive many, but the Maitreya who we represent did not even know what Maitreya meant or stood for when He received the name. Then through a long story (with many incredible events), His Mission was gradually revealed to Him.

These all happened so to distinguish the true Maitreya (Y'shua and Mohammed) from those whom the prophecy above refers to!

The only name He has given to Himself is Jallal'u'llah, meaning "Glory of God." This is so that those who follow Baha'u'llah will know that the name of their Prophet does not mean "Glory of God." Baha'u'llah means "Beauty of God." Therefore, any place in the scriptures that mentions the Glory of God is referring to Jallal'u'llah!


3- What was known about the name Maitreya when He received the name?

Only after He started to realize the truth behind creation and history and His Mission was revealed to Him, did He understand the significance of the names which were given to Him (besides many other signs). The name was given to Him so that although the prophecy that Maitreya will be called by this name could be fulfilled in this way, He would also be distinguished from those who give this name to themselves, "For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many" (Matthew 24:5).


4- Is Maitreya the new name of Jesus Christ?

Maitreya is also called Y'shua, which was the sacred name of Jesus. In truth the earthly name of Jesus is Esa. His sacred name was Y'shua (in a corrupted state, as in truth it cannot be uttered in the external world - See the Glossary of THOTH on Jesus). There is no "j" in Hebrew which was the language of the Jews, and Jesus was Jewish. (For more detail on sacred names in the Bible you can look up Missionary Dispensary Bible Research and their literature.)


5- Is Maitreya one of the manifested sons of God?

The sons of God (gods) are all called Avatars and Maitreya is an Avatar. Indeed He is called the Shrii Shrii Para Maha Avatar.


6- Was Maitreya born on this planet earth?

There has never in history been a Messenger, Prophet, or son of God that was not born from an earthly mother. This is true of any Avatar.

The expectation that He will come from the sky (heaven) is true. But sky or heaven means Pure Consciousness. He comes from Pure Consciousness. He is an Avatar.


7- What does it mean "He shall come in the cloud?"

Cloud means confusion. "Whenever the truth becomes weak and confusion prevails, His Spirit will rise on earth" (Bhagavad-Gita 4:7).


8- Is there a photograph of Maitreya or some sign made available to seekers?

At the present time there are no official photos available. You can meditate on The Greatest Sign, and much can and will be realized. His teaching is His miracle. He will be revealed to the sincere!

NOTE: This has changed and now you can see Him (His picture) and hear Him (video clips).


9- Where does Maitreya receive His Revelations from?

He receives his information directly from God (Universal Mind).


10- Where was Maitreya born?

He was born between the East of Jerusalem and the West of Tibet!

This fulfills the expectation of Jews and Christians that their Messiah would come from the East and also fulfills the expectations of Hindus and Tibetans which expect their Messiah to come from the West.


11- What religions predict the coming of Maitreya, the Buddha, the Messiah?

Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Christians, Moslems, etc., predict His coming.

The problem is that each person is attached to a special religion or idea - He comes to break the barriers and open everyone to a greater truth that all might expand their visions and see the whole TRUTH.


12- How long has it been prophesied about Maitreya's appearance?

It has been prophesied for thousands of years. His being on earth is the sign for the dawn of the Golden Age of spiritual uplifting, prosperity, peace for man, and the coming of the KOHOE.


13- What does Maitreya claim?

The Truth.




1- What is the difference between your organization and the theosophical movement?

The coming of the Hierarchy on earth and this teaching to bring His Kingdom on earth has been prophesied for thousands of years. Therefore, our organization consists of Masters of Wisdom who have already been incarnated to assume their roles and responsibilities. In other words, we truly do not have an organization in the earthly sense. The organization or Hierarchy on earth has already been chosen. The only thing left is for it to be externalized or to be manifested.


2- What is the name of the followers (disciples) of Maitreya?

The followers of Maitreya can be called by any beautiful name there is. It is not the name given to them which is important but the qualities they possess. Since they follow the Eternal Divine Path and their Goal is to be(come) Divine, they can be called Divines.

As it has been said, "You know them by their fruits." The man who gives bad fruit cannot be from God. Those who are His servants and are in tune with Him have no choice but to give good fruit.


3- What is the best way to serve the Mission of Maitreya, right now?

By following the Eternal Divine Path and understanding Maitreya's teachings, which includes helping in any way you can to spread the message throughout the earth.


4- What is your belief on reincarnation?

The goal of life is to know God and His Laws. If He only gives us one lifetime and in that one chance we are placed in a situation where we would not be able to know Him, then we cannot be judged! But if many chances (incarnations) are given, then He can judge justly.

For this and many other reasons, evidence, and experiences, we do believe in reincarnation. We say things that we know!


5- What is meant by Satsang?

Satsang means: good company. When people gather together and share the Love of God within themselves with each other, either with words, actions, or merely by their presence, this kind of gathering is called Satsang.


6- What does predestination mean?

The closer a person is to God the lesser is the personal will. Therefore the fewer choices. Such a person follows His Will and so is predestined to do His Will, not his (read "Predestination or Choice" in Essays 2 in THOTH).


7- Does the meaning of a dream have any great significance?

There are three kinds of dreams. There are those which are scattered, meaningless, and are short-lived (we forget them quickly). This kind of dream is usually created when a person sleeps with a full stomach, or when somehow the brain creates such a dream which has no purpose.

The second kind of dreams are those which are created by the subconscious mind. They usually have a message to solve a problem, express a desire, or give a warning. These kinds of dreams usually are concerned with our daily lives and are related to only this lifetime's problems. This is the kind that psychologists are most familiar with.

The third kind of dreams are those which are from the Unconscious Mind (Universal Mind). They usually have a lasting impression on the consciousness. They have a great message for the person. They can bring some memories from past lives, reveal future events (prophetic dreams), or express something which is stored or comes from the Unconscious Mind.

Dreams from the Unconscious Mind are the rarest. They usually have a startling effect on the life of the dreamer. If there is a message in this kind of dream and the person would not realize it, the dream will be repeated over and over again.


8- What does it mean to be free?

To know God and be only attached to Him. Drop your concepts and desires to dominate others. Free yourself from judging, criticizing, jealousy, greed, and hatred. Then you can free others also. This is the essence of God-realization and the goal of the universe.

In essence, free yourself from ego, to be One with Him.


9- What is meant by "his thirst shall be quenched?"

Because of the longing within humans toward an inner need of limitlessness and boundlessness, he starts his search. When the limitlessness (God) is realized, this inner longing will be quenched.


10- What is meant by the New Order of the Ages or the Golden Age?

It refers to the Age when each person will be a true priest, and will know the true meaning of the Laws of God and follow them, so they will be free and the Garden of Eden (Kingdom of Heaven on Earth) will return.

Freedom does not mean chaos and rejection of His Laws, but is to see how these Laws will bring peace, tranquility, Love, etc. and will free man from himself (his ego).




1- Is Maitreya the anti-Christ as said by some people?

The only place the word "anti-Christ" is used is in I John and II John in the Bible. The very essence of who is anti-Christ has been given in I John 2:22:


Who is a liar but he that denieth that Esa [Jesus] is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.


The Maitreya who we represent neither denies that Esa [Jesus] is the Christ, nor the Father and the First Begotten Son.

However, the only sign which Esa [Jesus] himself gave for realizing the true Christ, in essence, has been given in the verses below:


...take heed that no man deceive you.
For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many. (Matthew 24:4-5, Luke 21:8, and Mark 13:5-6)


The name Maitreya (expected to come as the Savior by Hindus, Buddhists, and most people in the Far East), Y'shua or Messiah (expected by Jews and Christians), and Mohammed (earthly name for Mehdi expected by Moslems) are all His names, referring to Christ expected by all to come. Many shall call themselves by these names, claim to be Christ, and deceive many.

The Maitreya who we represent, however, did not call Himself by these names. He was given these names. Those who call themselves by these names fulfill the above prophecy.

The Maitreya who we represent surely is not the anti-Christ, he is the Christ.

In truth, in order to know what is anti-Christ, you have to know what Christ is. How many people know The Christ? Christ is unity and anti-Christ is the illusion of separation. Maitreya is not anti-Christ. He is Christus (Christ-us). Anti-Christs are those who separate humans from humans and bring all kinds of suffering to man. Anti-Christs are those who have brought the world to the brink of disaster. Anti-Christ is the same as Maya.


2- What are the numeric values of the name Maitreya, and what are their significances?

If we accept "y" in the name Maitreya as a consonant, then the numeric value for vowels in the name will be "7" and the value of consonants "22." The number "7" is the number of God or Mystery. The number "22" is the number of Buddha (The Enlightened One).

The total number of His Name (vowels plus consonants) is equal with 7 + 22 = 29 which is 2 + 9 = 11. The number 11 is the number of Christ. Therefore Maitreya is god (7), Buddha (22), and Christ (11) incarnate. He is the Shrii Shrii Para Maha Avatar.


3- Since this is the time of the Seventh Truth, what happened to/with/in the other six?

Each of the other six truths will find themselves a part of the greater path or Truth. So those who are ready to receive Maitreya's teachings will open themselves to other truths. This will help them become familiar with the other truths and also see where they stand in God's Plan.

In other words: They incorporate all other Truths and become a Universal Being!


4- Are the Old Scriptures obsolete?

They are not obsolete, but are misinterpreted, misused, abused and persecuted. Lessons will be learned and old Scriptures will be understood in depth. Confusion will be resolved and man will see the Oneness, significance and relationship of all things and will utilize all in the human's physical, mental and spiritual progress. So he will learn from the past and use this knowledge to achieve the highest spiritual progress in the future.


5- What is meant by Judeo-Christian teachings (including Islam and the Baha'i Faith)?

Judeo-Christian religions refer to those religions which are based on the Old and New Testaments. The largest of these religions are Judaism, Christianity, Islam and the Baha'i Faith.

Westerners and those who follow Judeo-Christian teachings including Islam and the Baha'i Faith have reservations about the Eastern beliefs (Hinduism, Buddhism, etc.). This we call "Western bias" and people who follow Eastern religions also have some reservation toward Western religions which we call "Eastern bias." These biases are resolved in our teachings. There is a bridge between the East and the West that must begin to be recognized by all (see The Greatest Sign and its meaning).


6- How does Jesus the Christ fit into your teachings?

He is the First and Only Begotten Son (Christ) of God even before the creation ("Before Abraham was, I Am." John 8:58). He is the "First and Only Begotten" because He became a son of God before creation. The other sons of God reached this state after creation. There will be even more sons of God in the future, "He that overcometh ... shall be my son" (Revelation 21:7).


7- Many references are to Abraham, but not to Moses?

It was Abraham (Abram) who received the Blessing of God for his children. It is he who is most important pertaining to the events that happened to the Hebrews. Moses himself was one of the Children of Abram (Abraham).


8- How do the Hindu gods Haree, Om, Shrii, Hung fit into the picture?

These are not Hindu gods. They are Sanskrit words with special sound vibrations which help to open spiritual centers (quicken the spirit) in the human body. The word Haree means "The Divine." The word Om is the basic sound in the universe. If you listen to any noise, there is a humming sound in the background. This basic sound is known as the Divine Sound "Aum." In its corrupted form it is used all over the world as "Amen." The whole manifested universe is vibration. Sound comes from vibration and Om, the most subtle sound from which all other sounds or vibrations originate (like God, from which all things have come). Therefore Haree Om means "That All-Encompassing Divinity." The word Shrii means "respectfully" or "The Goal," and Hung is the sound of "Life." The words Shrii Hung therefore mean, "The Goal of the Life." Haree Om Shrii Hung (HOSH) together means, "The Goal of the Life is to Be(come) Divine." This is the most important goal in human existence. The rest is secondary. After a person becomes Divine, then he might become Divine in his or her other activities and occupation. He can become a Divine doctor, a Divine driver, a Divine lawyer, etc.


9- How are the Messengers of the Lord represented?

The teaching in THOTH supports all the Messengers of the Lord. Maitreya represents the essence of each of them and how they are complementary and reveal the Eternal Divine Path. We recommend you read THOTH.


10- How can we lump Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Jainism, Confucianism, etc. into one truth when the Buddhists and Hindus have 255 and 478 million followers respectively, while Judaism has only 14 million and the Baha'i Faith a negligible number?

The beliefs you have mentioned above all emphasize and work on the mystical part of the human, so all fall under the Mystical Paths or Far East Philosophies. No one Mystical Path can be categorized under one religion. They are the spirit of all religions.

Great numbers of followers in a religion is not of any spiritual significance, sometimes even the opposite.

The very name Maitreya is for the Buddha to come. Buddhism, therefore, is not left out.


11- How can we become a Master of Light?

God is everything and each person has the potential to become a Master of Light himself or herself. It is our fears and attachments which bind us to the earth and make us crawl on our bellies (like "the serpent" in the Bible - Genesis 3:14). We have to prove ourselves worthy to sit with the Masters of Light.


12- What is the meaning of dogma?

Any belief that separates man from man.


13- What is meant by the Eternal Divine Path?

It is the path which was realized in Eternity (before creation) and leads to Divinity. It is the path revealed by Maitreya as the essence of His teachings (read The Essence and The Base in THOTH).


14- What is the difference between the man Jesus and the Christhood of Jesus?

Esa (Jesus) was an Avatar (god-man). He was god because he had come from Pure Consciousness. He was man because he was in the body. That is why he called himself a son of God (god) and also a son of man (man).

In his Divine state he was Christ and in his human body he was the man Esa (Jesus).


15- What about diet?

You should not let anything become your master but God, not even your diet.

"What goes into the mouth defileth not a person but what goes out of it defileth" (Matthew 15:11). The man who has a clean heart but eats everything is better than the man who follows a restricted diet but has a dark heart.

Of course food has an effect on those who cannot transform heavy (tamasic) foods to the lighter energies. A moderate diet is the most preferable one (see "Food" in Essays 3 in THOTH).


16- Will there be a special state or country where the Mission will be represented?

The Mission of Maitreya is for the whole earth.




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Maitreya is me, Maitreya is you and all others. He is beyond and the near. He is the Formless, Nameless, Invisible and Eternal (FINE). He is all there is (Om Nam Kevalam). He is the One and the Only. He is many in One. He is the force behind the peace. He is and He is not. There is none beside Him (La Elaho Ela Hoo).

He is the One, the Incredible, the Powerful. He is the Merciful, the Compassionate One, He is the Destroyer, the Creator, the Preserver, the Sustainer. There is none beside Him.

He is Y'shua; He is Mehdi; He is the Savior; He is the Messiah. He is the Knower of the Scriptures, He is the Revealer of the Scripture, He is its Writer. He is the Savior and the saved. There is none beside Him.

Maitreya is Christ (Christos: Christ-us); He is Krishna; He is the Vishnu, He is Brahma. He is Shiva. Maitreya is the first Adam and the second, and the third,... He is Mohammed and Bab and the Babas. He is the Teacher and He is the Student. There is none beside Him.

Maitreya is the Buddha and the Bodhisattva. He is none but the Nirvana itself. He is the Light seen in the moment of death. He is the Enlightened One, the Truth and the Way. There is none beside Him.

He is Brahmacharya and the Family Man. He is the Brahmin and the Rabbi. He is the Priest and the Mullah. He is Hindu and Buddhist. He is Jewish and Christian. He is Moslem and Baha'i. He is all religions and is none of them. He is bound and is Free. There is none beside Him.

He is a Brahmin; He is a Shudra (worker). He is a Ksattriya (warrior); He is a Vipra (intellectual) and He is a Vaeshya (businessman). He is an Avatar, a Prophet. He is an Artist, a Guru and a Paravipra. He is economy and the Force behind earthly powers. There is none beside Him.

Maitreya is the Father and the Mother. He is the Son and The Holy Ghost. He is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. He is the first and the last. There is none beside Him.


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