Which Books and Versions to Use in Mission Projects?

Below is a list of the books and scriptures we used in the Mission to create our teachings and literature. By using these resources, your projects will be closer to the original base the Mission used. So your projects will reflect the Mission closely.

This does not mean that other versions or works are disapproved, or do not have some truth! However, in our experience, it is better to use these recommended resources than to use other resources. Maitreya himself used these, and many who used other resources have admitted that these are superior to what they used! In fact, they have had to revert to these after the project was done, after realizing that using these sources made their project even better than it was before.

Here is the list:


The Bhagavad Gita: Published by Penguin Books with an introduction by Juan Mascaro.
ISBN: 0 14 044 121 2


The Bible, Old Testament: King James version.


The Bible, New Testament: King James version.


The Meaning of the Glorious Koran: An explanatory translation by Mohammed Marmaduke Pickthall. Published as a Mentor Book from the New American Library.

The Koran: From the translation of Edward W. Lane, Stanley Lane-Poole and A. H. G. Sarwar. Published by Crescent Books, a division of Crown Publisher, Inc. by arrangement with P. P. Press. Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 74-78429.
ISBN: 0-517-138964

The Quran: Arabic text with a new translation by Muhammad Zafrulla Khan. Second Edition. Published by Riddles Ltd. Guildford, Surrey, England.
ISBN: 7007 0070 6

Baha'i Faith:

Bayan: Written by Bab.

Kitab-i-aqdas: Written by Baha'u'llah.

The Baha'i Faith: Its History and Teachings: By William McElwee Miller. Published by South Pasadena, Calif., William Carey Library.
LCCN: 74008745.
ISBN: 0-87808-137-2

Ananda Marga:

Ananda Sutram: Written by Baba.

Prout (Progressive Utilization Theory): Written by Baba.

Teaching Asanas [Yoga], An Ananda Marga Manual For Teachers: Published by Ananda Marga Publications.
ISBN: 0-88476-000-6

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