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The Beginning

The First Begotten Son Was The First Consciousness Who, By His Grace, Reached Pure Consciousness Before Creation (Spirit of God)

In The Time Period Of The Last Twelve Thousand Years, The Seven Steps Of The Eternal Divine Path Were Revealed To Humanity

The Message

The Symbol Of Christianity Is The Cross (), The Third Seal In The Greatest Sign

Esa The Christ Is The Best Example And Symbol For Humanity To Show That The Kingdom Will Not Be Established Without Sacrifice

Esa Gathered Together "The People" Under His Religion, Christianity ()

With The Coming Of Christ, The Promise Of The Scepter Of Spiritual Domination And Kingly Status (Lawgiver) Given To Judah Was Fulfilled

The Life

The Messiah Is The One Who Fulfills The Prophecies Of His Coming

The Name Jesus Is Not The Real Name Of The Man Who Preached The Gospels Two Thousand Years Ago. There Is No "J" In Hebrew, And He Was A Hebrew

There Has Never In History Been A Messenger, Prophet, Or Son Of God That Was Not Born From An Earthly Mother

The Teachings

The Only Thing That Christ Really Preached Was, "The Kingdom Is At Hand"

The Prayer That Christ Gave To Be Performed By His Followers Taught The Kingdom Of Heaven

With All The Revisions That Have Been Made Of The Bible, A Summary Of The Real Teaching Of Christ Can Be Found In Chapters 5, 6, And 7 of Matthew

Being Baptized With The Holy Ghost (Satva-Raja, Or Fire) Is The Only True Way Of Being Baptized

Esa Came As A Universal Personality With A Teaching Of Equality

The Miracles

Esa Himself Did Not Want To Make People Believe In Him Because Of His Miracles, But Because Of His Teachings

History Has Shown That Miracles Do Not Make Better Believers

The Fulfillment

Every Prophet Comes To Continue To Fulfill His Will. They Come Not To Destroy Other Teachings, Or Other Prophets, Or Other Messiahs, But To Continually Push The Will Of God To Be Fulfilled On Earth

The Duty Of A Prophet Or Messenger Is To Give The Message; He Is Not Responsible If People Accept It Or Not!

Any Time A New Revelation Comes To Earth, Many Are Guided And Many Others Will Go Astray

In The Beginning Of The Spread Of Christianity, The Followers Of Esa Observed Gods Holy Days, But After The Romans Accepted Christianity, Their Pagan Holidays Were Christianized

The Return

As God Has Declared In The Book Of The Revelation (The Last Book In The Bible), His Work Will Remain A Mystery Until The Time Of The Seventh Angel

The Only Sign Christ Gave For His Ultimate Return Was That He Will Come "In The Name Of The Lord"

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