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The Mission Of Maitreya was founded and has been directed by Maitreya since 1977. From 1977 to 1982, most of the Revelations received by Maitreya were written down. In the spring of 1982, the Mission Of Maitreya reached out to the world by publishing these teachings. It was then that the Mission heard aboutBenjamin Creme and his work.

Maitreya was born November 8, 1944 at 5:00 AM, in Tehran, Iran (Persia). During the night of his birth, his family, includingthe children, could not sleep the entire night. They later explained that there was an energy of excitement and great acceleration that no one wanted to miss. He was born the seventh child and was the last child to be born in his family.

All his grandfathers were well-known and well-educated Islamic clergymen in Taleghan, a providence to the north of Tehran. His father, however, left the village (Shahrasar) in Taleghan and moved to Tehran. It was then that Maitreya wasborn.

He went to school in Tehran and finished his bachelor's degree in business school. He came to the US for his master's degree. He arrived in NY on January 3, 1973. It was in the US (West) that he was guided to His Mission (he comes from the East and shineth in the West!).

For more details about the Mission and Maitreya, read the lecture, "How He Became Maitreya" by a disciple.


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