Golden Keys: A series of booklets which contain questions from many people and answers by Maitreya. Each of these questions and answers are like a Golden Key that opens a door to a greater understanding of Him and His teachings. This is the fourth in the series.


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Each of these booklets contain answers given by Maitreya or approved by Him to questions which were asked in the letters He received from many. Each question and its answer is like a little Golden Key to unlock the meanings of His Mission and teachings a little further.

The questions are separated into categories. After the question and answer, there may be a reference to the books in The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament or The Plan, the main writings of Maitreya.

We hope these booklets answer all questions you might have. If not, you can further search for answers in our website. If your questions have still not been answered, please send them to the Mission. You will receive answers that are either directly from Maitreya or have been reviewed by Him. We may use answers that are not a repetition in new Golden Keys in the future.

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The Reminder


Dedicated: To the Essence

In Each Man and Woman

Which Knows No Race, Religion or Creed.




1- Why does it sometimes seem nothing is happening toward fulfillment of The Plan?

When all is quiet in the manifested world, and a feeling encompasses us that, nothing is happening, indeed energies are prepared in the ethereal levels. Suddenly, after such a period, we can see these energies come together, great things start to happen and are accelerated. Then again a period of laxation might occur, and after that manifestation.

The greater the quiet periods (periods of purification and growth), the greater the period of manifestation. These cycles go on as everything is in a circular movement, up and down, creation and destruction, etc., symbolized by the I-Ching (ichng-s.gif (891 bytes)).  

2- There is such a confusion of many claiming to be Avatars. How then can The Plan be manifested?

There are many Masters (Avatars) present on earth. They each will become a center of focus (nucleus) and will unify many. As there is no manifestation without a nucleus, there should be an ultimate nucleus to manifest all these other nuclei so that the Kingdom of Heaven on earth is realized. Maitreya is this ultimate nucleus. True Avatars will realize this well. When this ultimate point of focus is accepted and realized by all (or many), then The Plan will be fulfilled.


3- It seems not many are ready to receive this new vision. Why is this?

Throughout history, new visions or ideas are always opposed. Only a few dedicated individuals see the new truths well. It is these few that persist and will impart this vision to others. Many do not want to accept the great commitment which comes by accepting this truth. As time passes, however, more consciousnesses will reach a point where they also will accept this vision. Hopefully this revelation will be realized faster than in the past, because of the communication facilities and higher human consciousness!

Know that those who are pioneers are the bravest and also learn valuable lessons of human nature! Be therefore ready to be surprised by them (some) and learn why it is said that Maya (devil, illusion of separation from God) is as strong as God Himself. However, be persistent and if you have seen the vision and were touched by it even once, the eventual victory is yours, and we are One. The more that are One with us, the greater will be the Light to manifest The Plan. It has been promised His Kingdom will come, so it will!


4- How about the space brothers, Heavenly Hierarchy, White Brotherhood, etc?

These are all subject to a greater power (God). THOTH, Maitreya, and His teachings have come from that power (Supreme Consciousness, United State of Consciousness, etc). Therefore, rely on this greater power, go to The Highest Of The Highs (THOTH), the rest will be added to you.

Also not all space brothers are brothers, and not all hierarchies are the One! The human has to rely on God and himself first, not on others. If we grow, then we will be worthy and equal to all other beings in the universe, and then we all can be brothers.


5- It seems I have great difficulty in fulfilling my obligations to my family and being involved with the Mission. The difficulty is more unbearable by my wife opposing my involvement with the Mission. What should I do?

I am sorry that you are still having problems. Pray for your wife that the Spirit of Christ guides her to see the truth, then be patient all will be cleared.

About your involvement with the Mission, as I said before, I will be more than glad to help you to clarify any questions or doubts you might have. However, it is you who eventually has to decide. Confusion is not always bad, in any transitory period there is a time of confusion. There is nothing permanent in this universe but God!

You have to be clear about what you do. Therefore, be patient, deal with your personal issues and make the necessary transitions from old to new patterns. Pray and meditate for Guidance from God. Then decide what that Higher Guide wants you to do and is proper.

What the Mission is trying to do and stands for is not the easiest task. Those who will be involved with it also will have some hard times to perceive and adjust to these new and incredible truths. But this is the time of decision and growth. It is up to each individual to see if he or she is a part of It. God knows Best!


6a- Adam...Christ...You say that Jesus was Adam who returned. Then Christ (Maitreya) was Adam before Jesus? Christ was one of the personalities who was called generically Adam? Some traditions say that Jesus was Sananda and only from the last three years of his life he was a channel for Maitreya?...

Remember as it is explained in THOTH, the state of Christhood is a level of consciousness, which we call pure consciousness. Whoever reaches this state is Christ (Gods son). That is why it is said in the Bible, He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son. (Rev. 21:7).

However, there were two beings in this state even before creation. They were God (Father) and the First Begotten Son. This son is different than the ones who reached this state later. He is the Spirit of the Father (Light) manifested on earth. He is The Father and knows The Mother!

It was after creation that man (Adam) became attached to the external world and went farther away from God. This is called the fall of man.

The First Begotten Son, as Adam, taught man many great truths and mystical powers. But man disobeyed Gods way and failed. Not all men fell. Some did progress and reached pure consciousness, such as Enoch which the Bible says, God took him (Genesis ). These also are called the sons of God (Genesis 6:2 and 4).

Now, if we call the First Begotten Son of God also Christ, then there are some theories of who Jesus (Esa) was. Was he the First Begotten Son of God (Adam)? Or was he another person (Sananda, etc.) who was overshadowed by Maitreya?

The answer is, the whole argument is irrelevant! The most important thing is what he said and how his Mission helps us in our and others spiritual progress. Also remember:

6b-...Adam the one who fell is symbolic for the humanity of that period? The fall was before human had a body?...

The word Adam also means human. This can easily be understood by becoming familiar with some Eastern language. In Persia one of the meanings of Adam is human. Another is perfected human, etc.

Adam also refers to The First Teacher or The First Begotten Son who was incarnated to teach man (Adam) the path to salvation (Eternal Divine Path).

So you can see the man or Adam who failed does not refer to an individual but to the nature of man, which has been with man from the beginning of creation.

Creation was intended, in the beginning, to guide the human and discipline him so he would not listen to his lower nature. That is why God gave the Law, But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shall not eat of it. (Genesis 2:17).

God knew mans salvation is only possible if he is 100% God-conscious and has no consciousness of self (knowledge of good and evil). Yet man failed to stay in this stage as Adam (First Begotten Son) taught. This was when man (Adam) failed.

As you can see, man failed after this manifested world was created. He must have had some kind of body even if not completely similar to ours.


6c-...Adam-Christ was realized before the fall, and was not affected by it? That statement makes sense?...

True, if Adam is used to mean The First Begotten Son. That is why Jesus (Esa) said, ...Before Abraham was, I am (John ).


6d-...John when received The Revelation was in contact with his Christ consciousness. John became a Christ like Maitreya? You say that the Christ revealed or helped to reveal all the truth. Are you saying that Maitreya did this work, or Christ stands for a level of consciousness? There are other Christs besides Maitreyas teachings?

This is a fine question with which many are confused. God consists of consciousness (Father) and the creative forces (Mother). In the beginning when the creative forces were released and the universe was out of control (chaos), God desired, Let there be... (Genesis 1:3), harmony, Light. He projected His Light into the universe and eventually the First Begotten Son emerged, and there was Light (Genesis 1:3).

The First Begotten Son became God in the manifested world. He became the Messiah, who is One with The Father (pure consciousness) and manifests The Mother (creative forces). He is Father and Mother in flesh. That is why He is called full of knowledge (The Father) and Grace (The Mother).

He is then the prime focus for unification and focal point of all truths. That is why He is called The Christ.

Now the other sons of God who reached the sonhood are at the same level and One with The Father. Yet only The First Begotten Son is the Messiah! Therefore, although many can reach Christ consciousness (being a son), to manifest any truth or plan, a focal point or center (nucleus) is necessary. Nothing is manifested if there is not a nucleus. The nucleus or center of any revelation to be manifested is The Messiah.

Therefore, as we can see, although John had great powers and knowledge, when the multitude came and tried to make him proclaim that he is the Messiah, he refused. He referred them to the One who will come after him, who is preferred before him (John )!

Therefore, although there are many who have received great commissions, the fulfillment will come when all are focused on the nucleus!


7a- Other part...God made each part an independent soul, masculine-feminine, positive-negative. Can one part be incarnated as man in one generation and as woman in another?

In truth, it is not the soul which is divided in two as male and female, but the positive and negative polarity in the universe manifests as male and female.

Soul has no polarity, it is neither male nor female. It is the soul which incarnates in different lifetimes and is neither male nor female. Because of its proximity to other souls, or because of the will of God, it will evolve to become a soulmate (opposite) or twin flame (similar).

Because each lifetime is a continuation of the previous one and the soulmates and twin flames incarnate to continue unfinished tasks and learning from the previous lifetimes, incarnation to different sexes is rare. Each soul carries the experiences from the previous life, but the spirit of those who have been together in previous lives complement each other, or will be attracted to carry on the new tasks assigned to them, etc. Of course God can do All things!


7b- ...after some points in the evolution, the two parts merge again to form a unity?

Because of the strong karmic bonds between two parts (or the Will of God), they usually support one another and help each other in the path to perfection, and will eventually become One with God (androgynous).

Even if only one part reaches a very high level of consciousness and the other lags behind, usually the one who has progressed will slow down in order to help the other.

However, if the other part lags behind too much and would not want to progress, and becomes a burden in the path of the other person, it is possible that the ethereal tie is broken so the one who wants to progress is freed to continue his or her path. For such a person there might be other soulmates, etc, to be found in higher levels. Or he or she might decide that its other part is God and become a renounced person (sannyasin).

In short, the universe is not in black and white. There are infinite possibilities. This is especially true for those who are not too close to God (Spirit). The closer the spirit to God, the narrower the individual choices, "not my will but thine...!"


8a- Karma justice You are saying that the suffering of the Jews in the last world war is related to their karma produced by their rejection of the Messiah. How can we distinguish when the social suffering is the result of the karma of a group of people or the result of the injustice of the society...?

Remember, social injustice is used as a tool to create suffering for repayment of karmic debts only during the last twelve thousand years of human history as a lesson. Let us create a worldwide just system, then such questions will not arise at all. In this case, the suffering was predicted by many Prophets. Jews were designed to become a loud example for humanity, that the Law of Karma works. God has used them to show His power and existence what a great and blessed situation to be chosen by God for a purpose (to manifest a part of His Plan).

Sometimes of course, it is very difficult to see if suffering is from karma or is from social injustice. But God is just in eventual analysis any injustice will be punished! If a social injustice is done by someone, he will eventually pay for it.

Of course, we should not sit idle and rely on this kind of justice alone. That is why laws and judiciary systems are created, to punish the unjust. Man has free will, he can manage all his affairs if he truly tunes himself with the Will of God.

Furthermore, the Law of Karma is there so that we learn our lessons through it. If we learn the lessons of the last twelve thousand years of human history (especially the last six thousand) and use our free will and intelligence, social justice can be established on earth. Then any uncontrollable sufferings could be from karmic debts!


8b- Was Hitler judging improperly other men or being a tool for God to punish the Jews?

Would Hitler be punished? This is not ours to speculate. The only thing we can do is to learn the lesson and destroy the elements that led to that situation. They are the barriers which divide humans from one another. They are situations which give opportunity for a man to rise to power and misuse it, etc.

Also, all these things happened in the past. To indulge too much in the past will make us miss the moment, Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. (Matthew 6:34). Now is the time to work toward unity, not pick on the wounds of the past. Just learn the lessons and then let go of them.

Furthermore, it should be understood, as explained in THOTH, that Jew is a name given to a group of people. Those who were killed in World War II were not Jews who were good in their previous lives. They might not even have been a Jew in those lifetimes. However, they were individuals with very heavy karmas from many lives.

In the process of this suffering in World Wars I and II, they (with the earth) cleansed themselves from their heavy karmas. That is why we saw a baby boom after World War II. These souls who came to earth with light karma were a blessed generation with far reaching ideals. Many of these souls were the ones who had lightened their karma through the great sufferings in those wars.

Now is the time for humanity to understand, through these experiences, how the Law of Karma works individually and collectively. It is now that we should realize that His Kingdom is necessary to eliminate the creation of further karmic cycles. Man does not have to go through terrible experiences like he went through the last six thousand years.

Whoever inflicts suffering on others, or whatever group, nation, etc, makes others their subjects, will pay for the pain they have created. If we do not understand this, the human tragedy will continue. However, everything is accelerated and man has no choice but to face this reality and bring God into his affairs. Only this will stop the madness man has created for himself.

Therefore, we should not create any prejudicity against Jews, or any people for this matter, as a group. Each individual should be received according to his own Being, not what group or race, creed, color, or culture, etc, he belongs to. A Jew who works for His Kingdom is as dear to our hearts, as any other Elected ones.


9- What is the relationship between the hierarchy presented in the Book of Urantia, the three orders presented by you, and the fall of the Atlanteans?

The orders of Michael, Enoch and Gabriel, the three orders presented by our teachings, can have different meanings in different states of consciousness. In the ethereal level, they can be described as hierarchy (or hierarchies). One such explanation is presented in the Urantia book. The Book of Urantia deals mostly with the order of Michael, which is the most etheric order, even in this time when the other orders are mostly manifested.

However, many other explanations of these hierarchies are presented by others. In fact, these hierarchies change according to the prevalent (present) situation. God and His system cannot be restricted to one set, according to the realization of one individual or a group. Any rigid explanation of the universe will create stagnation, narrowness of the mind, and suffering.

In general, the three orders can be described as follows:

The Order of Michael consists of protective energies (angelic forces). They help and protect the other two orders in their endeavors. To understand the function of this order a person should be careful not to be confused by exaggerated stories and explanations about space brothers as the Order of Michael!

The Order of Enoch consists of the scientists of the New Order of the Ages (Golden Age). They are the ones who are rediscovering scientific facts based on greater universal principles. They are inventing technologies which will free man from the mundane world, will create a higher standard of living, without the side effects of conventional science (such as pollution, diseases, wars, etc).

The Order of Gabriel is the true spiritual understanding of the universe (God). This can be viewed as the spirit for the other two orders. It is the revealer of the true knowledge of God and its importance for the harmony between the two other orders.

Atlanteans knew about these three orders. However, their true knowledge about the Order of Gabriel (Holy Ghost) came to them through Lemuria. After the destruction of Lemuria, Atlanteans put greater emphasis on the Order of Michael (body gratification) and Enoch (scientific facts). The war-like beings of the Order of Michael and scientific knowledge of the Order of Enoch, made the Atlanteans (seemingly) great!

However, because they neglected the spirit behind it all and relied on themselves as being great, they fell to their lower natures (false egos). They started to misuse these powers and knowledge for greater self-gratification. They started to enslave others for greater glory, etc. This created a great self-centeredness, and, therefore, a greater feeling of separation from God. To replace the empty feeling which resulted from this, they created even greater means of sensual enjoyment, powers...

This eventually led to chaos and destruction of their civilization. It was then (or before then) that a Great Plan was devised. In the last twelve thousand years, the spiritual powers of man were taken away from him. He was left alone, by himself. Through the history of this period, led by the Heavenly Hierarchy, great lessons were given to humanity. These lessons plus the faith of civilizations before, shows the path to humanity that without a spiritual base civilizations are destroyed.

In this same period of the last twelve thousand years, the seven steps of the Eternal Divine Path, explained in our teachings, are revealed to humanity. This seven-step path has been gradually revealed, each step as one or more of the main religions of the world. The culmination of these revelations as the seventh step is revealed through the Mission of Maitreya, by Maitreya. The Eternal Divine Path is the essence of the Spirit (Eternity). It is the path to salvation, individually and collectively. It is the Light revealed by the Order of Gabriel.

Scientific discoveries (Order of Enoch) and physical greatness (sensual glorification) without spiritual understanding and disciplines, leads to destruction. This is the lesson which should be learned from past history and from those civilizations which were destroyed, and is the message of the Order of Gabriel.

Humanity is on the brink of great discoveries and is also gaining back many of its spiritual powers. Now is the time for humanity to realize that misuse of these powers and knowledge, will result in its destruction as has happened in the past. Only an all-round harmonious life based on the Eternal Divine Path will help humanity to salvation, physically (Michael), mentally (Enoch) and spiritually (Gabriel), individually and collectively.


10- Could you please forward information that might set us up?

In answer to this request, I will share with you the essence of our work. As our logo and slogan reveals, we believe that, The Goal of the Life is to Be(come) Divine. To Be(come) Divine means to be One with God. When you are One with Him within, you will see Him everywhere without!

Therefore, the first step is to meditate and find God within. To meditate with a body of like-minded people (collective meditation) accelerates this process greatly. After you have accomplished this, or at the same time in the process, follow the rest of the steps in the Eternal Divine Path.

To accomplish this Goal, you have to meditate, at least twice a day regularly. The next step should come naturally as a great desire to be with like-minded people, or creating the communities of like-minded people. With the gathering of people in these communities and sharing physically, mentally and spiritually, each individual will accelerate his or her progress greatly. Each community also will become a center, for others to join and grow on all levels, so everyone will be able to share and learn!

Then by following the rest of the steps in the Eternal Divine Path, these communities will become the Communities of Light. It is these communities which most likely will withstand the coming events on the earth. With networking between these communities, eventually the system represented in MAP will emerge and His Kingdom will be established. However, it should always be remembered that our highest Goal is to Be One with God in all these endeavors.

This is the essence of our work and the guide in our path. So close your eyes and see God. Then open them and see God. Then march to establish His Kingdom.


“A Message”


The Essence of my teachings is the Eternal Divine Path, and the first step in this path is stated as: The Goal of the Life is to Be(come) Divine. That Divinity (God) is Everything. To Be(come) Divine means to Be(come) one with your Essence within (God). When you are One with Him within yourself, then you will see He is also without you and is All.

Therefore, the first step in the Eternal Divine Path is to meditate, and find God within. Hence, find time to meditate, at least, twice a day regularly. The next step, or the step along with meditation, is to find like-minded people and establish communities of spiritual beings.

By following the rest of the Eternal Divine Path, these communities will be(come) Communities of Light. All through history it has been small communities or groups who carried the torch of the civilization to its next phase. Therefore, it will be the Communities of Light which will be protected, through the changes coming to earth. After the cleansing process, they will be the inheritors of the earth.

Communities of Light are the salvation of humanity, physically, mentally, spiritually, individually, and collectively.








11- Do you have any literature that is available to the general public?

With any request for information, we send an announcement called Lets Unify Humanity and a sheet of other information including the list of publications available to all.


12- In a brochure I have, it mentions that Maitreya transmits messages from to and PM Mountain Standard Time (MST). What does that mean?

It means that from to on Saturdays (Greenwich time) Maitreya will go into a state of meditation. If others also tune in at the same time, a master unified state of consciousness will be created which will envelop the whole earth. In this Oneness, if all those who are meditating together visualize the earth and pray in their hearts for peace, harmony, Oneness, and His Kingdom to come on earth, they are accelerating the processes for The Plan to be manifested.

The more people join in this great and powerful exercise, the greater will be the impact.

At this time Maitreya also transmits messages of Love, Light, Oneness, Harmony, Peace, etc. If others are also in tuned to His vibration and energy, they will receive (feel) them.

It works like the relationship between a radio station and a receiver. The station sends its programs out. In order for the receiver to receive the messages from the station, it should not only be in proper working condition (be ready) but it should also be on (be meditating) and be on the same channel (frequency, in tune to their aura opened to Maitreya). Then He will clearly receive the messages!

It also means each and any person who meditates and sends Love, Peace, Positive and Loving Thoughts, etc, to the world will become a transmitter to affect the vibration and energy of the planet toward increasing these qualities, which we so badly need. Again the greater the number, the greater the impact.

In order to transmit properly, one should sit in a comfortable position, close the eyes, calm the mind and the body, then ideate on Father, Son and The Holy Ghost, and let the Blessings and higher thoughts of The Holy Ghost flow through him into the world. The Holy Ghost is full of Positive Thoughts, Love, Peace, Tranquility, Grace, Healing, etc.

With this, a person will not only become full of bliss, but he will be doing a great service for humanity. He will become a greater servant of God (Light Worker). He will create a greater desire to serve Him to manifest His Kingdom on earth (The Plan). So he will come closer and closer to God, which is equal with creating greater peace, tranquility, understanding, etc, within, in his environment, and on earth. As these qualities are increased, a person becomes closer to his or her own Essence or Christ consciousness and becomes more in tune with Maitreya. The more people in tune with Him, the more accelerated is the process to manifest The Plan.


13- Does He (Maitreya) have a traveling schedule which will permit Him to go to places?

Although Maitreya has traveled to some places to spread His teachings and Message, He prefers the disciples do it instead of Him. As it has been revealed, it is time for disciples to do great works, If you have faith, and doubt not,...if you shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, shall be done. (Matthew 21:21). You can do greater things than have been done in the past.

However, if He felt that His presence might help a situation greatly and will accelerate the processes, He is willing to be present. He would, though, rather see others (The Light Workers) carry on the message. If they need Him, He is always willing to assist them!


14- It would be interesting to have some biographical information on Maitreya; I think that would help me to understand Him better.

To understand Him is equal to understanding yourself (The Self). Whoever knows The Self, knows God (Self).


15- Recently I heard on the radio a program given by a Detroit lawyer named Constance Cumbey. She claimed that Maitreya is the anti-Christ as mentioned in the Bible. What do you think about that?

Remember it has been prophesied that, Many shall come in my name [Maitreya, etc] and call themselves Christ,..., and deceive many. So many shall come in the name of Maitreya, but only one is the true One, the One who has fulfilled the legitimate prophecies about Him. One of the others might very well be the anti-Christ.

The very lawyer you are talking about has written a book called, Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow. The writer has based her assumptions on the verse, ...who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus [Esa] is the Christ?... (I John ), to prove that Maitreya is anti-Christ.

She shows that the Maitreya she is talking about is supported by esoteric groups and New Agers. It states that these groups deny that Jesus [Esa] is the Christ. We, however, do not deny this. This makes the Maitreya we represent different than any other, or the one she describes in her book.

There are two criteria which are mentioned in the Bible to know the right one. One is the verse just quoted above (I John ), and the other one is, ...many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ,...and shall deceive many... (Luke 11:8, Matthew 24:5, and Mark 13:6), which also was mentioned earlier. The name Maitreya (which is the name of The Christ for this age) was given to the Maitreya we represent. He never called himself this name.

To understand this will lift a lot of confusion which prevails. We neither deny that Christ (Jesus, Esa) is the first and only Begotten Son of God, nor did our Maitreya call himself by the names he represents, fulfilling the prophecy of how to find the right One. Only when those who are chosen to recognize this difference are lifted from this confusion (cloud), can they gather together with Christ above this cloud. Then with this unified body we will manifest The Plan.


This distinction is important. Then people such as the lady who wrote Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow or similar books, would know the difference and we will eventually prevail!

The teachings of the Maitreya we represent are from the Most High. His is beyond any ethereal hierarchy, esoteric teachings, etc. It is from the Only God (Supreme Awareness), the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal (FINE). It includes all other paths, teachings, religions, including esoteric, plus all others. Any and each of them only have a part of the whole.


16- What are Maitreyas plans for the future in terms of public appearances and teachings? Is there any particular thing(s) that I should be looking for in terms of world events which may be related to your Mission?


He does not have any specific plans. He has already given the outline and direction of how The Plan should work out. This has already touched the lives of many and is doing so in greater degree. As things unfold, everyone eventually will know Him.

About any particular events: Everything on earth is related to the Mission. One has to be blind not to see how everything has been accelerated and prophecies which are in the Scriptures, are being fulfilled one after the other.

It is the time of decision, to open our hearts to the truth(s) or be misguided by our dogmas, fears, false prophets, etc. The New Golden Age is approaching. Either you will assist in its enfoldment, and be Blessed, or stand in opposition and delay its fulfillment. The choice is yours!


A Message:


To be here and now also means to be One with God, and whoever is One with Him is in Flow and Harmony with the Universe. So there will be no mistake (karma) made. It means to be in perfect tune with the universe, a pure channel for Him!



17- In your literature you always use the name Jesus with the name Esa in parenthesis in front of it. Why is that?

The name Jesus is not the real name of the man who preached the Gospels two thousand years ago. There is no j in Hebrew and he was a Hebrew.

The name Esa, however, has been used as his name all through the East. Indeed literature has been found in a monastery in India in which there are writings about him under the name of Esa.

Similar sounding names also can be found in Hebrew, such as Esau and Isaiah. In Arabic and other close neighbors to them (such as Persia), he is also called Esa. Therefore, whenever the name Jesus is used in our literature to identify him for the western audience, the name Esa is also included to let them know his true birth name.

He also had a sacred name, unfamiliar to either Westerners or Easterners. The sacred name is His true spiritual name. (For more detail, read the explanation under Jesus in the book The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament.)

18- Will Esa-Jesus the Christ reincarnate and rectify the fallacious teachings about his life two thousand years ago?

It has already been done! The book THOTH clarifies this.


19- If Maitreya is the World Teacher (Avatar), will he be the synthesis in human form of the Buddha-Christ force?

If we accept the letter y in the name Maitreya as a consonant, then the numerical value of its vowels will be equal to 16 which is 1 + 6 = 7 (mystery, God). The value of the consonant letters will be 22 (number for Buddha). The total number for both consonants and vowels will be 22 + 7 = 29, which is 2 + 9 = 11 (the number of Christ).

Many others who call themselves Maitreya or Christ, yet are not, will be working with the egoistical part of the Buddha and Christ. The number of Buddha (22) also can be 2 + 2 = 4 and Christ (11) as 1 + 1 = 2. These numbers are not the true numbers for Buddha and Christ, but a substitute for them. So they will not be manifested!


20a- What is the meaning in your logo of the gestures of the hands?

The gestures, like the one in our logo (picture of Maitreya on His throne) are called mudras in Sanskrit. This particular mudra shown in our logo is used to depart Grace (Holy Ghost, Mother) and Knowledge (Wisdom, Father) to the world.


20b- The right eye open, and left closed [in our logo, Maitreya]?

Awareness of both the external (eye open) and internal (eye closed) worlds: To bring a balanced teaching which recognizes the interdependence of spirit and matter, and how a balance between them is necessary. That is why in our teachings, the external formation of Communities of Light is as important and necessary as internal salvation of humanity. They go hand-in-hand.


20c- The two feet on the flowers (lotuses) [in our logo Maitreya]?

The feet of the Master have always been the object of reverence. The two lotuses, under Maitreyas feet, symbolize that many Masters (lotuses, as the lotus petals) will recognize the truth of Him and His teachings, and will surrender to It (to His feet).


20d- The two flames on each side of the chair [in our logo, Maitreya]?

The two flames actually are the symbol used in Buddhist practices called Durga. They are the symbol of power.


20e- The circle on the head (aura)?

A circle of aura can also be found in Christian and Moslem paintings. It is the Light of the spirit emanating from the seventh chakra (God).


21- We also have designed a temple which presents all religions of the world. Why do we need another one as proposed by your organization? What is the difference?

The temple which Maitreya has proposed is not a design of an earthly architect, or a good idea from an inspired person to unify the religions of the world by building a structure. It has been revealed, backed by Scriptures and a person who has fulfilled all the legitimate prophecies about Him.

Therefore, it is not just a good idea, but the fulfillment of a prayer of many and the expectation of all religions on earth. This is the difference!


22- You say there is no one, or religion, spiritual path, etc, who is not a part of the Mission of Maitreya, but many do not agree with this assumption. What is your answer to them?

We are sorry if such a notion exists. There is no spiritual movement, idea or path which is not a part of the Eternal Divine Path and The Great Sign. They have to see and find their places in this circle. Knowingly or unknowingly, every one is a part of us!

It is just like God, or the universe, everything is a part of Him. However, an illusion of separation from Him exists in some parts of Him (creation). Like it or not, there is nothing out of Him, yet many do not see this. It is the same with Maitreya. There is no one who is not a part of us. If anyone separates himself from us, it is just an illusion. Knowingly or unknowingly everyone works for The Plan.


23- I am afraid to become involved in spreading the Message of the Mission (Maitreya) because I might make mistakes! How can I overcome this fear?

Fear of making mistakes comes to us because we think we are the doer. We expect results. We are afraid others wont accept us. By understanding that it is God who does the actions through us (submission) and only being concerned with being approved by God, not men, we can easily overcome this fear.

Even if we make a mistake, this is an opportunity to learn from it and the less we make mistakes, the more perfect we will become. The fear of action itself is an obstacle in our path to progress. Only by doing and learning would we hope to become perfect.

Therefore, overcome the fear of failing by knowing He is the true doer through us. With this, no attachment remains to the result. Also be concerned about His approval, not mens. To be attached to the result and to seek others approval while you are doing the right thing, is from ego.

By overcoming this fear and becoming engaged through the experience of doing Light Work, the progress of a person is insured. The path to progress is internal progress (meditation, prayer, etc) with external manifestation (to do His Will, to become a channel for Him).


24- Is not everyone Christ, and God is within each person? Why then do we need Maitreya?

Although Christ is in each of us, a personal manifestation of the Messiah is most important. The very presence of such a being is a sign of an evolutionary leap of human consciousness. Although many have realized God is everything and Christ is within each person, this is not enough. In order to bring about a unified force to this higher realization, the prophesied Messiah is paramount.

Any manifestation needs a nucleus. Without the atom there would be no creation or manifestation. Every atom has a nucleus. Without the Messiah there would be no evolutionary leap of human consciousness. That is why God manifested the First Begotten Son, and used Him for this important function!


25- What happens when Maitreya goes to a people or sends His message to a people but they do not respond to it?

The duty of a Prophet or Messenger is to give the message; he is not responsible if people accept it or not!

However, as Jesus (Esa) told people in his time, it was easier for the people of Sodom and Gomorrah than those who reject the Christ. This truth also has been revealed in the Old Testament in many places.

Indeed The Revelation in the Bible, as explained in Revelation of The Revelation in THOTH, reveals that after each Messenger a great upheaval comes unto the earth (read Revelation of The Revelation in THOTH).


26- There are many who talk big but do little. How can we accomplish anything if these much talkers but little doers are the majority?

It is the same as the fig tree that had many leaves but no fruit. Because it had no fruit, it withered away.

Discouragement will worsen the situation on the earth. Those who have the Light are the doers who have to unify themselves and work ceaselessly toward the fulfillment of our ideal. Those who have many leaves and no fruit will wither away.

Therefore, arise and unify your forces with the other Light workers, and despair not for talkers, whose hearts are far from God. Unite your Light with those whose hearts are with Him, talk little and do much!


27- The leaders for the Kingdom of Heaven on earth should not be pompous and blow their own horns. They are the quiet Ones. Is not this true?

If a leader is pompous and shows egoistical trends, then those who fall for those things will gather around him. Those who follow such leaders are also egoistical. Ego needs excitement and constant stimulation. So such leaders have to keep their followers excited all the time. They have to feed their egos, this insatiable beast!

To continue this process needs a lot of energy. Any time this energy is not given, the follower(s) will fall into despair, depression, etc. That is one of the reasons for groups which have become cults, a constant resorting to a greater degree of stimulus is necessary.

However, you can keep up with this kind of situation so long. The leader who has exhausted himself in the process cannot keep up. Yet the followers still demand more. The leader intuitively knows that, that is the only way if he wants to keep his followers, but he cannot cope with this way any longer!

Therefore, he feels that his followers are slipping from him. It is then such a person (with ego) resorts to intimidation, brainwashing, etc, to keep his followers. The end result will be a disastrous situation like the cults which have gone to complete destruction.

However, those who have brought great changes in history or have been chosen by God, or as Messengers, may not appeal to those who are looking for sensationalism. They come for those who are true (ego-less, self-realized, self-actualized), such people do not need constant stimulation of their ego, but rely on their own eternal source of energy and Bliss. These are the Ones who bring the greatest changes to humanity.


28- Can anyone become a Light Worker for the Mission?


You have to be chosen by God. Then you will have great faith in our work. To become more familiar with the teachings (and understanding them) will also bring greater faith. Then with patience, perseverance, understanding, etc, we will prevail. You should never become discouraged or faint-hearted. This can be accomplished by a great faith, that God has Blessed our understanding and never doubt that It is from Him, so the eventual outcome is our victory!

The final commitment in these regards is a personal decision. This decision should be made because the individual believes in Maitreya and His teachings, and is One with them. Such a person then can be(come) a pure channel for God.

Of course one can start with a little of all these. However the ultimate achievement is to be(come) a Light Worker.

29- Many talk about the New Age, Golden Age, the Fourth Dimension, etc. But in action they follow the old patterns. They have nothing new to offer. How then will the New Era which all talk about come?

All have to see that a New Vision (The Plan) is necessary. We have to go beyond the old patterns and ways, and see The Light (consciousness) in the New Wine (teachings) which needs a new skin (system).




A letter to a confused disciple:


Q- Since I started to help the Mission, I feel I have become an outcast. Many things started going wrong and I am confused. Many people and organizations are offering for me to join them, etc. It is so bad that I have decided to quit working for the Mission. I cannot explain this phenomena, can you?


A- My heart is heavy that we are losing a good Light Worker like you. I have a Great Love for All, especially for those who have seen, be it a glance, the vision of The Plan. My Love for you will not end. It will be with you forever.


However, the events in the past make me realize, and your letter confirms it, how true the prophecies and the words of our Mighty God are. Every person who has come close to me or resolved to work for the Mission suddenly finds himself or herself isolated and an outcast. As Jesus (Esa) said, They will hate you and persecute you... (Matthew 5:10).

There is a battle going on in Heaven (between principalities). Because I Love you and you Love me, I will tell you about it in brief below. The judgment is yours and the decision rests on your own personal conclusion. Your final decision may be the most important in your life!

As you know, my entire teaching is based on the Bible. When I started to receive the revelations and all the things which came to me, I was isolated for seven years. Before that I was only familiar with some of the Far East philosophies and the teachings of a spiritual teacher from India. Through my teacher I received the name Maitreya (also Vigi Kumar). I did not call myself these names, nor by the name Mohammed (my birth name), nor , my spiritual name (revealed from within, in my meditation).

It was after we started reaching out to the public to reveal this new teaching that suddenly we were flooded with people who were in esoteric studies. We heard about a person from England proclaiming Maitreya as Christ and propagating his imminent appearance (it was at the same time that we had just started reaching out, 1982). We thought probably this person also had been inspired with the same spirit as where our teaching came from, so he was proclaiming the Mission. However, as time passed more and more we saw that was not true.

We started to be contacted by people who were into space brothers, massage therapy, polarity therapy, I Am movement, etc. Also many people came who were channels for many different persons from the hierarchy or White Brotherhood, etc. Many claimed to be channels for the same person but were receiving conflicting messages (some of them of such a general content that they revealed nothing.) Many other groups and New Agers point of view also started to come to us from many places. Although each and every one of them had some truth or Light, there were more conflicting and confusing materials than the unifying truth. So much so that it even confused us for awhile, fulfilling the prophecy that, Christ will be caught up in the clouds (confusion) with his disciples (I Thes. ).

However, there was always a feeling that something is not right and there is a conflict between what has been revealed to me and what these groups and individuals are preaching. I also noticed that whoever came close to me and the Mission immediately became an outcast. It amazed me how this affected these people and eventually many of them could no longer endure the pain of rejection and gave in to the pressure of the external world. However, those who had greater Light endured and eventually not only overcame the dark forces, but also attracted a few into the Light. I learned to create a great deal of compassion for those who left, because I know how lonely it sometimes can get. I also created a great respect for those who stayed. They eventually overcame.

I believe in prophecies. Indeed a great part of THOTH contains explanations of how the prophecies are fulfilled so far. I am anticipating a fulfillment of the rest of the prophecies soon. A part of these prophecies is a great struggle between the true way of God and the false. This truth was even hard for me to accept, as I always believed God is everything, so how could there be another way but His? However, this conflict is necessary to sunder the wheat from the chaff!

I saw this conflict in action in the very day-to-day life of the Mission. The ways of God in the past always had been that the new revelation and its Prophet are rejected by many before it would overcome the negativity directed toward it. However, the other groups teach that their Maitreya will be readily accepted by all and will bring the Kingdom of God on earth overnight. That is totally unacceptable according to the Scriptures.

Although I truly wanted to believe in these groups and their teachings, because they sounded so good, positive and promising, yet I saw a great conflict in them. They did not have the peace of God. Also there was this discrepancy between their teachings and the Scriptures.

This conflict remains with me, however, I know God will eventually clarify everything for me as He has always done. At the same time I heard about a lady lawyer who has written a book called Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow attacking Maitreya as being the anti-Christ. I saw her later on a Christian station. She was attacking Maitreya and New Agers.

Eventually in the fall of 1985 we bought her book and read it. I read it with the preconception to reject it. Yet after I read the book and let it sink into my spirit and compared it to my own experience with these different groups, I could see some truth in the book. I realized there indeed should be two (or more) Maitreyas. Many will come and call themselves Christ and will deceive many (Matthew 24:5).

In this book there is also another clue of how to distinguish the right Maitreya from the wrong one:


Who is a liar but he that denieth Jesus (Esa) is the Christ? He is anti-Christ that denieth the Father and the son (I John ).


We do not deny Jesus (Esa) as the Only Begotten Son of God and the Christ. But many other groups say Jesus (Esa) was overshadowed with their Maitreya, that he (Esa) is only a minor disciple. It is completely opposite of what has been revealed to us. According to our revelations, Jesus (Esa) is the First and the Only Begotten Son of God (The Christ).

With all this, although I hate separation and conflict, if that is the way God wants it, I have no choice but to follow His will. This is a choice every person has to make, to accept the Scriptures and see the evidence at work, or to reject them and listen to the false which claims to have the truth yet opposes the Scriptures!

You have said in your letter, you have been flooded with proposals to join many groups and associations. I have no doubt of that (that also happens to those who come close to the Mission). I can only share some insights with you, just to do my duty as one who has initiated you. I give you some hints which might help you to see the truth in the future.

One of the people associated with the Mission also has been actively involved in many space brother and UFO organizations. He had been promised a trip by space ships, which has never materialized. I hope you will let me know if it materializes for you!

Many other activities you mentioned in your letter. Remember what the Scriptures teach, Be in the world but not of it... Also this is the time of decision that we should, Come out of it [the world] and prepare the way for a New Heaven (consciousness) and a New Earth (system), or to be(come) drowned in the world?

You say, ...the group I am involved with, which works with one of the Masters in the ethereal sphere, asks me not to do anything else... Even this is against the word of God. Remember what the first commandment says, Thou shalt not have any other God beside me, neither in heaven [ethereal sphere], nor on earth [God is Formless, Invisible, Nameless and Eternal], neither under the earth [He is everywhere]. What you are saying is that this ethereal Master is your God and what he says is more important than the Scriptures or the words of God and His Son. This makes me sad, that God and His Son are rejected because of ones attachments to an affiliation or group.

I had to say these things to you, not to recruit you back to my fold, but as my duty. I believe in the Most High and share His power and Glory with no other. He has promised in His Word (Scriptures) that He will prevail over all these obstacles, and His Kingdom, power and Glory will be manifested on earth. Of this I have no doubt. It will happen regardless of those who join me or reject me. I want to be a part of His Kingdom. If I have the answers so that those who see this truth will join and will do it, then I Am Blessed. If I do not, then I will accept whoever has the truth and will follow Him into His Glory and Kingdom, no matter how bumpy, hard and lonely the path might be.

So far I have not seen any greater truth than what has been revealed to me. If you are pure enough that you might find the one Greater, please let me know also. Otherwise I wish you good luck and release you into the hands of God that He might protect you from all kinds of pitfalls and pulls which will take you, not unto Him but others. The faster you go to Him, the sooner you will Be Blessed.

I claim nothing more than I have received. God is my shepherd and my trust lies in Him. May He Be with you.


In Love and Truth,








30- What is the difference between male and female? Is there any relationship between man and woman, and male and female propensities in the universe?


The male propensities, or The Divine Father, is Divine Logic in the universe. The female propensities is the creative force (Creation, Nature).

The creative force consists of the three forces (gunas), tama, raja, and satva. It is the raja force (activating force) in the universe that brings movement (energy) into all things. This activating force brings the consciousness (Father) and other forces (tama and satva) into play.

This activating force in its pure form is unconditional Love. When the same energy is directed toward higher propensities (satva) it be(comes) The Divine Love or Holy Mother (Grace). The activating force directed toward mundanity or crudifying force (tama guna) is the very temptation and passion. The female energy in this last state is the serpent which is depicted in the Bible as the one which beguiled the woman.

The creative energy, therefore, in its fallen stage becomes the very Maya (illusion of separation from God), which is the source of bondage and sufferings. It is in this form (temptation, lower nature) that this energy is referred to as woman (fallen Holy Mother) in what the Bible calls the fall of man or woman and is shown in the Hindu mythology as Kali.

Although there is some relationship between the physical body of man and woman with male and female energies, it is not absolute. Both energies can be found in men and women. There is Grace in men as there is Logic in women. They even can be increased if the situation or society supports it. However, as more people become aware of their essence, the more androgynous people will be created. Such people accept their gender and understand their opposite sex also. With each gender accepting himself or herself, a more harmonious environment will be created.

When the male energy (consciousness) is activated by the activating energy and is directed to the higher thoughts (satva), it becomes Divine Logic (spiritual). When the same consciousness (Logic) is directed to the external world and the mundane, it becomes earthly logic (man).

Therefore, it is the duty of each person to transfer the passion (Maya) into Grace and earthly logic to Divine Logic. Then the Heart and Mind become One and the Mother-Father God (androgynous) will be manifested in the person!

However, there is an even greater state of Godhood beyond what we explained above which should be the ultimate goal to attain that is, God in the state of Formless, Invisible, Nameless and Eternal (FINE), neither male nor female. In this state God just IS. Anything you put after IS, becomes It. Such as, God IS Love, God IS Light, etc. Only God in this state unifies, in any other state (with a form, name, visibility, with gender, etc.) will create division.

This problem can be seen in most religions of the world, many groups, theories, etc. Some call Him by different names, some give Him shape, etc. Some decree for the presence of ethereal beings, all cosmic beings of Light, etc.

Although whomever they call on might have some truth in their being, yet even the highest of such beings only exist in the ethereal level which is the fifth state. These still can become a source of confusion, separation, and suffering. All these beings work for and are under the Highest (FINE). If everyone concentrates on the Formless, Invisible, Nameless (with an unpronounceable sacred name), and Eternal (FINE), neither male nor female, all the spiritual separations will diminish. The higher our ideals or visions are, the greater our unifying energy will be.


31- In THOTH it is mentioned that there would be spiritual centers in each community. What kind of teachings are given in these centers?

The greatest training is to develop the intuitional faculties of an individual. It is through this fine faculty that the presence of God can be realized in certainty. It is also through this faculty that finer and deeper understanding is possible.

In these centers, through discipline, service, development of devotion, study of spiritual Scriptures, etc, a person will develop physically (exercise), mentally (intellectually) and spiritually (intuitively). These should be centers where spiritually aware personalities are developed into their Highest potentials.

32- If spiritual centers are to develop spiritual beings, what about schools, high schools, colleges, universities, etc?

In these institutions, the greatest achievement is to create a keen desire in the student to search and find the truth. The greatest gift a teacher can give to his or her students is to teach them how they can search for answers and find them.

In this regard the ability to use libraries to gather information and to search places where further information can be gathered, is very helpful. Of course the ultimate answer has to come from the deeper faculties within.

The student, or any person, has to be able to create cognitive abilities to relate different information to one another and come up with a greater whole, to be able to separate facts from fiction and go deep into the truth. To create such a student a teacher has to teach the power of independent thinking and society has to support it.

Independent thinking does not mean to create chaos, or to be weird, it is the ability to search and come up with the truth behind any situation based on the facts and evidence which support them. Such people can even give intellectual reasons for the existence of God! The Grace of God is the highest teacher!


33- Many people are waiting for someone(s) or something powerful to come to save them, such as people from space, or a powerful Savior etc. Is this a true assumption?

It is the attitude of children to expect their parents to provide all their needs. When a child grows up (matures) he or she will accept responsibility for their lives. If humanity does not mature and a powerful Savior (be it from outer space or a person) comes to save them, we will then continue, like spoiled children, to look for hand-outs!

It is indeed time for maturity and growth. God is like a Good (God) and patient father, and is waiting for us to grow up. He can spoil us, but He will not.


34a- Are you sure you are Maitreya The Christ?

It is not me who should be sure about this but you. You applies to anyone who claims that he or she knows who I am and what the Mission Is. It is a choice of salvation to be a part of The Plan of God.

If there is the slightest true doubt (not mind-made doubt which is an excuse not to get involved) then such a person should work out these doubts first before The Great Commitment.


34b- All through history Prophets have been persecuted and much negativity was directed toward them. How can they stand it?

God chooses His Prophets and Messengers from those who have no egos left in them. Where there is no ego, any negativity thrown at such a person will go right back to the one who threw it. There will be nothing (ego) there to accept it, so like a boomerang, which has not hit a solid obstacle (ego), it goes right back to the sender!


35- What is the sign of an individual being in the Body of the Messiah, or One with Him?

The first step is to realize (recognize) the Messiah ( ) and the second is to proclaim Him. The third is one hundred percent commitment to Him and His Mission.

When a person recognizes Him and proclaims Him, such a person accepts the greatest responsibility which is to Be(come) One with the Body of Christ. You first realize Him with the Heart, then proclaim Him with the mouth.

It is then that a period of great testing follows. This is to see how much the Heart and mouth are One. God does not accept lukewarm-ness, so then because thou are lukewarm,...I will spue thee out of my mouth. (Revelation 3:16). The Heart must be 100% One with the mouth! Such a person then is no longer a separate ego but a part of the body of The Messiah and a channel for Him (Most High). They are One (Not my will, but thine!)


36- Why on your logo (letterhead) the words, The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(come) Divine = Haree Om Shrii Hung are written from top to bottom?

First of all, it is aesthetically more pleasing and is more creatively written. Secondly, if you look at the words at the top from left to right, you will see, T,G,O,T,L,I,T,B and D. It can roughly be read as, ToGe(O)Ther LITe BoDies (Together Light Bodies) which can be obtained (=) by HOSH.

The word HOSH means silence which leads to stillness (deep meditation). In this state one becomes Divine and creates his or her Light Body. It is the collective oneness of these Light Bodies (Together Light Bodies) which create the collective body of The Messiah or The Christ (Christus=Christ us).

The whole meaning at the top, therefore, reveals that the Goal is to create the collective Light Body of Christ, which is all of the Elects. It is only possible in the Golden stillness of the mind (HOSH), Be still and know that I am God (Psalm 46:10).

To create the Light Body is the same as To Be(come) Divine. Therefore, the very meaning of the top line reveals that, The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(come) Divine, which is the meaning of the mantra Haree Om Shrii Hung (HOSH).


The second part of the HOSH mantra is Om Nam Kevalam (ONK) which means, That Divinity (Light) is Everything, or God is Everything (The Universe). The two verses together make up our universal mantra which can be used by every person.


37- How do you deal with the great disappointments because people do not do anything after they received The Message?

Whenever you (anyone) conveys this Message to a person, it will be his or hers. The responsibility of the Messenger is to pass on the Message. The responsibility of the person who receives it is to respond and also pass on the message further. That is all we can do, with no attachment to the result. If this is done, we are released from our duty. This will no longer create any disappointment for us. We have done our best, that is all that is necessary.

As it has been said, we are just a sower who sows this seed wherever we go, or where there is interest. Some of these seeds fall onto fertile ground and give 30, 50 or 100-fold.


38- Some people depict heaven as a material state that has almost all the things as this material world, or something similar. Is that really how heaven is?

If heaven is created of material similar to the manifested world, then it is not the ultimate state of the universe. Therefore, those who enter this stage are still a manifestation of something subtler than this state. They have not reached the ultimate. For this reason, they still could be trapped in the illusion of this manifestation.

Indeed this heaven which many have experienced is the ethereal state in the universe. In this state, which is the fifth state (ether), still an ego exists. Wherever ego is, there will be confusion and suffering. That is why not only is there heaven in this state but there is also hell!

However, higher than the ethereal state is pure consciousness which is the sixth and seventh stage. In this state there is no manifestation, so there is no ego. This is the ultimate, man becomes One with God. Where there is God, there is no hell!

At the time of death, each person enters into a state that he or she deserves to be in. In general there are four situations which a person can enter. If there is no karma and no desire left, and all lessons are learned, an individual will easily enter the pure Light of pure consciousness.

If a person has created many heavy karmas (deeds), he will be caught up into his impure thought processes and will enter a scary and uncomfortable state (hell). If he has done much good, yet still has not learned all the lessons (has karma left), he will enter a delightful state in the ethereal level (heaven). But after awhile he will return to continue his lessons.

If a person is even in his or her approach in life, or if it is necessary for him to return to accomplish another task after death, he will enter a neutral state (waiting station) and will return when his time comes.

The best way to enter the highest state (pure Light) is to do His will and win His Grace. It is only with Grace that we are saved!


39- How do you think the Mission and Maitreyas Message will spread?

Maitreyas message is a flame brought down from heaven. This flame will ignite many souls and each soul will become a flame Itself which will ignite many others. That is how this flame will spread, like one candle which can light millions or billions others!


40- In the Bible it says woman was the cause of the fall of man, is this true?

If that is true, then the very woman (wounds man) which caused man to fall can also save man! When woman becomes The Holy Mother (Holy Ghost) or Divine Grace, this is the way to salvation!

This is true, because the symbolic meaning of woman in the Bible refers to the energy in its lower level or lower propensities (lower nature). When this same energy is directed for higher things, It be(comes) Divine Grace or The Holy Ghost. Only by His Grace (Holy Ghost) is salvation possible.

Therefore, the very woman which can be the cause of the fall of man, can become the Door (The Divine Grace) to heaven!


41- The book THOTH seems too heavy to carry it around. Why do not you publish each book in THOTH separately? Then it would be easier to carry around.

We indeed published each book in THOTH separately in 1982 when we published the first edition. We presented them as such when we first reached out through advertising in different magazines in the spring of 1982.

However, as time passed, it became very apparent that each book is eternally connected with the others. If a person only orders some of them he or she will be deprived of seeing the whole vision. That is why it was decided to put all eighteen books together. Then it was revealed that the eighteen books together are The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament. The problem of its weight might be reduced when it is later published with thinner paper and reduced size (due to typesetting, etc).

However, the mass production should not reduce its sacredness!

42- Can you explain for me what tama guna means?

Tama guna is that force which crudifies (solidifies, brings to manifestation) the consciousness.

For example, the reason water is liquid, but stone is solid, is because there is more tama guna in the stone than in the water. It is this force which makes the consciousness to be bent and/or attracted toward the mundane or physical world. It creates the feeling of separation from God (universe). It causes our feeling of being a separated ego from the rest. Then the other tendencies such as fear, attachment, feeling of loneliness, desires, etc, which are related to the lower nature, arise.

As we meditate and expand our consciousness, the feeling of separation lessens. The feeling of connection with the universe (God) increases. The desires, attachments, fears, etc, fall away and a joy (Ananda) or ecstatic feeling of Oneness with God replaces all others. In such a state there is no fear found and a Oneness with God (consciousness) is experienced.

Consciousness in its purest form is, The magical world of God. To enter this state many techniques have been devised. The fastest and the most direct of all is the path of devotion to God. That is why Jesus (Esa) said, Love thy Lord with all your Heart, Mind and Being. When you create such an intense Love for God, the Fire of this devotion will burn all impurities (tama guna). That is when one will reach the ecstasy of God-realization.

The path of devotion, however, can be very dangerous in this sense, that if the devotee loses his faith and doubts, he has nothing else to hang on to. So his or her fall will be great. But, in other approaches, such as knowledge or service, the devotee still has some knowledge or some result from his service.

However, if a devotee also follows the Eternal Divine Path, his salvation is guaranteed. In the Eternal Divine Path, all paths are combined. So even if a person doubts, he still can recover soon after.

Tama guna is what is called the devil in some religions. However, there is a reason for the existence of everything in the universe. How would we know good (God) if there was not bad (evil)? If there was no tama guna, there would not have been any creation, etc. All things are necessary in the universe for our ultimate achievement to the Highest, IS (God).


43- How long has the Mission of Maitreya been in existence?

Spiritually from eternity! Historically the vision of The Great Sign was revealed in 1977. However, it was in the spring of 1982 that the Mission announced to the world the presence of Maitreya and His teachings on earth. This was accomplished with the ads we put in some magazines and newspapers.


44- Your brochure speaks a great deal about the unity of religions and even mentions Bahais. Has your Mission ever had any connection with the Bahais?

Eternally we are connected with all religions and spiritual truths of the world, but physically (organizationally), no. According to our teaching, each of these religions (including the Bahai faith) and spiritual truths have a significance in the overall Plan and are a part of The Great Sign. Therefore, they are a part of this Greater Truth!


45- Can you give me a glimpse of how the Communities of Light and the future world would be?

Communities of Light can easily be formed in any situation, be it in a large industrial city, a small town, or a village. However, the trend of society is moving toward The Golden Age. In this era the understanding of the new science based on Universal Laws and use of this knowledge for human consumption and energy will increase. It is these technologies which will guide humanity to the new era to come, and free him from old technologies.


The future communities will be based on energies extracted from nature without pollution or other side effects as conventional industries now produce. By the use of other technologies such as computers, solar energy, etc, man will free himself from the centralized mode of the past industrial revolution.

The jobs of most of the people can be performed from their homes with their computers. The business meetings, shopping, accounting, form filing, word processing, and more, can all be done from home. This will create a greater family feeling.

This does not mean that they will go back to the previous complete decentralized mode of farming. But science, industrial knowledge, and the awareness of the interdependence of nature will be combined to create self-sufficient communities (units).

The basic idea is to use the new technologies, such as solar, wind, water, electromagnetic force, etc, to create small self-sufficient units. These self-sufficient units are also linked with the external environment such as bigger cities, other countries, continents, etc. With this, each unit is self-contained and independent from the rest of the world while at the same time is a part of it. This will free people from the centralized and dehumanized systems of the industrial era. It will create greater family bonds as in the time of the decentralized mode of the farm era. However, it will also provide the dynamic feeling of being a part of the whole of the industrial era.

Each unit will use a computer to program all kinds of functions in its environment. This type of intelligent environment will be much more comfortable to live in.

For example, a family can have a house surrounded by or connected to a greenhouse. The air in the greenhouse can be filtered and circulated into the house during the day and envelop it during the night to keep the temperatures of the house constant and comfortable. The air forced into the house during the day, because of the sun and plants in the greenhouse, will be greatly enriched by the oxygen. The automatic shutters will close the flow of the air at night to the house.

The greenhouse can be programmed to keep a constant temperature. Then they can grow all kinds of vegetables (grains, etc) all year round. They can even program it to have different temperatures, in different sections, for a variety of plants to grow.

These plants can be watered by computers whenever they are thirsty with no human presence necessary. This family can also have a pool or pond. They can keep fish in this water. The water will be kept at a constant temperature, comfortable for the fish.

At the top of this pond, they can keep some fowl (chicken, etc) in such a way that their droppings will fall into the pond and enrich it. This will nourish the algae and allow foodstuff to be available for the fish. The same water, enriched by the algae and other minerals, can be used to water the greens in the greenhouse.

The energy to accomplish all these tasks is provided through some technologies which only need to be installed with the initial equipment. After that, it will provide unlimited energy. Or even now the energy of the sun can be stored away as electricity to be used for all kinds of activities. The source of energy is unlimited in the universe. We have not yet scratched the surface of this potential.

By the use of satellites and other technologies, the problem of the use of wire and poles for transferring messages (communication) will be solved. Therefore, countries which do not have these facilities do not have to spend a fortune to acquire them any longer. This will also help the environment, we do not have to cut millions of trees to make poles or use a great deal of resources to make other kinds of poles and/or wires. This will also help to improve the scenery on earth.

You can even further this futuristic, but realistic vision. Imagine vehicles which do not need roads. You can see how planet earth, with the vision described above, can be restored to its natural and original beauty. To expand this vision is limited only by ones imagination.

One can stretch the above vision to include whole communities, which use such technologies for their benefit. With cooperation within communities, even a greater ease of life will be achieved. There will be more extra time available to all in the community. This time can be used for physical, mental (intellectual), emotional (closeness of people together), and spiritual progress.

The new knowledge and technology is emerging at an accelerating rate, all over the earth! It is through creating such highly technologically advanced communities based on spiritual truths revealed through The Plan that the Communities of Light and the Hierarchy will prosper.

Indeed the advanced technologies based on Universal Laws, providing unlimited energy, are already available and are advancing rapidly. However, they have not as yet fully bloomed.

One of the reasons for their slow progress is the lack of well organized and coordinated efforts to integrate these new technologies. Another reason is that humanity has not yet prepared itself to receive these technologies in full. Also, interested groups in the present system oppose the progress of these technologies which will be cheaply available to the mass. That is why there are not well allocated resources for research and development (R&D) of these new pollution-free technologies. Such support will be provided through us when enough resources are available to the Mission, or related organizations.

To provide such technologies alone will alter the whole make-up of the world geo-political situation. It will bring a greater equity to humanity and will go beyond the boundaries of ideologies or systems. It will be a new world. Man will be free at last.

However, without a spiritual base and learning the lessons of the past, man will be led to self-destruction. That is why our teaching is now revealed, to prevent this from happening.

A combination of highly computerized industries and great self-sufficient units linked to each other, will bring a decentralized world. The technology will free man from mundanity. The Plan will guide him to his higher call. The MAP will bring justice to him. It is then that the true Communities of Light will form. In such an environment we can cure all the evils (economical, social, ecological, etc) on earth.

All this will accelerate human progress toward its ultimate Goal: To Be(Come) One with God (Divine).


46- The meaning of the Haree Om Shrii Hung (HOSH) = The Goal of The Life is To Be(come) Divine?

It is the mantra which is called, Shrii Shrii Para Maha Mantra (Greatly Respected Beyond the Greatest Mantra), or HOSH mantra. It is half of a whole mantra. The whole HOSH-ONK mantra is:


Haree Om Shrii Hung

Om Nam Kevalam


The word Haree means Great or Highly Respected. The word Om is the primal sound (vibration) in creation. If you listen to any sound carefully, you will hear a humming background (Om sound). Om ( ) is the first sound at the time of creation. It is God manifested in sound. In its purest form it cannot be produced in the manifested world, or with the human vocal cords. It can be heard in a high state of meditation. In its purest form it will be heard before entering the state of soundless consciousness (pure consciousness)! In this mantra (HOSH mantra) it represents God.

Shrii also means respected. Hung is the root sound vibration of Life. This sound awakens this Life which is dormant as the kundalini in the first psychic center. Therefore, the first part of the whole mantra, Haree Om Shrii Hung, conveys this message: The Goal of The Life [Shrii Hung = Respected Life Energy] is to Be(come) Divine [Haree Om = God or Divine].


In the second part of the mantra, Om Nam Kevalam, Nam means Name or vibration. Kevalam means Everything. Therefore, Om Nam Kevalam means: This vibration (Nam) of Om or God is Everything (Kevalam); or God is Everything, Everything Is Divine (God).

Each of the two verses in the mantra has a similar rhythm as the mantra, Om Mani Padme Hung used by Tibetan Buddhists. However, the HOSH mantra is twice as powerful, because the rhythm is repeated twice in every recitation, and also has a greater energy effect and meaning.

Haree Om Shrii Hung (sounds like Om Mani Padme Hung) and Om Nam Kevalam (sounds like Om Mani Padme Hung): There is a whole book written by a Tibetan of the effects and powers of the mantra Om Mani Padme Hung. The HOSH mantra has twice the effect!


The Shrii Shrii Para Maha Mantra is the universal mantra of the Mission, revealed to humanity. It can be used and repeated by anyone! Any person can give it to any other. It can be repeated silently within and Its meaning contemplated. Or It can be repeated out loud and/or chanted rhythmically. It can be chanted accompanied with music. It can be chanted with music and danced with Its rhythm. This practice is called Kirtan, which is similar to the dance of the Sufis. In its older form, similar spiritual dances can be found in Africa, American Indian and other older tribes on earth in different continents. Kirtan has great benefits. It creates greater coordination (in the body, mind and Spirit); stills the mind Be still and know that I am God); and many other benefits.

HOSH mantra can be repeated constantly to direct the mind toward God and the Goal of the Life. It reveals that The Goal of The Life is to Be(come) Divine. This is the most important Goal in anyones life. It also reveals: That Divinity (God) is everything or all things are made with the Divine attributes. The rhythm and power of the mantra directs the energy (kundalini) upward and It also stills the mind. It takes one away from all other attractions and directs ones attention toward the Highest or God. This is the key to salvation!


47- You have mentioned in your literature of right and left-handed tantra yoga. We have many in Africa following tantra, are you referring to these practices?

Tantra yoga especially, and any other practices which awaken the spiritual forces, can be used for Good (God) or Bad (Evil). It is the same energy, it can be used to heal (good) or kill (bad). Lift a knife, it can be used for useful purposes or damaging ones.

In Tantra the kind of practices also distinguish how the energy will be used. That is the reason there are the right-handed (good) and left-handed (bad) tantras. In right-handed, the endeavor is to transfer the lower energies (propensities) to higher ones. In this path, energies are directed upward. This will result in the opening of power centers of the ethereal body. In each of these centers there are seeds of different powers (siddhis). Therefore, as the energy (kundalini) opens each center, many different kinds of powers are acquired.

In this path, a well trained and realized soul (Master) is essential, to prevent the disciple from falling into the traps of each of these centers and their power trips! A person without guidance might become lost in the maze of powers and delights each center would offer, and forget about the ultimate Goal, which is complete God-realization.

A God-realized person does not use these powers for selfish ends, but will create compassion, Love, understanding, mercy, gentleness, etc. He uses these powers only if they can help others in their path to God.

On the other hand is the left-handed tantra. The very philosophy of tantra is to go through any experience but stay objective and detached, so the lesson of each earthly experience is learned and the emptiness of these fleshy experiences realized, so the person is further pushed to greater realization.

There is a great contrast behind this and the regular yoga practices, which are based on restraint and discipline. In other yoga paths, the aspirant is taught to discipline himself, physically (yoga postures), mentally (study, concentration, etc) and spiritually (meditation). The whole idea is to overcome any unwanted desires and/or temptations. In tantra, however, the lessons are learned not by restraint but by actively engaging with the external world.

This, however, creates a great danger. A person who is not disciplined, uses the excuse of being a practitioner of tantra to indulge in sensual cravings. He will fall into the jaws of Maya and is drowned in his lower nature. Then such a person will use his or her powers for selfish ends and greater sensual satisfactions or self-gratifications. It is then that the tantra practices become left-handed, or as is commonly known and feared, they become witchcraft or black magic.

In left-handed tantra, or any corrupted spiritual path, the energies are not directed upward (from the naval area upward) but downward. The same energy and power which could be used for good, now is used for evil or selfish ends. This, of course, will create great karmic results, that will eventually bring destruction to the miss-user and sufferings to others.

However, as it has been said, The greater the beast, the greater the man. If such people turn back (repent), the same energy (passion, etc) will be converted to spiritual energy (compassion, etc). Therefore, there is hope for redemption even for those who do evil. The path is repentance and a change of heart.

You have asked for charged words to repel and drive these demons created by practitioners of tantra away from you. As you also mentioned, dark forces cannot penetrate white Light or The Light. Therefore, keep yourself enveloped in Gods Grace, Love, and Light. Do His Will and be attached only to Him. Pray that He guides you and keeps you from all evils. Such a person has no fear from anything, not even from demons. Demons have no power where God reigns!

About charged words, the HOSH mantra (Haree Om Shrii Hung - Om Nam Kevalam) consists of such charged words. Repeat this mantra and remember Its meaning, it will merge the mind into God and no evil can penetrate His domain.


48- What is the meaning of the first and second resurrections?

The answer to this question can be found in more detail in chapter 20 of Revelation Of The Revelation in the book THOTH. The first resurrection is the awakening of those who will reach pure consciousness in the Golden Era which is fast-approaching.

When the Kingdom is established on earth, there is going to be a period of tranquility, progress and great realizations. Following this period, which is symbolized as one thousand years, another period of confusion will appear. After this period, again many will reach pure consciousness. This is the second resurrection.


49- What is the meaning of the verse that God, would take their heart of stone and give them a new heart...?

The meaning of this verse has been explained in chapter two of the book Revelation of The Revelation in the book THOTH. The heart which will replace their heart of stone is referring to the spiritual Heart, not a fleshly heart. It is the Heart in the center of the chest, which means that the fourth chakra will be opened, the place of unconditional Love (Holy Mother). It is the center of Godly Love, understanding, compassion, etc, which replaces their human love.

This greater meaning, like many other meanings of the Scriptures, has been lost. This can be realized by looking at the statues that are made of Esa (Jesus). They place a bleeding, fleshly heart in the center of His chest, a symbol of His Spiritual Heart. That Spiritual Heart is the center of understanding which will replace the selfish heart of man, which is like a stone.


50- What is the meaning of, Let your Light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven (Matthew 5:16)?

This means to Be(come) submissive to God, to let Him shine through us, to Be(come) a channel only for Him. Let our Light which is Him, shine before men that they may see our goodness. Always strive to be aware that He is the real doer of these good works, not us, and glorify your Father which is in heaven [seventh chakra, your Light].

This is the path of submission to be a channel for God, to let Him manifest through us, to glorify Him instead of ourselves.

The Goal is, as explained above, to do His will, to praise Him in the name of Christ ( ), and to manifest His Divine Will through us. When men praise us, remind them that it is He who does these great things through us, not our small egos. It is this which will bring great Joy (Ananda) to a person. Such actions create no karma because a person is just a channel for God, not the doer.  

Greater than meditation is sharing God with someone else;

Greater than fasting is to feed a starving person;

Greater than prayer for our needs is to fulfill someone elses need.


51- I would like to come and serve the Mission. I would like to serve humanity. I long to be One with God. I would like to leave my family and come to join you. I have a lot of emotional problems and hate toward my family. When do you think I can join you?

The answer to your longing for God is for you to see Him in your family. You have to work out your emotional problems with them first even before being able to approach God. You have to Be(come) a center of Love for them, and create a harmonious and Loving environment, then you can serve humanity toward a better world. By no means can you serve The Mission before this is accomplished.

Therefore, I want you to stay where you are, learn to Love your own family first. When your family tells me you have learned how to Love them and you have created a harmonious environment there, then you may come and serve the Mission.


52- I received the book THOTH, it is the greatest book (revelation) ever been brought to humanity. I have read it through one time. Is this enough?

We are glad, like many others, that you found THOTH the greatest book (revelation) ever been brought to humanity. Also we are glad that you have read it through once. However, THOTH, like all Holy Books, should be read and re-read, reviewed and studied again and again. Each time you read it, a deeper meaning and greater relationships between all religions and truths will be revealed to you.


In fact, you could write books on most of the single sentences, which are given in THOTH, in condensed form. Also you can read any other Scripture and see that it is a part of THOTH. THOTH is a mystery that might take many lifetimes to unveil!


53- Is the essay of Relationship Between the Spinal Cord, Medical Logo (Caduceus), and the Story of King Arthur, explained in the section Supplements in THOTH, related to the rising of the kundalini?

Your perception of the relationship between the explanation in that essay in Supplements in THOTH and the rising of the kundalini, is correct.

However, Maitreyas teaching goes further in this matter. He teaches that you have to know the play of creation (kundalini) or the creative force (The Holy Mother). As you master the play, you will become closer to the source (Salvation, Oneness), The Goal of the Life.

This is the reason the Eternal Divine Path has been given to humanity. You can continue whatever path you are presently in. But learn the Eternal Divine Path and find your place in It. With incorporating the other parts of The Great Sign or Eternal Divine Path with yours, that Great Unity will not only come to each individual but to the collective body of humanity and eventually the universe.

In the long run, Maitreyas teachings will lead to a collective salvation of a large portion of humanity in the Golden Era soon to come. It not only concerns Itself with individual salvation, but also with collective salvation.

Indeed, individual salvation is impossible without collective salvation. Even those who will try to be One with God by force (only spiritual practices) will not stay there long, as revealed in the Bible, I will spue thee out of my mouth,... (Rev. 3:16). An essay, Merge Into God, Or Play The Play, in the Supplements part of the book THOTH, clarifies this point further.

The Eternal Divine Path step-by-step leads to individual and collective salvation. It also reveals the relationship between all religions of the world and unifies them. So it eventually will bring unity to All. This again will accelerate collective salvation.

Therefore, as the small golden card which is sent with THOTH says, handle THOTH with great care and respect. Consider it as the direct word of God. It is a treasure and a gift from Maitreya to you...


54- I have received the book THOTH and think it is the Greatest Revelation on earth. What is to be done after this realization?

With receiving THOTH and realizing Its Great Message, a great responsibility now is upon you. It calls on you to call upon those who are also ready to receive this Knowledge (Message), so All will help to fulfill The Plan.


Let us know if it is possible to start a branch of the Mission in your area. If you start a branch, then you might be able to reach out and contact others who might be interested (called) in your community, neighboring countries, the continent you are in, etc. Let us know how far you can go in this endeavor. If you cannot officially start something, you might start to reach those who are ready by word of mouth.

Remember the story of the disciples of Jesus (Esa). Twelve dedicated men (mostly fishermen) set out and proclaimed that they had found the One who all were waiting for, the Messiah. This, like wildfire, ablaze humanity forever. You can do this also, become a fisher of men. Let all know that you have found the Messiah, the Mehdi (Mohammed), the expected Buddha (Maitreya), the Christ ( ), the Prince of Peace (Kumar = prince), etc. Then we might unify All under One Banner of Salvation (The Great Sign). That is how you can serve Maitreya and become an instrument to spread this teaching... as you put it.

As you spread the Word, you might find good soil to plant the seed of Maitreyas teachings. Then gradually each seed will grow into a mighty tree to give plenty of fruit, some thirty, some seventy, some a hundred...fold. This will lead to the fulfillment of The Plan. Those who have been prepared like you are just waiting for the call. They also will see answers to their questions, as you did, in Maitreya and His teachings.


55- What is the significance of spiritual chanting and dancing [kirtan]?

It is a great spiritual exercise found in many cultures and mystical paths. I am sure you have heard about the dancing of the dervishes (Sufis), or dancing of kirtan in India (especially the followers of Krishna, etc) or the tribal dances in Africa and blacks in other parts of the world.

In the Bible, also, there are many references to dancing and being overcome with the joy of the spirit to dance. King David for example, danced with great joy. The Prophets danced accompanied with music, and they prophesied and Saul heard them (Samuel l0:5). True spiritual dancing is performed when a person is overcome with the spirit of God (Krishna).

It is a practice of playing music, chanting mantras, and dancing with the rhythm created. In the Mission, the mantra Haree Om Shrii Hung [HOSH], OmNam Kevalam [ONK] is used.

While playing music, this mantra is chanted with an uplifting or soothing tune and rhythm, then danced according to the rhythm of the music. One way to dance is first bring the mind and ideation toward higher thoughts or God. Fold the hands together on your fourth chakra in the middle of your chest (like the way Indians do greetings) and pay salutations (Sal-Om ) to the Spirit (God), and then open your arms upward toward heaven.

Then while listening to the music and chanting the HOSH mantra, bring the right foot behind (or close to) the left foot, shifting your weight to the left leg (it happens automatically). Then touch the ground with the bottom of your right foot (or toe). Then bring the right foot back as before, being in the standing position with the weight distributed equally on both legs. As you bring the right foot back to its starting position, this will occur automatically.

Now do the same with the left foot. Bring it behind (or close to) the right foot, touch the ground with the bottom (or toe) of your left foot. The weight will be shifted to the right leg. Then again switch to the right foot and so on. You can also dance according to the desire of the Spirit, with no special set of rules (movement) to follow.

If your arms become tired, because you have them stretched heavenward, just bring them down or fold your hands together over your fourth chakra. You can stretch them heavenward again. If you are playing an instrument (drum, flute, etc.) while dancing, then only follow the foot movement while chanting. You can also close your eyes if you so desire.

So play a musical instrument, chant (HOSH mantra) and dance with it. Think about the meaning of the mantra: The Goal of The Life is to Be(come) Divine, That Divinity is Every(where) thing. This will bring Great Harmony between the physical (body), mental (Higher Ideation) and spiritual (direct the energy upward through the mantra) part of the human, which leads to a Great Devotion to God and ecstasy (Ananda) of Be(ing) in Him and He in us!

Kirtan has uncountable benefits for the practitioner. However, like any other spiritual practices, it should not be used to gain power for selfish ends or a way to escape reality. If it is done for these ends, great harm will come to the doer and others (society). It will become a curse instead of a blessing. To avoid such a pitfall, an understanding of The Great Sign and the Eternal Divine Path is essential. Those who practice kirtan (chanting and dancing) can use this mantra (HOSH) for their kirtan and benefit greatly from it, and avoid any pitfalls, by understanding The Great Sign (Maitreya).


56- What is the order of service or collective meditation recommended by Maitreya?

When three or more people are gathered together, a collective meditation or service can be held. Collective meditation can start with kirtan (read in Essays III in the book THOTH, and also under question #55 about kirtan in this booklet). Kirtan can be practiced for long periods of time. It also can be practiced for short times such as half an hour or even five minutes.

After kirtan, the Reminder can be collectively performed (a series of movements accompany the words in the Reminder. The Mission will send you a copy of these movements for practicing the Reminder, upon request). The Reminder is performed three times. Then all will sit, preparing for silent meditation by singing or reciting together the song Samgacchadvam (available in Essays III in the book THOTH) three times. Then all go into silent meditation for half an hour or more, by the discretion of the person who is guiding the collective meditation. This person will then recite the Divine Path (given also in Essays III in THOTH), to close the meditation. A tape of how to sing Samgacchadvam, read the Divine Path, and chant the HOSH mantra is also available through the Mission.


This is a collective meditation or Order of Service in full. However, according to the time, place and people involved, it can be adjusted to suit any situation! There are different temperaments in different cultures, each can take and use a part or the whole service as described above. There are benefits in each component in this service, and the activities that follow the service. Each one and/or all benefit the practitioners, physically, mentally and spiritually. Meditation, prayer, etc, done collectively has greater effect than done individually.

However, it can be tailored to suit any given situation (time, place and people involved). The whole idea is that individual(s), group(s), culture(s), etc, benefit from these practices, and also each of them expand their consciousness and realize that there are benefits in any form of worship and practice by others. This will bring greater understanding to All, which will result in greater tolerance and respect for one another. Unless such an understanding is created, the unity of humanity is not possible.

After collective meditation, a spiritual discourse (satsang) can be held or passages from THOTH or other inspiring related Scriptures are presented for spiritual upliftment. It is after this that the community problems or organizational problems can be brought up. After these discussions, a brief last silent meditation and then a meal (prasadam, food offered first to God) can be served and consumed in joy, collectively. This will create greater bonds within the group and bring the joy of Gods bounty to All and to Him.

Special attention should be given to the newcomers or guests. They can be introduced to the rest of the Body and time taken to familiarize them with the teachings, rituals and answer their questions, etc.

From all these spiritual practices, mentioned above, performance of the Reminder and Meditation twice a day is highly recommended. Not only does the Reminder reveal the Highest spiritual truths, It also, when accompanied with Its movements, has physical, psychological and spiritual benefits. The accompanying movements with the Reminder have the same benefits as Hatha Yoga.

If you do not have time to do all the spiritual practices above or do not desire to do them all, at least do the Reminder and the Meditation. For those who already have other spiritual practices, they can add the Reminder and Meditation to them.


57- You have mentioned three orders in your teachings, Can you explain further?

The three orders mentioned in our teachings are Gabriel, Enoch and Michael, three necessary orders (energies) to bring about the Kingdom on Earth.

Gabriel (The Holy Ghost) is the Eternal Priest of God. Therefore, this order is the spiritual aspect of the Golden Age which is fast-approaching. This spiritual energy is the unifying force which is presented by Maitreya.

Enoch is mentioned in chapter five of Genesis in the Bible. Because he "walked with God," he did not die, "but God took him" (Genesis ). He is also known as the father of science. New scientific facts are presented to humanity that use the natural forces (such as electromagnetic, solar energy, fusion, crystals, etc) which bring these new scientific benefits to humanity. This new science is based on Spirit (also knows as M, or Maitreya, theory). These new scientific discoveries will cause no pollution as do the present conventional ones.

This new science will be revealed to humanity gradually. As the spiritual truth of the Order of Gabriel is strengthened, the revelation of these new scientific facts will be accelerated. The closer the human comes to God (Spirit), the greater scientific truths based on His Laws (Spirit) will be revealed to them.

The Order of Michael protects the two other orders, the people who are working to manifest the coming of the Golden Era. Michael is always depicted as a warrior Archangel.

These three orders also correspond to the three creative forces (gunas) in the universe. Gabriel corresponds to satva guna (sentient force), Michael to raja guna (mutative force), and Enoch to tama guna (manifested universe, science).

Each order also corresponds to the three Archangels: Gabriel (Holy Ghost), Enoch and Michael.

Also the three work hand-in-hand to bring about the New Era to its fruition. Each of them is necessary for this process. The Mission of Maitreya represents the Order of Gabriel (Holy Ghost). It is the Spiritual order (spirit) among these three. Our teaching is the unifying force (the Spirit, Holy Ghost) which unifies all three orders as One.


58- There is so much hunger and misery in my country. Then you talk about a Golden future and an effort to create a happier earth. Who will take care of those who are in such miseries?


If you feed a hungry man today, he will be hungry tomorrow. If you teach him how to feed himself, he will struggle with what he has. However if you create a more equal and/or just earth, you can easily teach him how to feed himself and he will improve his lot.

This of course does not mean to leave them in their miseries or to starve them. It means, to bring a greater vision into existence, sometimes you have to let others take care of the smaller visions! That is why Jesus (Esa) said, Let the dead bury the dead (Matthew ). He was not here to be concerned with small matters but to fulfill a greater vision from the Highest Will!

If your call is to be concerned with the hungry people or the poor in your country, which is great in itself, so be it. However, if there is a greater call to bring about a greater vision, then you cannot afford, not at least for the time being, to be too concerned about the current affairs on earth. Be aware of what is going on, but do not let it get to you. The earth is going through a great change. We have to keep the vision of the Golden Age dawning, not the dying old age. If we concentrate on the dead, we will miss the coming Living.


59- The technologies and way they can be used, as explained in your previous letter, are all good, but in my country people even do not have the basics. First we have to improve their present situation.

About the technology which was described, as we mentioned in our previous letter to you, it was a futuristic vision. Of course, as our teachings emphasize, everything depends upon the time, place and people involved (situation). In each situation, those who are concerned with the creation of the Communities of Light will adapt and adjust themselves to that circumstance. There is no one nation, district,, etc, which is exactly the same as another. Each has its unique needs and requirements. It is up to each to decide what is best for them, of course, with regard for others and the well-being of the whole earth.

The whole idea is to preserve the uniqueness of each community, culture and people involved, while creating opportunities for all to interact and to increase their understanding of one another. Eventually this will lead to an earth with greater quality and more opportunity for all. In the long run, this will bring a unique culture all through the earth with every unique quality of each culture preserved. This, of course, will be a gradual achievement. If you want to reach the end of any road, you will have to start with the first step!

The Great Vision of the Golden Age is what we always have to keep in our minds. Otherwise there are so many forces which we can be caught by and dragged down to our little concerns, then our vision will become blurred and eventually lost. Be One with the Vision. Man without vision perishes.


60- How is it possible to adapt the New Hierarchy to the old hierarchy?

As any sensitive person can feel, the old hierarchy is crumbling all throughout the earth. A new change is sweeping humanity to a New Era. This New Era will demand new ways and needs a New Order. It does not have to be too radical, but adequate for the era to come. The system presented by Maitreya is this new system.

However, this new set-up will not form suddenly. It will take some time before it is manifested. In this period, before it is manifested, the old hierarchy (set-up) will gradually degenerate. This is the period in which the New Hierarchy will be prepared to manifest when the old no longer is able. So the New gradually replaces the old. In this process, the friction between the old and the new will be minimal. This is a change in an evolutionary manner, in contrast to a revolutionary process in which the friction between the old and the New, usually is great. We are now in the preparing stage, that is why we are calling upon those who have been chosen to manifest The Plan.


61- What is the relationship of the New Hierarchy and the spiritual government?

They are the same. Those who will form this New Hierarchy will eventually emerge from the Communities of Light. These communities are based on spiritual truth (Eternal Divine Path). Those who emerge from these Communities will be highly spiritual and chosen. Therefore, the Hierarchy will be formed from great beings and the spiritual government will be formed on earth.


62- How can I meet the Lord Maitreya in person?

If your nation or community manifests itself as a place that is ready for Him, He might come to you. If you come to the U.S. and have a pure Heart and great desire to see Him, you might. When enough people in your community (city, nation, etc) gather together and manifest His teachings there, He will be there!


63- Divine Name?

The Divine Name, The Holy Name, or The Word ( / ) is a combination of the sacred (Holy) name of the Father ( ) and the First Begotten Son ( ). As the Father and the Son are One, so these two Holy Names merge together as One ( / ) and create The Divine Name. This creative energy which is The Divine Name (The Word) is the very creative force in the universe, or The Divine Mother (Nature, The Holy Ghost).  

The Divine Name or The Holy Name cannot be pronounced or written down by any means in the manifested world. That is why it has to be revealed ethereally person-to-person. It is revealed only to a few close disciples by Maitreya in four initiations. Then later on these few might initiate others into The Word.


The Holy Name was known to humanity in the past. However, they misused it at the time of the Atlanteans, and that is when a great disaster (Flood of Noah) befell them. It was also known to the Children of Abram (Abraham). They knew it was not pronounceable in the material world. They were forbidden to utter the name of the Lord ( ) loudly.

Esa (Jesus) also knew The Word and used it in His healing performances extensively, ...speak the word only, and my servant shall be healed (Matthew 8:8). Prophet Muhammad also knew It. Once he (Muhammad) was asked about the Name of the Lord. He answered God has 3000 Names; humanity knows only 2999 of them. One of the Names has been kept secret and no man knows it. In the Far East many also are familiar with many power words (mantras), but these are not The Word.


Those who have not been initiated by The Word, can use the HOSH mantra for the time being.


64- What are the benefits of fasting?

Fasting has many benefits, physically, mentally and spiritually. It cleans the body of toxins, stills the mind, Be still and know that I Am God (Psalms 46:10), so this purifies the soul (becomes closer to God). Indeed if a person is following a well-balanced diet prepared with Love in a harmonious environment, he or she can fast ten days out of 30 days.


65- How does Maitreya feel about His Mission? Who are the Elects? And what is their relationship with Maitreya?

Maitreya truly believes that what has been revealed through Him is from the Most High. This is given to accelerate the human leap to the Golden Era, which is a deep longing of many.

Maitreya always says, if this is true then His vision will be fulfilled no matter what. If this is not true, he would rather see the whole thing fall apart. He does not want to have anything to do with something which is not from God! He would like those who see the Truth in His Vision also to feel the same. His vision will then be theirs and they will be One with Him. In this state of Oneness, no separation exists, and All will work, realize and understand the way to manifest The Plan.


The long years of labor to manifest The Plan will be a joyful period of discoveries, learning, advancement, progress, etc. They will look forward to the furtherance of this wonderful cause for the rest of the life of this body and beyond!

In truth, He says, this vision does not belong to one person alone. It has been in the ethereal state for a long time. Now it is revealed to humanity and is on earth. Many have been prepared to realize this vision as their ultimate longing (as theirs). When such people come forward and see the truth behind It, It will no longer be Maitreyas vision alone but ours, with Maitreya as the point of focus. Then whatever they do to further manifest it, their reward is with God!

In the future, all those who are One with Maitreya will always return together. Each time they return, they will become the champions of this cause, as we have done in the past. The more we progress in this endeavor in this life, the easier our work will be in the future!


66- I have encountered many teachers who misuse their followers. Would this also happen in the Mission?


Maitreyas task is much more difficult than many before Him. Many false teachers (knowing a little of the truth) have come and hurt many. As you have said in your letter, They misused their followers. Now not only do we have this wonderful Message to give to many, which is a great task in itself, but also to win back to God those who have been hurt by these teachers. It is twice as difficult than only giving the Message and expecting many to accept it.

In the matter of teachers misusing the follower, however, more can be said. First of all, even that process was helpful in the sense that many became disillusioned with that level of consciousness. So they passed that stage to more real ones. Secondly, we always talk of how the teacher misuses (or misused) the student (follower). What about the followers who misuse the teacher? They take his teaching (energy) and then judge him harshly with their own limited egos, without giving anything back in return or having any compassion on His soul. There are always two sides to any story!


67- Some teachers demand their followers to bow down in front of them. What is the Missions stand on that?

To bow down to a teacher is done because a person has realized the Lord through (in) Him. It is supposed to be done from Love and Devotion, not from fear or ignorance. Bowing is done to the Divinity within the person the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal (FINE). That is what is meant, Do not bow down to anything on earth... (Exodus 20:5) in the ten commandments.

The bowing to the Divinity (God) within the teacher is supposed to help the person (disciple) who bows down. God does not need peoples worshipping, but their Love and Devotion, which makes them worship Him. It is one's Devotion and Love which makes one, One with God. Then such a person, who bows down (becomes humble), is God-conscious instead of self-conscious (egoistic). Such is the path to heaven (pure consciousness).


68- So many people are claiming they are for unity of humanity. Many have created different groups, associations, etc. Some have declarations, proclamations, etc. Why such a confusion? What is the truth and Gods will?

The true Declaration of God has been expressed in the sentence, All men [in Gods Eyes] are created equal in the Declaration of the U.S., two hundred years ago. The Declaration of the United States was not given for one nation alone, but for the whole earth. Through an incredible period of history, God has chosen this nation for a great purpose and given His declaration to humanity through it. These events are explained in more detail in the book THOTH, section Children of Abram (Abraham), All Prophecies Are Fulfilled.

We do not need more declarations. We need the realization that the inspired words in the Declaration of Independence of the U.S. are not only for this nation (U.S.) and should be established in this country in full, they are also for the whole earth.

This Declaration and the Ideal which this document and its other accompanying documents have been based upon, have not yet been manifested in full on earth. It is this Ideal that should inspire many to take up The Plan and to bring the intended Spirit behind those words on earth. We do not need more groups, associations, etc, we need people who are dedicated to manifest this Ideal.

God has already given everything humanity needs! We do not need to make any new documents, etc. The only thing which is new on earth is the unifying teaching of The Great Sign and the system to create the heavenly Hierarchy on earth. The rest are man-made. Any other declarations, etc, are just a fraction of the creative mind through individuals or groups. They are limited to the limitation of the creator, be it a person, a group, or groups.

There are many dogmas, opinions and approaches in different groups, individuals, etc. However, there is one thing which all agree on, we should create a just earth. The Plan works toward this end. It works to create a system where justice is served in its Highest on earth. This is what is needed, not more words, but actions based on realization of Gods Ways!


69- Should we follow the ten commandments or any other commandment?

There are many commandments and principles which are written all through the earth and in the Scriptures. Although their existence is necessary and inspiring for many, yet as long as they have not become an integral part of a person, with Gods Grace, they will not have a lasting effect.

This truth was revealed to humanity two thousand years ago when Jesus (Esa) gave the Sermon On The Mount in chapter five of the gospel of St. Matthew in the Bible. The Children of Abram (Abraham) had the ten commandments since the time of Moses and even before! However, they violated them all through history from the very beginning.

That is why Esa (Jesus) taught that the Goal is not, not to break the Law but to reach a point that no desire is left to break It. The Goal is not, not to commit adultery but to reach a point where no desire is left even to look with lust upon a woman, ...that whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart. (Matthew 5:58).

This of course does not mean that the ten commandments are bad, wrong or useless, but that they are not the ultimate. As long as a person has not be(come) one with the Laws or ten commandments, they are just beautiful words!

This is also true about any commandments, principles, etc. As long as a person has not be(come) one with them, they are just beautiful words!


70- Many (the majority) of people are well-rooted in their beliefs from their cultures, family, religions, ancestors, etc. How will they accept the New Message of The Great Sign?

There is a Great Law which separates those who are ready to receive The Message from those who are not: Whenever a true seeker encounters a new teacher (Message) he has to empty his cup (previous concepts, understandings, etc) so the new wine can replace the old. As Esa (Jesus) said, ...No man puts new wine in old skin,...

The Message of The Great Sign is the New Wine. You cannot compare it with the old teaching, if you do you will be confused. Then you would have two masters and you either have to Love one and hate the other, or you have to leave one for the other. As it has been said, You cannot have two Masters.

We are a sower who sows the seed of this New Message. Many will fall on stones (filled cups) and will wither away. Many will fall on the way side and be destroyed. Many will be choked by the weeds, etc. However, a few will fall on fertile ground which will give a hundred, seventy, and thirty-fold. These are the ones who have been prepared to manifest The Plan. They are the ones whose cups are not filled. They are empty (humble) and thirsty. They will take the New Wine and drink of it with the zeal of a thirsty man, and will give to many others to drink also!


71- Most of the disciples of Jesus (Esa) died a hard death (crucified), etc. What about the disciples of Maitreya?

This fate is not prophesied for the followers of Maitreya. However, to bring a new teaching to humanity has never been easy. Man loves to cling to the past and the dead bones. As you mentioned in your letter, although they crucified Esa (Jesus) and put Prophet Muhammad into many unpleasant situations, they could not stop Gods Plan, and the Missions of these Messengers were fulfilled!

No one can stop what is from God!


72- I must have the background of the Mission of Maitreya to spread the Message. How can I have it?

What kind of background do you need? Ask and we will answer you.

If you want to spread the Message, for the time being, reach those who are ready (chosen) to hear The Word. Spread the teaching by providing copies of the literature (which you have) of the teachings to those who are interested. The most fertile ground are the youth, as they have not filled their cups with old teachings. Reach as many as you can. As you mentioned in your letter, This is the period of gestation, and we are pioneers. It is the period when Maitreya comes like a thief as has been prophesied!


73- Your question about The Word?

Yes, it is the same Word according to Saint John chapter 1, verses 1-5, and verse 14, etc. As is mentioned in the pamphlet, It neither can be pronounced nor can be written in this manifested world. Therefore, It cannot be revealed to you through letters, tapes, etc. It will not even be revealed in the ethereal state (such as sleep). It can only be revealed person-to-person. We are hoping there will, eventually, be enough teachers dedicated to the Mission who will receive The Word, and later will initiate many by The Word. However, for the time being, the mantra, Haree Om Shrii Hung, OmNam Kevalam (HOSH mantra) suffices.

The explanation you have given about shabd is the same for The Word. However, to reveal it in four initiations to reach that state of Oneness at the time of death, is only done by The Messiah, The Christ. That is why Jesus (Esa), as the Messiah, used It to heal, and Prophet Muhammad, as Messiah, knew about it.

However, it is Maitreya who reveals it to others in four initiations not as an instant way to salvation, but to open the way to It. As His teaching emphasizes, individual salvation is impossible without collective salvation! THOTH, The Word, The Great Sign, Maitreya Himself (as the central focus), and the Temples to be built, are all one package. Together, they all lead to individual and collective salvation!


74- In the case of preaching One World religion, are we to include those who take rajasic and tamasic foods? I would like you to let me know about the condition of food with reference to the Mission of Maitreya.

The answer to this question is given in the book Essays III in THOTH, under, Food. The satvic foods are most recommended. However, as you have mentioned yourself, there are few who are willing or able to follow such a restricted diet. As the Communities of Light are more and more established, many will start to meditate. They will become aware of the effects of their diets on their well-being, physically, mentally and spiritually and will resort to a satvic diet. The more people who follow a sentient diet, the easier it will be for others to follow. As in a snowball effect, hopefully, all will eventually follow a satvic diet.

However, greater than following a restricted diet is The Grace. You can follow the most sentient diet and still be filthy in Heart, or follow a rajasic or tamasic diet, and if you have The Grace, be the Purest in Heart!

Jesus (Esa), Muhammad, Bahaullah, Moses, etc, did not follow a sentient diet, but had The Grace (God) with them. Therefore, it is not what goes into the mouth which defileth you, but what comes out of it! It is an individual decision.

We recognize the effect of food and drink on the consciousness, and not everyone is Esa, Muhammad, or Moses. We recommend, therefore, a sentient (satvic), drug and alcohol-free life (diet). Anything which is harmful to the body, which is the Temple of God, is also bad for the Spirit (God).

75- How are the siddhis (spiritual powers) given to the spiritual practitioner? Does one contact them by accident, through meditation given through the Master, or what?

Siddhis are powers which exist in the universe (God). They are called the gifts of the Spirit (Holy Ghost) in Christianity. They can be obtained with intensive meditation, prayer, etc. They also can be given to a person by another person who already has them (it). They can be given to a person to enable him to carry on a task, as Jesus (Esa) gave them to his disciples to heal others.

When a person reaches a certain state of consciousness, siddhis are obtained. There is not one person who does not have them. Even to move your hand you need spiritual (Gods) power (siddhis). In higher levels, of course, there are mightier powers to achieve greater things.

These higher siddhis, however, are not given to everyone, for not everyone can handle them properly. The misuse of these powers brings great harm to the miss-user and others, and was the reason for the fall of man. He thought because he had these powers he was God Himself. Man fell from being God-conscious to self-conscious. This results in egotism which results in separating one from the universe (God). That is the great fall.

Black magic, its art and left-handed tantra work to obtain these powers. Since the person obtains the power by force, before being pure enough, he or she will misuse it. This will bring great harm(s) to the person and others who are not protected by The Grace. That is why those who use the art of black magic are doomed in the end.

As a person be(comes) closer to God, these powers naturally will be given to him or her. However, since they come to the person naturally, according to his spiritual progress, he will not misuse them. If these powers are abused by such a person, they will be immediately withdrawn from him. When the person learns the lesson and would not misuse them, they will return. Such a person will not use them against Gods will but will use them to help others.

To the true seeker, it is not these powers which are important, but to manifest Higher qualities of God. They are compassion, understanding, Love and the higher side of Spirit (God)!


76- Since Satpurush, the Merciful God, has given wide powers to Mahakal, the Great God of the universe to create numerous religions to divert souls from worshipping God the Creator, do you think Mahakal will allow to unite all religions into One?

God already has expressed His Desire (Will) to see this happen. All through the Scriptures there are numerous prophecies onto this end. The coming of a teacher who will bring this unification is a part of all the main religions on earth. From Judaism, Christianity, Islam to Hinduism and Buddhism, all are waiting for this to happen. The coming of periodical Golden Ages is also accepted by the Far East philosophies.

The Will of God (Satpurusha, The Highest) is Greater than any other level (Mahakali) in the universe. Any philosophy which creates any power greater than Him between man and God is false. Man has been created in the image of God. There is no power greater than this. There is no power to limit man, but man himself. It is not Mahakali who is preventing man from unifying, but mans ego (which is the same as Mahakali, tama guna).

This philosophy based on escaping the reality of this manifested world, is the weakness of the Far East philosophy. It is this part which our teaching opposes in that teaching. Escaping the external world will not lead to salvation, but to misery, disease, illiteracy, etc. By understanding the Will of God expressed in THOTH, this wrong philosophy can be overcome. Otherwise, those who follow this, will be spued out of His mouth (Rev. 3:16 for more detail, read the book Revelation of The Revelation, chapter 3 verses 14 on.)

If the west had the same philosophy, science would never have advanced to where it is today. Have no fear of Mahakali he has no power over those who follow Gods Will. His Will is given in THOTH.


THE REMINDER (The Greatest Invocation)

1- We pay our salutations to The Divine Father, who has helped all come from ignorance to the path of enlightenment. Ignorance is the state of unawareness of the reality behind this universe, and enlightenment is the state of Pure Consciousness.

2- We open our hearts to Your Grace and pray for Your Guidance in overcoming the power of the tama guna over our Souls and detaching ourselves from Maya.

3- We adore and promise to endeavor to help the whole universe to reach higher consciousness and eventually Pure Consciousness.

4- In reverence we bow our heads in front of all the Great Souls in the past and those to come who have helped and will help all to understand Your Compassion and Mercy in Your Actions and Creation.

5- We surrender ourselves to You, the Words revealed to us through Your Prophets, and Your Greatest Sign which clarifies the confusion between all.

6- We submit only to You which is Formless, Nameless and Invisible. You in this state unify -- in any other state, humanity will be divided. Also, this will prevent us from surrendering to false prophets and teachers.

7- However, in reverence we bow our heads in front of all the Great Souls who will teach us how to know You and show us the way to be(come) Pure Consciousness, as is the goal.


Letter to humanity and their leaders

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