(The Voice Of God)

This is a new format that reflects the new shift of Focus for the Mission from Explanation and answering the questions by Maitreya, to direct Revelation by God, starting 6/2/07 and ending 7/7/07. In these two sessions, God confirms the Revelations Revealed to humanity by Maitreya and clarifies His positions in many topics. These two Revelations finish the Revelations entrusted to Maitreya and express His Pleasure of these Revelations brought by Maitreya in their Purest form to humanity. It Is Done!

There are several ways to listen to the audios of these Revelations. To hear them directly, click on the "listen" link (no quotes). To download them, right click on the link and then use the command "Save Target as ...," or you can go to our FTP site; to download files, click on the "download" link (again no quotes), find the date that the Revelation was given, and download the file to your computer. You can also read them by clicking on "read" (if it is available).

Here is the list of these sessions, Revelations!

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