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The Swastika is the most ancient symbol in human history. It used to mean good luck as a positive sign. Indeed the very plus sign (+), as well as the Cross used in Christianity, are derived from the Swastika. It was only after WWII that it was considered to be an evil symbol, and that was only in the West.

A surgical knife in the hands of a killer, who uses it to kill, does not make the knife evil! This logic applies to all things in the universe, including the Swastika. Hitler used this symbol for the Nazis. The Swastika itself has nothing to do with his actions.

Therefore, the Swastika should be declared independent from Hitler and what happened in WWII. Indeed there are people who already have declared this independence in a treaty called: Declaration of Independence for the Swastika. Basically this declaration says:

We declare the Swastika to be innocent of the crimes perpetrated in its name under Nazi banners. Five years of war cannot be allowed to wipe out five thousand years of sacred history. We declare that the Swastika has an independent life.
(The Friend of Swastika)

The rest of this section of our website is basically a reproduction of a book published by the Smithsonian Institute (written by:Mr. Thomas Wilson), in the beginning of the nineteenth century (1896). The book is called, what else? The Swastika. We found this book, which is an old one and was deteriorating, in a library reference section. Since this book is out of print, we felt it was imperative to digitize it. This will be for our own use, and for humanity and generations to come. It is also presented as further evidence that the Swastika is indeed considered to be a wonderful symbol in almost all cultures all throughout the earth.

So read these pages, and see that indeed the Swastika is independent from any cruel act which has been done in its name.

The best place to start is from the Table Of Contents (TOC). There are three pages of TOC - TOC1 - TOC2 - TOC3.

Note:Although the pages of the book are digitized at 300+ dpi, and all efforts were made to make the digitized text legible, still because of the age of the book (around 100+ years) some words might be hard to read. Furthermore, since the book is a part of a larger report, it starts at page 763.


More proof:

Shirts with Swastika on them (Jackie Onassis Kennedy).
Video compilation of Swastikas in Lithuanian/Sarmatian history

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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