Answers From Maitreya to Frequently Asked Questions

In this section there are answers by Maitreya to "frequently asked questions" about our teachings and the Mission. Many questions are answered here and many will be answered in the future. As more questions are asked, the questions and answers will be added here. Hopefully people who visit the web can find their answers here (many other questions are also answered in the discourses Maitreya has given). So check these resources first to see if your questions are answered before sending any questions to the Mission. Return to these pages often for more answers to future questions.

Are you the Antichrist?
Are you Christ?
Is your organization a cult?
Our Scriptures: The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH)?
Haree Om Shrii Hung Mantra?
Mr. Creme and Maitreya?
False prophets?
Renunciates (Sannyasins)?
American Indians?
Baha'i Faith?
New Age teachings?
Zoroastrian religion?
Miracles (spiritual powers)?
Contradictions in the Scriptures?
Some answers in conversation form!
Accepting the Teachings?

An Interview with Maitreya!

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