MAP: One of two booklets that summarize our teachings. There are two aspects in our teachings: The spiritual aspect and the social aspect. This booklet, MAP, summarizes the social part of Maitreyas teachings.


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The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH),

The Last Testament

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(1) The process of selecting leaders

(2) The lack of awareness on the part of the leaders that any ideology or approach is valid only in a given time

(3) The attachment of leaders (and people in general) to a small portion of the earth, a specific culture, group, religion, ideology, etc.

(4) The lack of a body to oversee the system (The Elders)

(5) Lack of the presence of spiritual considerations (putting God out of the system)

PART I: Regional Government

The Process of Selecting the Twelve Leaders of the Administrative Body

Judiciary Board (Board of Brahmins)

Legislative Body (House of Elects)


Decision-Making Process

PART II: Worldwide Application

World Government


Financing the System and the Best Way to Create the Base of Twelve

Financing the System

A Recommended Twelve-Base House

PART IV: A Practical Approach for Emergence of The Hierarchy

Evolution vs. Revolution

Emergence of the Elders From the Top

Formation of the Hierarchy From the Bottom

The Last Points

PART V: Final Points

Subjective Approach with Objective Adjustment

New Hierarchy vs. the Old One

Progressive Nature of the Universe

Exceptions to the Rule

Some Points to be Considered in the Planetary Constitution, If Any

The Necessity of Understanding the Whole Message of Maitreya


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Humanity is again on the threshold of a great evolutionary leap. A new era of a Golden Age is approaching. It is again a time for us to be given another chance to prove that we are worthy to manage our affairs.

Around twelve thousand years ago, a great disaster (Flood of Noah) befell man. The reason for it was because he failed to recognize his responsibility to create harmony on earth, to utilize his life towards its reason, to recognize the Oneness and interdependence of all, etc.

This failure brought disharmony on earth. In order to prevent humanity from destroying itself completely, a Plan was devised. A great disaster (destruction) became necessary to eradicate all traces of the higher technology of the human at that time. In the process also all those who had the knowledge of these technologies were destroyed, or became hidden. Man mentally became deprived of this knowledge.

In the physical and spiritual spheres, man was also altered. He no longer had the direct knowledge of the Spirit. His spiritual eye was closed and he physically became more bound unto earth. This evolutionary process continued and was completed in full effect six thousand years ago.

In the last six thousand years or so, a period of history was created for man. This was a period of strife, sufferings, and great upheavals. Man was left to himself. However, whenever it was necessary, an intervention by the Heavenly Hosts directed man to higher levels of understandings. Great events, scientific discoveries, social progress, etc., were directed to this present time.

These all occurred to give humanity a lesson. This period was not intended to last forever. We are fast-approaching the end of this period. The destruction of twelve thousand years ago and the history of the last six thousand years all were done as lessons for our future references. These lessons have to be learned, so similar mistakes will not occur in the future!

The Heavenly Hosts once more are releasing the responsibility of governing the planet earth back to humanity. Hopefully, with the lessons learned and the system presented here (combined with the teaching in THOTH, the main book of the Mission of Maitreya), the intended harmonious and just human society will be created on earth. It is the time for humans to come to maturity. The apparent chaos we see on earth, in this period we are in now, are the birth pains.

Before describing the system suggested here, it is appropriate to explain why the present systems cannot work. In general there are five main problems:

(1) The process of selecting leaders;

(2) The lack of awareness of humanity that any ideology or approach is valid only in a given time;

(3) The attachment of leaders (and people in general) to a small portion of the earth, a specific culture, group, religion, ideology, etc;

(4) The lack of a body to oversee the system (The Elders);

(5) Lack of the presence of spiritual considerations (putting God out of the system).


(1) The process of selecting leaders

With an exception of the democratic system in which people have a limited control over selection of the leaders, usually people have no control over this process. In order for the best leaders to be elected under present systems, four conditions are necessary:

(a) A high level of literacy;

(b) An awareness by the majority of people of their basic rights (socioeconomic awareness);

(c) A willingness on the part of the majority to demand their rights with persistence;

(d) High ethical standards at all levels of society, especially among the leadership.

The existence of all these is rare. In fact some of them, in normal situations might be found in some societies, but never all of them together. Only the first condition might exist outside times of crisis. The other conditions en masse might manifest when matters become unbearable, peoples awareness increases, and they are aroused. At such times they are more willing to take action and make sacrifices (create higher ethics) to improve their situation.

It is usually in these situations that great leaders emerge from the masses. But once the crisis has been dealt with, peoples awareness diminishes again until the next crisis, when people once more become aroused, the crisis is met, and awareness diminishes. The cycle continues and in the process many suffer.

The absence of the four above mentioned prerequisites for selecting the best leaders in the present system results in the emergence of leaders who bring their societies to the brink of crisis. A system should therefore be devised to minimize the effects of the absence of these necessary factors and also to facilitate the emergence of benevolent leaders with the required awareness.


(2) The lack of awareness of humanity that any ideology or approach is valid only in a given time

With clear evidence from history, Maitreya has explained, at length in his teachings, that social progress of humanity is based on a cyclical movement. In each of these cycles one class in society dominates.

Every and each of these cycles have similar characteristics. Like the life span of anything in the manifested world, five stages can be recognized. First there is a beginning of a new period (np). The second stage is the time of growth or progress (pr). The third is the time of maturity or peak (pe). This is usually the longest. It is a time of steadiness with little fluctuation. The fourth stage is the start of the period of decline (de), and the fifth stage the time of stagnation (st) and eventual destruction. The graph below shows these stages:

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It is in the period of decline and stagnation that the next dominating class will prepare itself with new ideas and alternatives to the old one. Gradually the new ideal replaces the old. This new movement also will go through the same stages in its life span.

As it can be seen in the graph above, after each period, from beginning to stagnation and so forth, society progresses to a higher level. However, after each period, so far in human history, society had to reach a stage of stagnation to progress to the next period. Usually it was in this period of transformation that great strife would occur.

Such periods can be found all through the last six thousand years of human history. The human always resisted change and new ideas. However, in our teachings the ways to avoid such destructive periods are clearly explained.

So far these evolutionary cyclical movements have not been understood by the majority. With this being understood and also the awareness that any ideology, idea, approach, etc., is valid only in a particular period of time, leaders will be more equipped to solve the present and future problems and lead the way to an ever-progressive future. As the human progresses to greater heights (physically, mentally and spiritually) these cyclical periods ever-approach an optimum point [for more detail about the materials in this section, read the section Kingdom in the book The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament].


(3) The attachment of leaders (and people in general) to a small portion of the earth, a specific culture, group, religion, ideology, etc.:

Anything which separates human from human will create suffering. In truth suffering, chaos, confusion, etc., all come from division and separation. Therefore any ideology taken as absolute, or any attachment to a small portion of the earth or to any particular group, religion, culture, etc., will cause suffering.

This can only be cured by expansion of the mind and the comprehension that all groups, cultures, races, etc, are part of a whole, and that each of them is necessary and intended to help the functioning of the whole.

To achieve this goal, a worldwide government and universal point of view is needed. Humanity has to realize that they are so interdependent that they either must learn to share and coexist or they will all perish together. In this regard Maitreyas teaching is a unifying force.


(4) The lack of a body to oversee the system (The Elders):

A body is necessary which would be outside the system but familiar with how it works. Such a body is here called The Elders. Its members would emerge from the system so that they would be very familiar with the system. They would not be engaged in its activities but would only be observers, therefore they could easily see in what direction it was going and would be able to correct it.

The lack of a body in such a relation to the present systems is another reason for their failures. No knowledgeable individuals now have as their whole concern the observation and direction of the systems. With creation of such a knowledgeable body, where its suggestions would be accepted because the opinions of the Elders are respected, then the system would be corrected and guided constantly. Therefore, this shortcoming would be overcome.

To gain this respect would be the most important task for each Elder in the observing body (The Elders), because they can only give suggestions which may or may not be accepted by those in the system.

(5) Lack of the presence of spiritual considerations (putting God out of the system):

As it has been suggested throughout our teachings, one of the reasons for human failure to bring peace, tranquility, equity, justice, etc., on earth is because we have put God out of our lives and government.

The phrase, "separation of church and state" actually should have read, "separation of dogma and state." Those who brought this great realization as a part of the constitutions of some nations did not intend to imply, "separation of God and state," or "a state without God."

Any ideal that separates human from human based on a set of beliefs, inspired under the name of religion, or any other name, is considered dogma. No such forces should become the dominating class in government, or be supported by it (government).

Also as it is explained all through our teachings, the intellectual spiritualists who bring these ideas in order to exploit the masses also should not be allowed to dominate the government. States which are run by the clergy or priest class, for the reason above, will eventually become dictatorships, and the masses will be exploited in the name of religion.

That is why in our system, although the spiritual values are considered, the priest class is not a dominating force. Also the Brahmin class, it is hoped, will not become dogmatic. It will bring God into the government, but will not use religion as a tool to exploit the masses. True spiritual experience and/or realization is an individual relationship with God. It can never be politicized!

The five shortcomings of the present systems explained above, combined with individual shortcomings, are the cause for the present state of the earth. That is why not only is a change necessary in the existing social orders, but individuals as well have to be prepared to accept these changes.

These two interdependent social components (individuality and collectivity) would be changed simultaneously. As more individuals become aware of the necessity for change, the new order will form, and as this order evolves, more individuals would become aware, progress, and become involved in creating the new order. This process will continue until the desired environment is created.

The system presented on the following pages, together with the rest of Maitreyas teachings, is intended to eliminate the problems discussed above and also to foster the unity that will help humanity out of the present great suffering due to division.

In the suggested system, a process has been designed in which all leaders would emerge from the very bottom of society. By means of this process, their true intentions and abilities would be known. Therefore only those who were truly equipped with all the abilities to lead others toward harmony, equity, justice, and well-being would emerge.

In addition, another group of leaders would be elected by general election. This would bring balance into the system. By electing persons from outside the system, fresh and new ideas can be brought to the leadership. This would also prevent the system from becoming rigid and bureaucratic. It therefore would not become the field of domination of a few having all the power, or a system which requires rigid rituals or special behavior to reach the top. Room would be left for unorthodox leaders to influence the direction of the leadership by their progressive ideas.

One more important point can be made. This system is for humanity and the New Order of the Ages to come. However, there will be those who will help to bring this system to the earth and establish it. They are those who are on the earth but not of it.



The Process of Selecting the Twelve Leaders of the Administrative Body

There would ultimately be twelve regions in the world. Each region would be divided into twelve sub-regions. Each sub-region would be divided into states, each state into counties, and each county into districts. Each district would be divided into small communities (Communities of Light). Any small group of people (ideally around twelve adults) in these communities would represent a decision-making and selection unit. Only those people who join such a small group of people can be selected and promoted to the leadership of the collective body. The only criterion necessary for forming such a unit is the mutual decision of these people to do so.

One person would emerge (or will be selected by consensus) spontaneously as the leader (representative) of each of these units (rather than by election). Ideally every twelve such leaders would make up a second level of decision-making, and they would select one person as their leader, and so on, until one community leader emerged from each community*. Then one person would emerge as the leader of each district, one as the leader of each county, and so on. This process would continue until leaders were selected for all the twelve sections of a region. Any person selected to serve on a higher level in the Hierarchy would be replaced by someone from a level lower than the one from which he had emerged. This process would be continued to the bottom of the Hierarchy, that all levels would be filled.

There would also be six people selected at large by election. These six would not be chosen by the selection process just mentioned, but rather by general vote. These six would join the twelve selected by the system described above. Therefore, the number of the collective body of a region would be eighteen. One person would be selected as the representative of the region to the world collective body. One person would then be selected as the leader of the regional collective body, and four others to report directly to this leader. The rest would be divided into four three-person groups, each under one of the four who reports directly to the leader.

The last twelve leaders would assume direct responsibility for the twelve regions. The regional representative to the world collective body, the leader of the collective body, and the four reporting directly to the leader would closely cooperate with the six people elected at large. The world representative of that region, the leader of the collective body, and the four direct reporters would no longer be available to assume responsibility for the region they were elected from, therefore the six elected leaders would each be given a region to lead. Since these six leaders would not necessarily be familiar with the problems and situations of those regions, the selected person from that region would join them in the responsibility for that region. They would cooperate such that the person who was selected by a region would act as advisor to the person who assumed the responsibility.

If the leader selected from a region did not agree with the decisions made by the person appointed as a replacement, the matter would be decided by the judgment of the leader of the collective body. If the problem was between the regional world representative or the leader of the collective body and the leader of their region, the matter would be solved by majority vote of the collective body or regional Eldest (as described below).

The four reporting directly to the leader of the collective body would not assume leadership of a three-person group including the region from which they have emerged.

The six leaders elected at large would not be able to assume the positions of world representative, leadership of the collective body, or become a direct reporter for the first time they were elected to the collective body. However, they could assume the position of direct reporter if elected twice, and could be regarded as candidates for leader of the collective body or regional representative to the world body if elected three times.

The leaders selected by the hierarchical selection process would serve for four years, as would the six people elected at large.

After four years, the collective body would select the regional representative to the world body and the leader of the collective body of that region for the next four years. After the selection of these leaders, the rest of the body would return to their regional leadership levels. Then the leaders for the next four years at those levels would be selected, and so on, until all the levels were selected. Because of the dynamics of the system, it should not take a long time.

The terms of the six elected at large would end before the selection of the regional body and the world representatives. Thus if they were elected for a second or third time, they could be considered as possible direct reporters, regional representative, or as leader of the collective body.

A person would serve as leader of the collective body for no more than two terms (eight years). Anyone who succeeded in becoming leader of the body for two terms would assume the position of Elder of the collective body. Also, any person who was selected as direct reporter three times would assume the title of Elder at that level. The members of the collective body or of the leadership at any other level in the hierarchical selection process, could be selected at any given level for no more than four terms (16 years). This would also be true for the regional representative in the world body. Any person elected for four terms at any one level of the Hierarchy would assume an Elder position at that level.

* The representative (leader) of the community can emerge from the community at large (without breaking the community into twelve people units). But by formation of twelve people units, the effect of mass hypnosis (when people follow the crowd and lose their own identity) will be broken. The person who emerges from the twelve will be well known by the whole group, and hopefully benevolent, wise, fair, etc. However, if for any reason a community was not broken into twelve people groups, any person who emerges as their representative can be accepted into the system.


Judiciary Board (Board of Brahmins)

From each twelve-unit group in the communities, one person with a keen sense of judgment and spiritual (contemplative) qualities and powers would be selected as the judge for the group. Such a person should not also be the leader of the group.

Twelve such people from twelve groups would form the second level of the judiciary system, and this, as for the collective body, would continue to the top of the Hierarchy, to form the regional and world judiciary court. As with the administrative body, six judges would be elected at large and the procedures described with respect to the administrative body would be applicable to the judiciary.

The idea would again be that these leaders, the Brahmin class, would not be selected by election, special assignment, birth, or because of educational background, etc. In this way spiritual people would emerge and have a strong voice in society but would not dominate it.


Legislative Body (House of Elects)

The House of Representatives and/or Senate (or both) would be chosen by vote of the people from different regions. They would consist of those who are known for their virtues and willingness to solve the problems of their communities, of their regions, and of the world in general.

The duty of the Senate would be to study social problems carefully and to consider laws for dealing with them. Spiritual values would also be regarded in these decisions.

The Senate would also have the power of impeachment of officials in the administrative and judiciary systems. If a leader was found to be guilty of wrongdoing, the most severe punishment would be imposed. Crime at the high levels of leadership is the worst because it brings a decline in morality and affects everyone, down to the lowest level of the society. Leaders (the heads) have the greatest effect on society. If they are corrupt, their subjects will follow them. That is one of the most important lessons of history.



Those who have been elected for two terms as head of the collective body (administrative body), the judiciary body (Brahmins), and the legislative body (Senate) would assume the positions of Elders at those levels. They would be observers of the system. Those people who were elected to any position at any other level of government for four successive terms (except the direct reporters, who would require three terms) would gain the title of Elder at that level.

For example, any person who was elected for four terms (sixteen years) by twelve people as their leader and was never elected to any higher level, would become an Elder to those twelve people. But if that person was promoted to a higher level in the Hierarchy, and was elected to that level four times, that leader would assume an Elder position at that level.

The Elders at all levels would have an indirect yet powerful influence on the government. Because of their experience and their removal from the main activity of the system, they would be able to see the problems or wrongdoings of those in the system. Their knowledge, character and leadership abilities would afford them the respect and influence, so that they could point out problems, thereby constantly directing and correcting the system whenever needed.

The Elders would influence the system by means of their fine characters and wisdom. Any Elder who did not manifest these abilities or lost them because of old age or for any other reason would not be considered seriously. The position would be prestigious for those who truly deserved its status.

These Elders would be the true leaders great souls in tune with Gods will and the current situation of society. Those Elders at the top of the Hierarchy should be highly exalted and their words should be heard and accepted as Light for the guidance of society and all humanity.

The Elders from the heads of the judiciary (Brahmins) and administrative bodies would each choose one person as their head. They would also choose another person, by collective vote of the two Elder bodies (judiciary and administrative) as the Eldest. The Eldest and the two heads of the Elders from the collective body and the board of Brahmins (judiciary board) would be regarded as the guardians.

Any disputed matter or disagreement in the spiritual, civil, judicial, or other sphere that was unresolved by the decision-making process would be decided by the three guardians in each region.

After they had meditated on the matter, had discussed the matter together, and had reached the same conclusion, then all would accept that as the law.

The final decision would be with the Eldest. And the Eldest would have the power to interfere in any level of the regional government, legislative, administrative, or judiciary bodies, to question their activities, decisions or procedures. Only at this level, therefore, would the Elders have a direct influence on the system. Of course Elders could persuade the Eldest to influence the system if they and the Eldest felt it was necessary.

However, the Elders, the collective body, together with the board of Brahmins could vote the Eldest down if they felt that the Eldest was losing the power of judgment (from insanity, old age, misuse of power, etc).

Elders could be retired by majority vote from the body at any level from which they were chosen.

Members of the boards of the administrative and judiciary bodies could be impeached by the Senate.

Therefore, although the Eldest apparently would have unlimited power, any misuse could cause replacement by the Elders or by the collective vote of the administrative and judiciary boards. If the Elders failed to do so or lost their powers of judgment, they could be disqualified by the two boards (administrative and judiciary). If these two bodies unjustly tried to disqualify them or misused their powers in any other way, they could be impeached by the Senate. If the Senators were not performing their duties satisfactorily, they would not be elected by the people.

The Senate would also have the power of questioning any activity at any level of the government (judiciary and administrative) if that were desirable, but only by majority vote.

On rare occasions any eleven people in any level of the twelve selection Hierarchy, with a majority vote of seven (spirit) or more, over four (matter) or less, can vote down their leader who has emerged from their group. This should be practiced more often at the lower levels of the Hierarchy and rarely at the top.

With the above power given to any group to be able to control their representative (leader), and the other safeguards described above, this system can truly be called a government from the people, by the people, and for the people, under God. This has not, in its truest sense, been accomplished on earth yet! This is when The Meek will [truly] inherit the earth.


Decision-Making Process

As discussed previously, there would be four bodies, or pillars, in the governmental structure: administrative, judiciary, legislative, and the Elders.

The legislative body, the Senate or the House of Representatives, would have many committees. The committees would receive requests, complaints, etc, from individuals, groups or from the governmental bodies. Each committee would receive requests related to its basic function. After a committee finished its study of the matter, it would present the findings to the Senate. After the Senate had studied a proposal from the point of view of practicality and justness, members would vote on the issue. Any bill passed by the majority would be sent to both the administrative board and the board of Brahmins.

The administrative board would study the bill from the point of view of practicality and feasibility. The board of Brahmins would study it from the point of view of spirituality and justness to all or the majority.

If the bill was accepted by both boards, it would become law. Or both bodies could simply reject it. However, if one passed the bill and the other rejected it, then it would be returned to the Senate with each sides reasons for acceptance or rejection. Then the Senate would make a new decision. If it was passed again in any form, it would be sent to the two boards for further study.

If the two boards could not agree at this point, the matter would again be referred to the Senate. If it gained a majority vote in the Senate yet still no consensus could be reached by the boards, this time the matter would be referred to the Elders. After it was discussed by them, the three guardians would review it and the two heads of the bodies of Elders (administrative and judiciary) would give their opinions and the reasoning behind them to the Eldest. The Eldest would make the final decision.

The presence of the Elders would be especially helpful at these times. They might guide the boards toward a wise decision.



World Government

The governmental structure of each region was explained in the previous pages. The same system, with the necessary alterations, could be applied to the smaller parts of a region (sub-regions, states, cities, etc) or to a larger area, such as the entire earth. That is in fact the goal of the system to create a worldwide government.

In order to achieve this goal, a World Collective Body (administrative), World Judiciary Body (board of Brahmins), World Senate, and World Body of Elders would also be necessary.

To create the world administrative and judiciary bodies, one person from the corresponding boards of each region would be selected as the representative to the world body.

From those elected by vote, only those who had been selected three times to the regional levels would be considered for election to the world bodies. In addition, for each body at the world level (administrative and judiciary), there would be seven persons elected by vote. Thus the number of each of these two bodies would be nineteen (twelve from the twelve regions and seven by vote).

One leader would be selected in each body as the head, and two persons would report directly to the leader. There would be two reporters for each direct reporter. Each reporter to a direct reporter would be in charge of three regional leaders and the coordinator of activities for one region with other regions. If a disagreement developed between the world representative and the regional leaders, the matter would be handled by the World Eldest (or Elder body). The decision of the World Eldest would be final.

Those who had served two terms as the leaders of these bodies would become Elders in their respective levels. Those who had served as direct reporters or reporters to the direct reporters would become Elders after three terms, and representatives of a region after four terms.

The rest of the functions and relationships of these bodies would be similar to those of their regional counterparts.

The heads of these bodies should be elected first. Then those not elected would return to their regions and the election process would continue as described before. The seven people elected by vote should be elected first, so that if they were elected for a second or third time, they could be considered as potential candidates for direct reporters, and/or reporters to the direct reporters (if elected for the second time), or leader of the body (if elected for the third time).

The world legislative body would be elected by vote. Two representatives would be elected from each sub-region (there would be twelve sub-regions in each of the twelve regions). Therefore the World Senate would contain 2 x 12 x 12 = 288 members, from all over the world (or other arrangements can be devised, such as some number of representatives from states, etc). A House of Representatives could also be formed in each region and world level. The presence of two houses would bring a greater screening power into the system (but also more bureaucracy).

Representatives would work for the sub-region and region they were elected from. Representatives from a given region would coordinate the functioning of that region with the other regions and sub-regions, through their representatives. This body would promote legislation at the world level for the good of all.

The decision-making process for the world government would work in a manner similar to that described for the regional level. The House of Representatives (if present) would first pass a bill. Then if the Senate also passed it, it would be sent to both the World Administrative Board and the World Judiciary Board. The rest of the process would parallel that of the regional level. When a bill became a law in the world bodies, it would be enforceable throughout the entire world.

The regional government should not overburden the world government with regional problems, that the latter body would be able to concentrate on higher things concerning all.

The only logical and true ideal is to redefine this earth as one country and to share all resources, abilities, and knowledge in order to create the ideal environment for everyone. In this way all individuals could progress to their highest potential physically, mentally, and spiritually. It is the only way for human beings to gain peace, prosperity, and the opportunity to continue to exist!



Financing the System

Financial set-ups to achieve the ultimate manifestation of MAP (the system explained above) and continuation of its existence after that, will have two phases: First the financial set-ups needed before full manifestation, and second, after it has manifested itself in full.

In the period before full manifestation, the financial needs will be provided by those who would be inspired to support it. The financial support in this period can be given through tithes, donations and gifts from these supporters.

In the case of tithes (10% of a persons income), it is recommended to give 7% for the support of our vision and use 3% to promote prosperity in the immediate surroundings of your communities help those who need financial support in your communities or promote our vision in those communities, etc. As the community expands, this amount will increase (as others also will add to it), and you (community) will have greater resources to reach out and expand the Mission, etc.

The gifts and donations, of course, as to how much to give, is an individual decision. They will be added fuel to further the vision.

In this transitional period, a well managed accounting system will be kept to provide answers as to how these funds were spent. These records will be available to the supporters and governmental agencies for inspection. This will also help to analyze how the finances are used and further the efficiency of the system.

Ultimately, when it is recognized by many, or all, that such an arrangement as this system is necessary to bring about peace, tranquility, progress and Oneness to humanity, this system gradually will replace the old. When we reach this ultimate manifestation, the expenses necessary to be paid for the services (minimum) by the government(s) for the people would be provided by taxes. Adequate accounting for these funds and any other funds from the people will also be provided.

The expenses necessary for the judiciary, administrative and Elder bodies will continue to be provided through contributions from the tithes from participants in the communities and others, gifts and donations. However, in this state, if this support is not sufficient for the expenses of these bodies, matching funds from taxes will be added to these resources. These matching funds should not, by any means, exceed 100% of the funds provided from the tithes, gifts, donations, etc.

In both phases, the best way for twelve people to be the base of the hierarchical selection system is that they all live together in a small area, if possible in a single large building. There they would be able to create strong bonds, progress together as a group, and offer comfort, strength, and protection to each other. In such an environment the true leaders would eventually emerge.

Each individual or couple in these small communities would give 7% or more of their income to the system which would be sent to the regional central financial agencies to be used for the expenses of the system.

The other financial arrangements in each community depend upon the people involved. One way to do this is to identify the collective expenses and finance them through contributions by all in the community. This can include administrative expenses of the community. Another way can be to surrender some fixed percentage of income to the community for various expenses, or to fix an amount to be paid by each family, etc. This decision is completely up to each individual community, based on their unique situation or desires.

If the twelve people were not living together as a community, the individuals should send at least 7% to the central financial agencies, and support other collective expenses of the community, such as for administration of the group involved, etc.

However, it is recommended that the twelve people live in housing close to each other, or even use something like the recommended house (explained in the next section), so that they can be close together physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Those who would not be participating in a group of twelve people, but who are willing to support this cause and the system, could give at least 7% of their income to be used to finance the system.

Of course gifts, contributions, donations, etc, from people to the system can be another source of income. These funds and the tithes contributed to the system would be tax deductible.

After full manifestation of MAP, matching funds would also be made available as a percentage of the money generated in the above fashion in each region, from taxes that would be collected from the general public for the services provided by the government.

If the money collected from the first two sources (gifts and tithes) was not sufficient for the expenses of these bodies, then from the general taxes, up to 100 percent to match the collected funds from gifts and tithes, could be taken to double the income of these bodies. This matching fund should never exceed the 100 percent limit.

That is, for example, if the money collected equaled two hundred dollars, but expenses exceeded this amount, matching tax funds could only increase the amount to four hundred dollars, two hundred dollars collected and two hundred dollars from taxation.

However, if the money collected from tithes and gifts were sufficient, no matching funds would be required, or at least not 100 percent. This matching system could also be used as an economical tool to inject or withdraw money from the economy in order to control and direct it.

The reason for limiting the matching process is that the judiciary and administrative bodies should be so respected and trusted that people should be willing to join and support them fully through the first two sources of income (gifts and tithes).

Therefore, if they became corrupt, these bodies would not be able to freely use the taxpayers money and so be able to continue their corrupt ways. When people no longer had any trust in the system, they would not support it and the first two sources of income would decline. This would force the reserve of matching funds to go down also. So the system would be forced either to correct itself or to collapse and make way for a new system. The more prosperous the mass (communities), the more prosperous will be the system.

From the income generated in each region, as described above, 30 percent would be sent to the world body from each region, and 70 percent would be used for regional expenses.

Of the money generated at the world level, 10 percent (tithes) would be given to the World Eldest to be used for his expenses and for administrative expenses of the Elder body at the world level. This would also be true at the regional level: 10 percent of the net income (before the 30 percent had been sent to the world government) would be dedicated to the Elders and would be given to the regional Eldest to be used for his expenses and for those of the regional body of Elders.

The rest of the income at both the world and regional levels would be used for the administrative and judiciary bodies.

The general public would be taxed for the services they required from the government, and the salaries and financial requirements for maintaining and operating the Senate (and/or the House of Representatives) would be paid by the taxpayers.

The financing of candidates who run for vote-elected office would be achieved half by direct contributions to the candidates and half by matching tax funds from the government. A ceiling could be put on how much a candidate could spend.


A Recommended Twelve-Base Housing

Recommended for a group of twelve adults who truly want to be close physically, mentally, and spiritually is a housing complex built around a circular or six-sided (hexagonal) center (an example is diagrammed below).

house-c.gif (3832 bytes)

Thus there would be six houses around the center. In each house would reside one family, and the hexagonal center would be their gathering place.

With this arrangement, the families would be close together and could use the center as a place of love, sharing, and if they wished, worshipping and becoming one, while each family would still have relative privacy.

Residents of such a house could also invite others to their private community center and share their oneness with them. These twelve adults would also be a decision-making unit and a base on which to build the system; and there are many other advantages.

Each of the six houses should become a center of love and foster a healthy unit (family) to support the society. After each individual had learned how to create a healthy functioning family, the next step would be to become a good citizen of the small community and to be able to share with the rest of the members. All of this would encourage a persons growth physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Then, after this training, individuals could reach out to the bigger community surrounding them and eventually accept their place in the universe as a whole. In truth these communities would be training places for true leaders, those with the ability to live with a group and emerge as leaders.

This arrangement could even be expanded; twelve such housing complexes could be built together to create a second decision-making level, and twelve of such groupings would make up the third level, and so on, until a community was formed. Then a community center could be built to serve them on a broader scale.

The more of these communities we create, the better. More people would then participate in the decision-making process and also in the selection of leaders in the administrative and judiciary, and eventually of the Elder bodies. So the possibility for true leaders with true characteristics to emerge would increase.



In the explanations above, general information of how the system should be, is given. In this part the practical aspect, or how the Hierarchy on earth will emerge, will be explored. It will describe how first, a facilitating body as the initial Hierarchy, will emerge from the top to the bottom, and then later on all levels of the Hierarchy will form from the bottom to the top.

When all levels of the Hierarchy emerge from the bottom to the top, then it will become a self-sustaining continuous system. There would be little need of interference by the Heavenly Hosts as in the past. Then the Heavenly Hosts will give recommendations and suggestions to those who will be at the head of the Hierarchy on earth. They will interfere in earths affairs only if it is extremely necessary.

In this time now, however, the Heavenly Hosts are most active (so are the dark forces) and are working on all levels to bring The Plan on earth (or prevent its fulfillment). The success of The Plan depends upon the response of humanity to its call! The sooner the response, the less suffering; the slower the response, the greater will be the chaos.

The process of the formation of the Hierarchy on earth will be accomplished by the Elders. Through their presentation of The Plan and their suggestions and wisdom, the Elders will gain the respect and willingness of others to comply. There is no authority rested on them they inspire others, coordinate the activities, and will help to form the twelve people as the second level, then those twelve will each inspire twelve others, etc.


Evolution vs. Revolution

As it is explained in THOTH in the book The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth (KOHOE), in an evolutionary manner, changes come from the top to the bottom. Therefore, there will not be a great friction between evolutionary elements and the old system in contrast to revolution which is a process which forms from the bottom of the society, and usually replaces the old system by force, which creates a great friction between the two systems.

For all the reasons above and in order to replace the old hierarchy in an evolutionary process, the new system will start from the top to the bottom. With this, the new Hierarchy will form and when all see that the old system will no longer work, the new Hierarchy will simply replace the old one. It will be a transitory process, not a contest.

The old system was based on the authority from the top. But this system no longer will work. So much knowledge has been released to earth that humanity no longer can be run by a few as the supreme beings as their leaders. They want to have control over their lives and their environments. This is clearly evident all throughout the earth. The old hierarchy either will see this and conform to the state of human evolution, or will oppose it and learn this to be true in a much harder way.

This is our (Elders) responsibility to go ahead, and persistently and intelligently with great wisdom, patience and compassion, form the new Hierarchy, so when the old starts to crumble there will be a system which could easily replace it. Otherwise there will be great chaos.

The overall Plan has been given in the package The Plan and the creation and history is explained in the book THOTH. Below we will briefly explain the practical way to help the new system emerge within the old world.


Emergence of the Elders From the Top

A body of initial Elders will first emerge, then twelve people (the thirteenth entity in any twelve person group is God [Spirit] as a unifying force) will be chosen to facilitate the process in each of the twelve regions. These twelve each will eventually find twelve to start the Hierarchy in twelve subregions. Then one person for each state, one for each county, district, and community, will be formed. These communities then can form the 12 people units as the base to form the eventual Hierarchy.


Formation of the Hierarchy From the Bottom

It is from these twelve people as the base from which the Hierarchy on earth will gradually emerge. When the twelve people at the base are ready, then they can choose a person from the group as their representative. The person who had helped to form the twelve as the base then can function as an advisor to the representative of the group or if they choose, they can give the honorary title of Elder to him.

This process will then continue all the way to the top of the Hierarchy. From these twelve people as the base, the ultimate Administrative, Judiciary and Elder bodies will emerge. When the new Hierarchy eventually replaces the old, the House of Representatives and other members of the Hierarchy which need to be elected by majority vote, will also properly be formed (by mass vote). The process explained above is shown in the visual aid below.

2Hirarchy.gif (16309 bytes)


The Last Points

Although the formation of the Hierarchy described is to start from the top, in reality it can form spontaneously in all levels. But the ultimate manifestation will be from the bottom to the top.

Many groups and people are ready to establish the Communities of Light, however, in their highest, they are not yet formed. The formation of the Communities of Light also is not enough. Networking should be established and coordinated between the communities and they should be unified toward creation of one world government.



Subjective Approach with Objective Adjustment


"Subjective approach" is here taken to mean a constant approach toward our goal, or ideal, or perfection. "Objective adjustment" here means to adjust ourselves and our ideal to the situation we are in now. Therefore, "subjective approach with objective adjustment" means to strive ceaselessly toward our goal, ideal, and perfection, yet to be flexible enough to adapt ourselves to the present situation. However, this should never keep us from progressing.

This approach is very important in implementing the system of government described. It is the ideal system and the eventual goal. But there can be some adjustments before we reach the ultimate. Of course this law is applicable to all human endeavors.


New Hierarchy vs. the Old One

The system above has been revealed to us in this time, because humanity has reached a point where a great evolutionary step is necessary. The old patterns are crumbling and are no longer suitable for our needs and level of consciousness.

Like any evolutionary change, this system will simply replace the old one, while the old one slowly loses its power and all will see the end of its usefulness. As it is explained, in an evolution, changes come gradually, therefore there will not be great friction between evolutionary elements and the old pattern in contrast to revolution which is a forceful change which usually creates great friction between the two systems. The New Order of The Ages will come in a transitory manner through the wisdom of the Elders.

Our system might look to the old ways of thinking as a threat it is not. Not only is this system not against the old hierarchy, but existence of the present system (old hierarchy) is necessary. Its absence before the new Hierarchy emerges, will result in greater chaos.

Therefore, the new Hierarchy should not oppose the old one. However, the new Hierarchy through wisdom, perseverance, communication, education, etc, will let all see the necessity for the change. All will patiently await its manifestation.


Progressive Nature of the Universe

The very nature of the universe is progressive all things are marching toward perfection. It is true of everything, even our system. So if in the future this system can be perfected further, or altered by the progress of humanity to a higher level of consciousness, development could be viewed as an evolution toward perfection.

However, all such developments should be progressive, not counter-evolutionary. The system may be improved on or adjusted. But its base, which is to bring justice, peace, and progress into the universe, should not be sacrificed.


Exceptions to the Rule

The system described, or any other approach to human existence, should not become rigid and exclusive. As the normal distribution in statistics shows, there will always be exceptions.

In fact it is the few positive exceptions to the rule which usually bring about greater change and progress. Therefore no system or arrangement should become so rigid as to destroy or slow down the development and manifestation of these exceptional talents.

The very nature of the universe, in its highest state, is free, happy, and progressive. Anything that opposes this basic nature is not natural; it will create suffering and will eventually be destroyed.


Some Points to be Considered in the Planetary Constitution, If Any:


(1) Freedom of Religion: Religion is an individual approach to God. Therefore, people should be free in this regard, as long as their belief is not harmful to the welfare of others.

(2) Separation of Dogma and State: Any set of beliefs which separates human from human, under the name of religion, is considered to be dogma. No such belief should become the dominating force in government, or be supported by it.

The actual meaning of "separation of church and state" is "separation of dogma and state." It does not mean a state without God. The founders of this truth were simply against the domination of the people by a set of rigid beliefs, not against God. They had seen the results of such domination on Europe in the Middle Ages and among other places.

The above-described system for selecting leaders is based on this principle of separation of dogma and state. Any person, regardless of belief, color, culture, etc, would be allowed to participate in the selection of leaders and to influence governmental decisions.


(3) Human Equality: All humans are equal in their basic rights of liberty and freedom, and these rights should be guaranteed.

(4) Governmental Responsibility: Governmental bodies are the servants and trustees of the people.

Many other basic principles found in the constitutions of various countries can be used for the Planetary Constitution. But these beautiful words should be implemented and followed. Otherwise they remain only beautiful words!


The Necessity of Understanding the Whole Message of Maitreya

This booklet by no means represents the entire vision revealed by Maitreya. In order for this system to work, the whole teaching must be considered. Those who would see His vision and accept it, will assist in bringing the truth to the earth.

It is the visionaries who will lead in the dawn of the new order: "Without vision, the people will perish."

For the entire message of Maitreya, the book THOTH is highly recommended. It contains nineteen books plus a glossary, written by Maitreya. It contains an explanation of the relationship between most Holy Books of the world. That is why it is called The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH). In addition to explaining the relationships among the holiest books of the world, it also reveals many other truths, related to all levels of human existence. It is also the revelation and the last testament to end the old era. Therefore, it is also called The Last Testament. In full, the name of the book written by Maitreya is The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament.



(The Greatest Invocation)

1- We pay our salutations to The Divine Father, who has helped all come from ignorance to the path of enlightenment. Ignorance is the state of unawareness of the reality behind this universe, and enlightenment is the state of pure consciousness.

2- We open our hearts to Your Grace and pray for Your Guidance in overcoming the power of the tama guna over our souls and detaching ourselves from Maya.

3- We adore and promise to endeavor to help the whole universe to reach higher consciousness and eventually pure consciousness.

4- In reverence we bow our heads in front of all the great souls in the past and those to come who have helped and will help all to understand Your Compassion and Mercy in Your Actions and Creation.

5- We surrender ourselves to You, the Words revealed to us through Your Prophets, and Your Greatest Sign which clarifies the confusion between all.

6- We submit only to You which is Formless, Nameless and Invisible. You in this state unify in any other state, humanity will be divided. Also, this will prevent us from surrendering to false prophets and teachers.

7- However, in reverence we bow our heads in front of all the great souls who will teach us how to know You and show us the way to be(come) pure consciousness, as is the goal.

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