Discourses for The Feast Of
Tabernacles 1987 to 1991

Discourses given by Maitreya at our annual gathering of the Feast Of Tabernacles from 1987 to 1991.

Darshan: 10/8/90 What Is The Significance Of The Silence (Darshan) After Satsang?; What Is Wrong With Vipras' (Intellectuals') Excessive Love Of Freedom And Democracy?; Is There A Relationship Between Lokas And the Dimensions?

Divinity: 10/16/89 Were Unit Consciousnesses Created In The Image Of God?; Why Do We Have To Be(come) Divine?; Can We Feel His Grace All The Time?; Maitreya, Why Do I Love You So Much?

Facilitating Body: 9/26/91 Children's Program; What Is The Facilitating Body And Its Function?; Was Esa The Only One Who Died For Us?; Why So Much Separation In This Time Of Unification?; What Is It To Have Leadership?; Is It True That You Are Saved By Grace And Not By Works?; How Can One Be Saved By Grace And Be Rude, etc.?; History And Explanation Of The Mission's Logo; Why Is One Eye Open And One Eye Closed In The Logo; How Can We Help Others Become Less Self-Centered?; The Holy Name Initiation; What Is Mysticism For You?; What Happens When We Mix Our Mantras?; The Path Of Least Resistance; What Happened To The Lemurians Who Had the Eternal Divine Path?

God Is Good: 10/4/90 Becoming A Community Of Light; Why To Do Good Is God, To Do Bad Is Not God?; Why Use Past Tense; "They Were All In The Path Of Becoming Pure Consciousness?"; Will The Kingdom Of Heaven Come In Our Lifetime?; How Do We Get Past Labels: Christian, Jew, etc.?

The Greatest Sign: 9/27/91 Welcome To Guests (This An Open House Satsang); The Greatest Sign; Who Is The Founder Of the Communities Of Light?; The Fourth Seal - Surrendering and Submission; Who Are You?; Does The Maitreya In London Teach What You Teach, Or Speak Through You?; From Where Did You Get Your Teaching?; What Is The Heart Of Your Whole Greatest Sign?; What Is The Lesson Of The Sixth Seal?; Are You The One Whom Gautama Spoke About?; Are You Giving Humanity More Than Christ?; Can You Open The Hearts Of People To The Christ Love?

Know Thyself: 10/7/90 Children's Program; Do You Have To Believe In Reincarnation?; Do You Believe Like The Hindus That We Evolve From Animals?; Were All Unit Consciousnesses Created At One Time?; Can We Practice Other Religions and Join The Mission?; How And Why Will Each Feast Be Different?; When We Meditate, How Do We Know Ourselves?

Love: 10/17/89 If I Dislike Someone, It Is Not Because I Dislike God, What Is It?; How Can We Love Without Attachment?; How Do Steam Baths, Hot Tubs And The Sun Affect Our Chakras?; Do The Chakras Change With Age?; How Far Should The Mission Go In Publicizing Its Presence?; To What Percentage Would The Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth Relieve Earth's Problems?; Why Would There Be 1% of Problems Left?; Are All Problems Lessons?; Where Do Singles Fit In The Communities?

Want to be Number One: 9/24/91 A Wedding Ceremony; "Number One" and "Me" Attitudes; Prophecies vs. a Statement of Expectation; What Is The Essence That Buddhists Try To Reach?; How Do We Serve God, Maitreya, And Humanity?; What Is Unity?

Maitreya: 10/18/89 How Can We Be Strong About Maitreya And the Mission When Our Family Does Not Support This?; What Do I Say When People Ask Me If You Are Jesus?; Difference Between A Contact And Representative? How Can I Become One Or The Other?; How Do Earthquakes Relate To God's Plan?

Maitreya Opens The Feast: 10/3/90 Maitreya Opens The Feast Of Tabernacles.

Opposition of the World: 10/3/90 How To Dance Haree Om Shrii Hung?; How To Deal With The Opposition Of The World?; Why Do You Recommend Women Wear Long Skirts?; Is Maya As Powerful As God?

Perfect Truth: 9/23/91 Only God Knows Perfect Truth; All Men Are Created Equal; Distraction And Attachment; Pure Consciousness; Sacred Teaching of Indians, etc.

Paravipras: 10/19/89 Will Paravipras Become God's People And How Do They Relate To The Children Of Israel?; How Can We Prepare For The Next Feast Of Tabernacles? Are All Invited?; Thank You Maitreya, How Can We Ever Thank You?

Satsang: 10/13/89 What Is Satsang?; Is Earth The Fastest Place To Evolve?; Parents, Are Parents & Children All Learning?; Why Do I Have To Love God To Be Happy?

Kirtan: 10/10/90 The Kirtan, Why; When We Do The Haree Om In Sanskrit, Is It Higher Than When We Do It In English?; Why Are There So Few People Active In The Mission?; What Is Proof To You?; Does God Evolve With Us, And Show This Evolving Through the Son?; Where Do We Put A Stop To Our Desire For Comfort?; What Happens To The Other Universes?; How Does A Guru Affect You?

Satsang, Temple: 10/5/90 A Double Wedding Ceremony; What Does The Word "Satsang" Mean?; How Does The Temple Work In Conjunction With The Communities Of Light?

Unit Consciousness: 10/15/89 Have Unit Consciousnesses Always Been?; Unit Consciousness; When Did the Eternal Divine Path Begin?; How Did The First Begotten Son Realize The Path Before Creation?; How Can We Be Sure You Are The Messiah?

What Is Unity?: 9/25/91 What About People Who Channel Some Beings, etc.?; Explain The Yin and Yang Forces; Is It Possible To Meditate Too Much?; Could We Have Found The Way To God Before This Life?; Can The Teachings of Maitreya Answer The Search For The Truth Of A Sincere Seeker?; Does the Mission Teach How To Heal Yourself?

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