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(Good Places to Start)

All of Maitreya's teachings, writings, etc. are free and available to see, explore and search on this website. It is a vast resource, and anyone interested in Gods Last Revelation can search for answers using the search engine provided to the left (on the left side menu of almost all pages on the website).

Maitreya has said that it takes an average of seven years of diligent study and effort to fully understand the Vision of the Mission of Maitreya and truly realize what the Goal of Life is. Therefore we encourage all newcomers to study thoroughly, first to prove the Teachings to themselves, and eventually to move beyond simple belief or intellectual understanding to an intuitive knowingness and Oneness with the Teaching and its Truth.

Here are some suggestions for where on the website to begin this process:

Who Are We?

Who is Maitreya?

The Revelations Revealed By Maitreya

Prophecies Fulfilled by Maitreya

Our Literature Online

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Letter to Humanity and Their Leaders (God Is Calling You)

As a newcomer to the Mission, you might also be interested in reading the pages suggestions to newcomers and how you can assist the Mission.

If you are on Facebook, you can join our presence there, especially our group "Learn more about the Mission of Maitreya". We highly recommend joining our activities there, as we are currently using Facebook for much of our outreach, discussion, and day-to-day fellowship.

Our other most active day-to-day online presence is through an online voice chat and broadcasting program called Paltalk. Our "cyber church" there is active 24 hours a day, broadcasting daily services, previous conversations and Satsangs with Maitreya, readings by disciples, etc. See our schedule of activities for details. We come together from different places on earth to share God's Teachings and also Joyous Celebration of His Holy Days.

All this might feel overwhelming at first. Take your time and follow these suggestions at your own pace. In time you will come to grasp the interconnections between all of them and see them as a Whole and One. Then the feeling of being overwhelmed will pass and it will become easy, as you and The Revelation will have become One.

If you are ready to join..!

Letter to humanity and their leaders

Our website was recently redesigned and is still under construction. We apologize for any errors, broken links, or other issues you may encounter and are working hard to resolve all problems. If you would like to help, please let us know of any issues you encounter by emailing webmaster@maitreya.org.

All Thanks To God (ATTG).