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<1>The purpose of creation is to make each unit consciousness (human) reach Pure Consciousness (Divinity).

<2>According to the teachings behind The Greatest Sign, the first step is to awaken one's spiritual forces (ichng-s.gif (891 bytes)), and the second step is to direct the realizations and energy gained through awakening these forces toward creating the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth (kohoe-s.gif (879 bytes)).

<3>The first step in creating this Kingdom is through the family units. <4>However, if the couples do not build this unit on a higher level of spiritual attraction and ideation, this unit will be destroyed along with society.

<5>That is why if the lower nature of the couple becomes an interference, they have to realize what is the cause of the problems.

<6>A realized woman usually longs to be with a man whom she can respect. <7>A high Soul man also likes to be with a woman who does not emphasize her body but her higher being. Then they would overcome their lower natures and each become a true man (male, Divine Logic) and woman (female, Divine Mother, Divine Grace).

<8>However, through his excess attraction to the woman's body and sex, the man will fall to a lower consciousness and so the woman becomes an object of sex for him. <9>The woman who loves this man conforms to his wishes so to make him happy. But this act will bring both to the sensual and physical level.

<10>A man who becomes more like an animal and loses his strength and vital energies, feels it is the woman who causes him to become low and not able to achieve his higher nature.

<11>The woman who is misused and looked upon as a sex object, and sees the man as only an animal, becomes disenchanted and annoyed, feels the man is using her, and loses the respect for him.

<12>With these deep wounds, which sometimes the person is not even aware of, a gap will appear between the couple. As both try to fill this gap with more physical relationships, it becomes even wider.

<13>The answer to this dilemma is to start the relationship on a higher spiritual level and use the sexual energy for love and care for each other. This means to respect and love each other as two struggling human beings, to be forgiving, compassionate, and true friends, and to help each other physically, mentally, and spiritually.

<14>The man should work as hard as he can to win the respect of his wife by being spiritually strong, submissive to the Lord, and a priest and guide of the family. Also he should look at his wife as a human being and not an object for sexual fulfillment.

<15>The woman also should emphasize her higher qualities and make him realize his higher nature and responsibilities. Then their relationship will be based on higher levels and they will live in peace and tranquility with each other. Their home will be a center of love and higher thoughts for their children and others.

<17>Those men and women who come together only for sensual purposes and stay together for the same reasons, will never find the true peace of God. Their environments will never be suitable to raise healthy children nor be a center of inspiration for higher understandings.

<18>However, those who base their relationship on higher levels soon will realize that the sexual relationships are a very small part of the joy of being together. Even this physical union becomes an expression of love and commitment, and eventually they can even overcome this unimportant relationship. They will become one in the higher level in spirit, if they choose to do so.

<19>In summary: most women indeed desire the higher nature of men and respect it. However, because of the very nature of their bodies, they bring men into their lower natures, and so are despised.

<20>So it is a vicious cycle. Men should stay in their higher selves, but by their very sexual attachment to women, they cannot fulfill this task.

<21>Women should help men to reach their higher selves instead of accelerating their development into beasts.

<22>The reason for this is that both feel to be separate egos, and because of this separation, they fall into their lower selves. <23>So it is up to both to meet each other in that level where they are one, by being one with God. <24>Then their spiritual, mental, and physical union will become Divine and both will love each other's higher self and beauty.

<25>That is why men should learn restraint and gain control over their lower natures. Women should help them by not regarding themselves as bodies but as spiritual beings, and they should not emphasize their body gratification but accentuate their Souls.

<26>Otherwise both sexes will feel they have been betrayed. The women cannot find true men with great characters, and men will direct their hate of being weak toward women, and this cycle will continue endlessly.


<27>He who has the capacity to become completely renounced from this world can become a renunciate.

<28>This is easily possible for those whose soulmate(s) has not been incarnated in the flesh. They cannot find anyone in the flesh to marry, so they can easily become a celibate and renunciate. <29>Also those who are perfect (ichvs15c.gif (941 bytes)) (in Pure Consciousness or close to it) can assume this position.

<30>However, because such a people are very beneficial for those around them, they also have been permitted to have more than one wife in some religions. Not only can they create equity and bliss for their wives but also it helps them overcome the female attraction, be free from the physical desires, and serve others in a higher capacity.

<31>A renunciate should refrain from sex, eating flesh (or too much of it), strong drinks, and killing, and he should live in the simplest way possible and possess nothing in this world.

<32>He should become a wanderer and not stay in one place for long (if he feels he becomes attached to places), so he would not create any attachment to any place or people.

<33>He can stay with people who would provide him the minimum necessities. Therefore he can be in communion with God all the time and make others to become god-conscious also.

<34>If these renunciates (sannyasins) do not find any person to provide them with food and shelter, they should be provided these things in the community centers. However only the minimum should be supplied. They should never live a life of luxury and excess. They should be the Holy Ones.

<35>Their beds should be God's Lap, their subject of talk should be God, and they should see Him in everything and everywhere.

<36>They should be a source of inspiration for others to become God-conscious by their actions, purity, compassion, wisdom, etc.

<37>They should be free like the wind solely depending on God and their own purity so that their minimum necessities are provided.

<38>When they are old, it will be a great blessing for those who take care of these saint-like beings. <39>However, if they prefer, their necessities can be provided in the community centers.

<40>Even for those who pursue a worldly life, a short period of living the life of a renunciate is recommended. <41> This will cause them to learn to trust solely in God, be detached from the external world, and find the truth in a deeper sense.

<42>However, if Sannyasins create godly characters and attract disciples, <43>each can become a center of light and teach the truth to their disciples as spiritual teachers (Gurus).


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