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Gabriel, Angel (Satva Guna): the most sentient force in the three creative forces of the universe (three gunas). It is the decision-making part of the Universal Mind, or the part which feels "I know." That is why Gabriel revealed the knowledge of God and the Akashic Records to the Prophets and those who are able to tune themselves to this part of the Universal Mind.

Gentiles: intellectuals, those who are intellectual but their intuitional abilities (spiritual eyes) are latent. That is why Gentiles in the Bible is taken to mean Christians (especially after the Roman decline) who make up the most intellectual nations of the world (western world). Also they are the most dominating nations in the period of intellectual domination in the last two thousand three hundred years (read Commentaries on Prophecies in Daniel, Period of Intellectual Domination).

However, the next ability to be awakened after the intellect is intuition. So it is evident that many will soon awaken their spiritual understanding (intuition) for the era to come. There will be understanding, not domination!

God (Generator, Operator, and Destroyer): the consciousness plus the three gunas. All the universe is nothing more than consciousness (awakened, un-awakened, and in Pure Consciousness) and the three gunas (creative force). That is why God is everything.

Also God is referred to as the nucleus of the universe (The Divine Logic), which is in Pure Consciousness (Father) and through Him, God has complete control over the three gunas in the universe (Universal Mind) and the universe.

god (Avatar, Son Of God, god-man): same as Avatar.

god-man (Avatar, Son Of God, god): same as Avatar.

Grace (The Divine Mother): Divine assistance given to man in his progress toward his goal -- Pure Consciousness, be(com)ing Divine. Those who strive in the path of be(com)ing Divine (Eternal Divine Path), and show sincerity, steadfastness, and overcoming, will win His Grace, and through their endeavors and His Grace, they will reach Pure Consciousness.

Great Babylon ("The Great Whore"): same as Babel; symbol for self-centered egoistical pursuance to make name, fame, and to gain power in order to satisfy selfish desires.

Great Sea, The: Universal Mind; the operative power of the three creative forces (three gunas) of the universe. "The great sea" is different than "sea," which refers to the individual mind.

"The great sea," which is used in the prophecies in Daniel of the Bible, refers to the events which will happen because of the collective confusion of the world. But the "sea" which is used in chapter 13 of The Revelation is about the individual mind and how it makes a person a slave of his desires ("the first beast") which arise from the "sea."

Great Whore, The: same as the Great Babylon.

Greatest Sign, The (Shrii Shrii Para Maha Yantra): refers to The Greatest Sign in the teachings of Maitreya that explains all the realities behind this universe, creation, history, destiny of man, and clarifies the confusion between the different religions.

It is a yantra because even by meditating on it, many realizations will come to the person and also it increases the concentration.

It also reveals the essence of the Eternal Divine Path which leads to Divinity (read The Essence or The Base).

Guru (Spiritual Teacher): a realized person who can manifest God's qualities through himself and help others by these qualities in their path toward be(com)ing Divine. As true realization comes through God's Grace, so the progress of the student also depends upon The Grace of his spiritual teacher. As man serves God to gain His Grace, so the student serves the teacher to gain his Grace.

However, there are many false teachers. To recognize them, it should be noticed that anyone who teaches anything other than the goal of the life is to be(come) Divine is a false teacher.

Also the Guru or the teacher should eventually lead a person to the realization of the formless, nameless, invisible, and eternal God. Otherwise such a person is creating a personality cult and is not a true Guru or teacher.



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