The book, The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament is the collection of the eighteen books, plus Supplements and The Glossary, written by Maitreya. Like any other Scripture, although it reveals many truths, it is a puzzle. That is, to understand the whole truth and message, all the books should be read, contemplated, understood and put together until the whole picture and depth, with His Grace, can be grasped.


The book is called The Holiest Of The Holies because it contains explanations of most of the Holy books of the world and how all of them are related together, complement one another, and are from the same Source.

It is called The Last Testament because it is in the seventh stage of human progress that all the truths of the relationship between man and the universe are revealed. The teaching of Maitreya, which is the seventh one, reveals the whole Plan of God. So it is also called The Last Testament.


THOTH has been divided into four sections: THE HOLIEST containing the first twelve books, KINGDOM containing the next three books, ESSAYS containing three books of essays, and SUPPLEMENTS.


The section THE HOLIEST is primarily about creation and history, the explanation of how God has directed humanity for the last twelve thousand years, and many things that have happened in the past and a few things of the future. The essence of this section is the Eternal Divine Path. The first book in this section is called The Holiest Book which is the longest book in THOTH. It contains the basic teachings from which the rest of THOTH has been derived. This first book has been divided into seven sections as "Holiest" one to seven.


KINGDOM contains three books which explain how human social systems have been guided for the last twelve thousand years, and present a system to manifest His Kingdom.

The ESSAYS are mostly about the future and how things will manifest or should be.


The unity of all religions of the world, as is explained in THOTH, was revealed to Maitreya after a long time of being guided step-by-step to reach this point. The story of this period by itself is incredible and can be considered a miracle. It culminated in a vision when he visited the Baha'i Temple in Chicago in 1977. Then the vision gradually formed itself into a sign, The Greatest Sign. In 1978 these teachings were put into written form. They continued to be refined as the years went by.

However, the basic teachings based on The Greatest Sign remain the same. Like a painter who first sketches the overall outlines, and then gradually continues to bring the picture to more clarification, so did these writings continue to be refined. The "overall outline" is The Greatest Sign, but as the teachings continued toward more detail, these details needed to be fine-tuned to deeper meanings. This reaching for the deeper meaning still continues. That is why in each new edition of THOTH, there might be some small changes and edits. For this reason, there is also the section SUPPLEMENTS.

SUPPLEMENTS are additional essays which are written to clarify and explain some points, answer some important questions, or expand the meaning of the main part of the book THOTH. This part will be expanded in each new edition, as needed, until Maitreya is satisfied that fairly all questions are answered and no misunderstanding is left. There are also other materials which can be considered as supplements to THOTH, such as the Golden Keys series,The Plan, Discourses, various audio and video recordings, this website, etc.

If you do not understand all the teachings, or they do not appeal to you at first, do not let this concern you. Accept that which you understand and like; the rest will also be gradually revealed to you. Not everyone resonates with all parts of any Scripture but all parts are necessary. Different parts of Scriptures are written for and appeal to different people! If you have any questions, ask and they will be answered.

If the history, different religions, beliefs, and even present events of the world are studied, you can find each of them occurring because the emphasis is upon one or a few narrow realizations, each of which is a part of THOTH. Different realizations in THOTH also will be emphasized in different situations in the future, according to the time, place, and people involved. THOTH, therefore, is a revelation for each and all people, times, and situations!

Some parts may never appeal to you or to any culture, etc. Remember the true teaching of Maitreya is the non-dogmatic practical path which is the Eternal Divine Path. Other explanations and revelations should not become a source of separation. If such a situation is created, the arguments should be stopped and the attention directed toward this practical path, which is to follow the Eternal Divine Path, unify humanity, and bring His Kingdom on earth.

The verses with numbers in the beginning of the sentence are explanations or were written by Maitreya. The sentences indented and/or with numbers at the end of a quote are from other Scriptures.

The brackets used in verses from other Scriptures were added to emphasize, refer to a point, or clarify the meaning of a word or the verse.

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