Divine Teachers, their Positions,
and The Color Of Their Clothes

Original Teachers
(all blue with white shirt and black shoes)

Community Teachers
(turban/head band becomes orange)

District Level (coordinate community teachers within the district)
(tie/scarf becomes orange)

County Level (coordinate district and divine teachers within a county)
(long vest becomes orange)

State Level (coordinate counties and divine teachers within a state)
(turban/head cover becomes white)

Sub-Regional Level (coordinate states and divine teachers within a sub-region)
(tie/scarf becomes white)

Regional Level (coordinate sub-regions and divine teachers within a region)
(long vest becomes white)

International Coordinator (coordinate regions and divine teachers internationally)
(Pants and socks become white)

Three Guardians
(shoes become blue)

Eldest (in the facilitating body Eldest will always be Maitreya, and he will be born as a man)
(all white)

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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