Divine Teachers Uniform

The uniform will be blue pants for men and blue skirts for women. They both will wear white shirts (with a collar for men, and without a collar but buttoned up to the neck, for women), blue socks and black shoes. Men will wear a blue tie and a blue turban, and women will wear a blue scarf, and a simply designed head cover (will look like a hat). Wearing the HOSH sign, a pin for men and a necklace for women, is recommended.

The sketches below give an idea of what the uniforms will look like:

The mans turban will be similar to many turbans worn by many other organizations. The womans head cover, however, will be as shown below:

(The womans head cover before and after putting it on)

As you can see, the pants, shirts and ties/scarves are very Western. The turbans are Eastern Indian, and also many other religions and cultures use them. The long vests are very Middle Eastern and Islamic. The HOSH Sign, of course is representative of our organization. The teachers are called the Facilitators. If there is work to be done that you have to work like a laborer, you can take your long vest and tie/scarf off and put on a darker colored shirt that is more suited for such work. Otherwise you can wear this uniform all the time, with or without the long vest. You should, however, keep the rest (shirt, tie/scarf, pants/skirt, turban/head cover) on. If you are working in a very hot climate, you can wear sandals with or without socks. Men should not wear shorts, and woman should not wear short skirts or pants/shorts.

As we grow and different levels of the organization are formed, we will need some levels of organizational structure for our teachers. That is why we will have different colors for each level of the teachers to represent their level in the facilitating body and our original organization. Of course, when our system is well developed and established, we will no longer need the facilitating body, as it has been explained how the Divine Hierarchy will form. These teachers, however, can be chosen as the first Elder Body as is explained in our teachings until the full manifestation of the system.

After the full manifestation of the system, hopefully, people who fill the hierarchy, and others who are in other levels/communities, will be familiar with our teachings and they will not need to be taught the Mission and Gods Revelation. Of course as it seems from this latest Revelation (hierarchy of the Divine Teachers), the Elders will replace the original teachers. They will be a source of renewal and strength to keep the original Teachings Pure.

Level in the Teachers Hierarchy and the Color of Their Clothes

In first level, the teachers will have their clothes all blue, except their shirt, which will be white and their shoes, which will be black. As they become more professional in their work and prove themselves, newcomers will replace them, their ranks will increase, and their clothes will become more and more orange and later white.

Here is how the transformation occurs:

The first level is to reach the masses. In this level the teachers clothes will be all blue except the white shirt and the black shoes. These teachers are the pioneers who will spread the teachings and help to create the Communities Of Light (COLs). The next level is in the COLs. The spiritual teachers who stay with a COL will have orange turbans/head covers. The next level consists of the teachers who will become the coordinators for the districts. They will dress as teachers in the communities, but their ties/scarves will also be orange. The next level is the coordinator for a county. They will wear the same clothes as the ones in the district but their long vests will also be orange.

In the state level, they will dress like the ones for the county but their turbans/head covers will be white. In the sub-region they will wear clothes like the ones in the state level but their ties/scarves will be white as well. In the regional level their long vest will be white as well. The International Coordinator will dress like the regional coordinator except for their pants and socks. Their pants and socks will be white.

The three Guardians will wear all white except their shoes which will be light blue. The Eldest, if he chooses, will have all white clothes, including the socks and the shoes!

Transformation of the clothes from the first level to the Eldest:

Levels Pants Shirt Turban Tie long vests Socks Shoes
Grass root teachers Blue White Blue Blue Blue Blue Black
Community coordinators Blue White Orange Blue Blue Blue Black
District Blue White Orange Orange Blue Blue Black
Counties Blue White Orange Orange Orange Blue Black
States Blue White White Orange Orange Blue Black
Sub-regions Blue White White White Orange Blue Black
Regions Blue White White White White Blue Black
International Coordinator White White White White White White Black
Three Guardians White White White White White White Light Blue
Eldest White White White White White White White

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