Acrobat (PDF files): In order to read Portable Document Format (PDF) you need Acrobat Reader or a similar program. You can download a free copy of Acrobat Reader from the Adobe web site.

Real Media: In order to see/hear videos in Real Media format (RM), you need Real Media Player. You can download a free copy from the Real Video web site.

Windows Media: In order to see/hear videos in Windows Media format (WMV, WMA, etc.), you need to install the Windows Media Player. Windows Media Player comes with your Windows installer disk and is installed on your PC automatically. If you do not have it installed and/or would like to update it (have the latest version), click Start at the bottom-left in the Windows desktop and then choose Windows Update. Your browser will be launched and you will go to the update page for your Windows. Install Windows Media from this update page (click on Download Windows Media Player ... on that page). Follow the instructions on your screen. If you are not running Windows, you can download Windows Media Player manually from the Microsoft web site.

PowerPoint Viewer: To view PowerPoint Presentations on the web, you may have to download the PowerPoint Viewer.

Zipped files: These files are in compressed (zipped) form. You have to unzip them before you can access the files themselves. To unzip zipped files, you need a utility called WinZip or something similar. Use this program to unzip these files so you can read/view them.

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