Snippets by Maitreya:

September 10-23 2011

1. Japan economy shrank more than initial report: Although this article does not specifically mention the radiation, I am sure it has also affected what this article talks about. Its effect in Japan is much worse than the government is letting out. Indeed now independent researchers are saying the radiation is as severe as, if not worse than, it was at Chernobyl.

2. Noda apologizes for gov't response to Fukushima: Japans government admits that they have misled the public. We have to have governments that tell the Truth about the nation (earth) and provide solutions, not governments that protect the businesses and are in the pocket of the rich!

3. Excessive cesium levels again found in Iwate cows: Although most of the accepted standards for safe radiation levels are too high, these new findings in Japan reveal that radiation there has even exceeded these standards. People have to wake up to the fact that even the lowest amount of radiation should not be seen as acceptable!

4. Fukushima Crisis Is Still Hazy: When the government (or businesses) covers up the truth, it shows that they have forgotten that it is the people who are in charge, not them. For democracy it is paramount that this fact is not forgotten by anyone, and if anyone tries to take this away from a society, it is better to be dead than to follow the unquestioned will of the government.

Of course the Final Decisions should be from God (be Godly)!

5. Japan Quake: Six Months Later (video): There is more radiation than both the Three Mile Island and Chernobyl disasters.

6. New Japanese Trade Minister Resigns over Fukushima Gaffe (video): He reveals it as it is and he is forced to resign his post!

7. Magnitude 6.6 Earthquake Hits Japan: Will it ever stop, or will it continue until Japan is no more? It is up to Japan! Like all nations, if they return to God, the disasters will stop (or at least they will be Guided to safety).

Also, there is not much information on the damage this one has caused. Is this another cover up? 6.6 is not a small earthquake, even at sea!

8. Japan's Fukushima 'worst in history' (video): As it is revealed, the second beast (which follows the first Beast, like Japan) will receive great tribulations! If it continues this way, it might be "no more!"

9. A Giant Typhoon Is Headed Straight for Japans Ruined Nuclear Plant (also 1): JAPAN, Wake Up to these teachings!

10. Powerful typhoon slams into Japan: Three weeks after Typhoon Talas killed 67 people, the nation's deadliest storm in seven years, Typhoon Roke hits Japan.

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