Genealogy, the China Connection

Here are the emails and replies we had with the gentleman trying to find information on Maitreya's genealogy connected to China's dynasties:

Question: about the genealogy of the Maitreya going thru the rulers of Tabaristan and Persia's Afshar you have any information on any of the marriage alliances of the rulers of Tabaristan ??? attached to this e-mail is a genealogy of the rulers of Tabaristan to Persia's Afshar Dynasty [pdf, jpg, gif]...please note that it differs from yours in a couple of places...

Answer: We appreciate your e-mail to the Mission of Maitreya, "Eternal Divine Path." This is one of the Divines (Maitreya's disciples) who helped to construct Maitreya's genealogy. Briefly let meexplain to you the sources by which we created our current genealogy:

The first few sections were taken from the genealogy directly from the Bible, until the beginning of the Davidic Kings. After Solomon, the Bible only includes a few more kings, ending with Zarababel. Then the Bible as a source of genealogy ends.

Next we have a series of kings known as exilarchs, who were kings of Judah, but in exile (kings without a kingdom). This source of kings came from various texts, some Jewish, some Persian. The final stretch of information came from another member of the Mission, and Maitreya's sister (who lives in Iran).

This is the part of the genealogy that you are asking about, and unfortunately, I know very little about it. I have reviewed your e-mail and
pdf file. Where did you get your genealogical information?

How can you be sure it is more accurate than ours? If you could help us to improve our genealogy in any way, we would greatly appreciate it.

Question: ...i seek information on the marriage-alliances of the Maitreya genealogy. one of those alliances links the descent-line to China's Tang Dynasty, traceable to China's only Empress - Regnant, Empress Wu, and I would like to know about other possible descents from Asian dynasties... "Maitreya" is, that person certainly has an impressive genealogy. Oh, I guess I should say that I am a genealogist and historian. My interests are purely from a genealogist's perspective and not religious.

Answer: Our answer was that we cannot help him as we know very little about this subject ourselves.

We are asking you if you can help us in this and/or if you know someone who can. Please email Thanks.

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