The Goal of the Life

The True Goal of the Life is to be(come) Divine (One with God). The whole universe has been created for this reason.

To Know this Truth in its depth, repeat our Universal Mantra below and believe in Its Meaning:

Haree Om Shrii Hung
The Goal Of Life Is To Be(come) Divine

Om Nam Kevalam
That Divinity (God) is Everything

After this act, you are a Divine and a part of the Mission Of Maitreya, Eternal Divine Path.

Now, you have to learn our Teachings and understand who really is a Divine Person (He Who Follows The Eternal Divine Path).

This mantra can be used by all, and any person can give it to another person to use in their meditation. The Mantra is called The Shrii Shrii Para Maha Mantra.

Meditation On The Universal Mantra

The benefit of meditating will be greatly enhanced if done at least twice a day, at regular times, for at least half an hour (you can progress to this length of time slowly) and in a relaxed environment. We recommend meditation be done at 5:30 AM (sunrise) and 9:00 PM (to help parents who have small children to be able to put their children to bed and then meditate at 9:00 PM. Also it will relax a person for a good night of sleep). You can do it at 5:30 PM (sunset) if that is better for you. These are the times recommended for Attunement & Transmission.

To meditate on this mantra, sit somewhere you feel comfortable, keeping your spine and neck straight. When you feel relaxed, slowly start to repeat the mantra within yourself.

Haree Om Shrii Hung
The Goal of Life is to Be(come) Divine

Om Nam Kevalam
That Divinity (God) is Everything
Everything is God (Divine)

Become familiar with its vibration and try to let all other thoughts gently pass away. Be filled with the mantra and its meaning - The Goal of the Life is to Be(come) Divine (Godly), That Divinity (God) is Everything. All is He, we are One in Him, and the greatest Goal in human life is to realize this.

A greater effect can be felt when you connect your breath with the repetition of the mantra. Breathe in "Haree Om Shrii Hung" and think: The Goal of the Life is to Be(come) Divine. Breathe out "Om Nam Kevalam" and think: That Divinity (God) is Everything. There is a pause between breathing in and breathing out. There is also a pause between breathing out and breathing in. Realize these pauses, the Stillness in them. This is what is called, "Be Still and Know That I AM God" (Psalms 46:10)!

These pauses are the Infinite Now,
realize their vibration (Silence) between each breath...

For further explanation and the more detailed meditation process: Universal Mantra Meditation.

If you have any questions about this process or meditation in general, send an email to

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