How To Use GoToMeeting

This page contains a basic set of instructions on how to join and participate in Mission meetings using the web conferencing software GoToMeeting. Further information and help can be found at the GoToMeeting website,, including FAQs and user support. You can also likely find many excellent video tutorials on YouTube, etc.

Important: Before trying to join the meeting room or use GoToMeeting, make sure your audio settings (microphone, speakers, headset, etc.) are properly configured. If your audio devices are not correctly set up, they will not work in GoToMeeting or anywhere else. However, if you can speak and hear in programs such as Paltalk, Skype, etc., you should have no trouble with GoToMeeting. GoToMeeting has also provided an excellent Audio Setup section which you can use to correctly configure your devices for GoToMeeting specifically.

To join a meeting room in GoToMeeting, the creator of the meeting needs to send you the link. Just click the link to join.

Alternatively, the meeting creator might send you the Meeting ID (a series of numbers). In this case, go to, click on "Join a Meeting" at the top, and enter the Meeting ID.

Either way, you will then be taken to a webpage where the GoToMeeting program will automatically download and install (if nothing happens, click on "download GoToMeeting" to manually download it to your computer and then install it yourself). You may have to tell your antivirus program, firewall, browser, etc. to allow the download. Once the program is downloaded and installed, you will enter the meeting room (unless it has not yet been opened by the moderator, at which point you will be put on a waiting list until it is opened).

If your audio settings are properly set up, you should be able to speak and hear immediately. If you have trouble, we again recommend using GoToMeeting's Audio Setup section to troubleshoot your problem.

The audio in GoToMeeting is voice activated, and there is no push to talk option; therefore, please plan to be in a quiet place with a good microphone and headphones (so there is no feedback or background noise). It is very disturbing to the rest of the participants if your headset is not working properly, your external speakers are on and so we hear a sound loop,or there are background noises. So please make sure that you come to the room prepared.

If your sound is causing problems or there is background noise where you are, an alternative is to permanently mute yourself and only un-mute when you want to talk. To do this: In GoToMeeting, click on the green button with the picture of a microphone. The picture should become greyed out, and a red line should appear over the microphone next to your name, showing that you are muted and no noise from your computer can be heard in the room (however, you can still hear the room conversation). When you want to talk, just push the button again (so it becomes green again) and talk.

If your setup becomes disturbing to others and is not fixed, you might be permanently muted or bounced from the room to help others to have a peaceful conversation!

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