Interview with Maitreya
(January 21, 2000)
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Dear friends,
I am very glad to be with you all. Mr. Michael Corthell, the editor of the NewsViewToday, has been trying to have an interview with me for some time. It seems with the approaching of the new millennium and the state of the human condition, it is time to reach out to humanity in a greater degree. The need to Heal the planet earth is more urgent than ever. So here is my first interview granted to Mr. Corthell. We hope that this touches many people's Hearts and Minds, so that we can all come together in the Divine endeavor to Manifest the Kingdom of God on earth.

1- What is the most pressing problem facing the world today?

This same question, almost phrased the same way, was posed to me in 1987. The answer can be found on the Internet at: It is amazing that after more than ten years, the answer still is the same: To Know the True God and His Work. To Know the One who unifies all men and has sent all Scriptures and religions on earth. The most pressing problem for humanity is to realize their Oneness, interdependence, and Unity under One God. Without this Unity and Oneness in purpose, man will destroy himself.

This Unity can be achieved by understanding the work of God, in the past twelve thousand years. As it is Revealed in the Revelation: God will be a Mystery until the Seventh Angel comes (Revelation 10:7). Therefore, no one knows this Mystery and the Mystery of God until this Seventh Angel comes.

Who is this Seventh Angel? We can find the answer in Revelation chapter 5. In this chapter, Christ opens a Book, which is Sealed with the Seven Seals. Each Seal is opened with one Angel (Prophet) and the One who Opens the Seventh Seal, also opens the Book and is the Seventh Angel! Therefore, the opening of the Book Sealed with the Seven Seals, and the Seventh Angel who Reveals the Mystery of God, are the same. It is this Revealed Mystery that brings the Unity man so desperately needs in this time.

Therefore, we (Mission Of Maitreya, Eternal Divine Path), not only know what is the most pressing need of humanity today, we also show the way to eliminate it.

2- Is humanity facing all or none of the following: world war, economic collapse or natural tribulation (earthquakes, etc) in the near future?

Have not these all been prophesied to happen? Any time a Major Revelation is Revealed to humanity, any time Christ, as representative of the Most High (God) comes to earth, a cleansing process starts on earth. His mere presence is enough to accelerate the evolutionary process for man. This acceleration results in acceleration of the events on earth. This all means greater experience for the human and is their call to choose to enter the next step.

The sooner humans accept the call, the sooner the end of the tribulation. The more they resist the call, the longer the tribulation will last!

Therefore, man, being in the image of God, has choices. They, however, do not have the control over the result! If man chooses wrongly, they will bear the consequence of this wrong choosing. If they choose well, the consequences will be according to the Will of God and result in their acceleration toward Divinity (God).

Man again is at the crossroad. A new Major Revelation has come to man. They have the choice to choose well, or resist the call and bear the consequences!

3- How will we recognize Christ?

Christ, the Anointed One, comes to earth as a representative of God (Father) on earth. God is Spirit; He needs a body to manifest Itself on earth. The body chosen for this purpose manifests God on earth. That is why Christ said: The Father and I are One.

The coming of Christ is a very rare event. So how do we know when He comes and how to recognize Him? This is a very serious and important question, and no one should take this lightly. That is why God has created a system to recognize Him. He (God) has sent the Scriptures. In these Scriptures He has Revealed what He will do in the future. He also prophesied, in these same Scriptures, on how the Messiah, the Christ, will come.

To recognize Christ, you have to see if the person who claims to be Christ has fulfilled the Prophecies. Are his teachings based on the Scriptures, and will they lead to where God has said He wants to take humanity? If a person claims to be Christ (God's Viceroy) but has not fulfilled the Prophecies and teaches things which are not according to the Scriptures, no matter how many miracles he does, or how many powers he might have, he is not Christ.

Christ is the One who has fulfilled the Prophecies, has Opened the Book Sealed with the Seven Seals (Revelation chapter 5) and is the Seventh Angel who Reveals the Mystery Of God (Revelation 10:7).

4- Do you plan to speak to the world via a major interview soon?

I do not solicit extra attention from the world, as I have come for the Elects. If I am sought, however, and what I say may help people, I will be glad to comply. I am here to convey this Message to humanity. I would like to give this Message to every man, woman and child. I would like to tell it to everyone, at least once! What they do with it after that is between them and God.

Therefore, I will accept interviews, and any other communication channels to reach man, so long as my Message is given to their audience in its unadulterated form. All men, women and children should hear this Message in its Purest form.

5- How can we recognize the anti-Christ?

Well, the first thing is to understand what/who is Anti-Christ. Christ is God; whatever is not Godly (Wholesome) is not from God and is Anti-Christ. Therefore, whatever takes you toward God and is according to His words, is not Anti-Christ. It is from Christ (God). Whatever takes you away from God (to the world) is Anti-Christ, and is not from God.

Now as Christ represents God, those who take you from the narrow Path, and take you to the world (make you selfish) represent Anti-Christ. They fight God and His Words. They twist God's way to make it look bad and present their ways to be better. The more they win, the worse the state of man will be!

Therefore, Anti-Christ and Christ (God's Words) have been on earth from the beginning. They are still here. In this time, however, the battle lines are drawn and the camp of the people in opposition to God have become stronger, and so Anti-Christ seems to be winning. The end result, however, is clearly prophesied. God will win.

Therefore, do not look for Anti-Christ. Read the Words of God in the Scriptures and the Book which was Sealed with the Seven Seals (The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament). Be(come) those Words and teach man the same, then that Anti-Christ will be defeated and God would Win!

6- Are all the major religions valid according to your teaching?

As I explained above, the Mystery of God will not finish until the Seventh Angel comes (Revelation 10:7). Therefore, God is a Mystery, and no one knows the whole Truth, until this Seventh Angel comes. This Mystery is what we Reveal to humanity. No one can say they Know the Truth until the Seventh Revelation comes.

This Mystery of God is an Amazing One. God has Seven Seals to Reveal to humanity. Each Seal represent one, or more, Revealed Religions on earth, in the past six thousand years. Each of these Seals is a part of a Path. Therefore, the only way to know this Path is to know all Seven Seals and their meanings.

That is why understanding the verses of Revelation 10:7 and chapter five in The Revelation are so important in realizing the legitimacy of our claim and teachings. First, no one will Know the whole Truth (Mystery) until the Seventh Angel comes (Revelation 10:7). Second, there will be a book which will be Sealed with the Seven Seals (Revelation chapter 5). These two Prophecies are now fulfilled.

The Seven Seals are the Seven Revelations sent by God. These Seven Revelations cover all Major religions on earth. Not only do these Seven Seals Reveal that all major religions on earth were sent by One God, but each of them also Reveals a part of a Path, the Eternal Divine Path, that brings the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, and accelerates human progress to God.

Therefore, not only all major religions on earth are valid (have been sent by One God), they each are a part of a Greater Truth (Eternal Divine Path), which is the Salvation of man, physically, mentally and Spiritually.

It is this understanding and Revelation that will bring the Unity that man so desperately needs. It will bring the Kingdom Of Heaven To Earth, and accelerate human progress toward its Goal a thousand times!

7- Would you like to address the readers of NewsViewToday with a statement of hope?

The greatest statement of Hope was given by Christ two thousand years ago. With a little modification it is: Christ is here, again.

8- Is there a prophecy that you would like to share with us.

All Prophecies are fulfilled, and the Future belongs to God. I can Prophesy one thing for certain, that His Kingdom will come on earth. So it is written, and so it will be!

Conclusion: I hope you find a ray of Truth in these words. Our hope for man is to follow God. There have been many misconceptions about Maitreya and his Mission. Indeed many people claim to represent Maitreya and have given much misinformation about him. Remember, there is a way to find out the one who is the legitimate One (many will come in my name...). Compare their words with the Words of God. There is indeed One Christ who has fulfilled the Prophecies, and many pretenders. Choose well!

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