As a new person interested in Maitreya's revelation, I composed a letter to the Bahais in the form of an argument which I share with you. It was written to suggest that anew prophet might be around. I felt this wasa good way to begin a dialogue. I hope it is ok. I hope it will begin to make Bahais think. The letter follows below.
Your point about the hands having been in haste is a good one. If God had changed hismind about the Guardian, then even the thousand year interval between Bahaullah and the next manifestation could be changed as well as everything else. He could have meant that the Bahai Faith was abrogated due to His own reasons or the betrayal of the Faith by its own people.
Another Bahai mentioned something interesting. He said, " In the communication from the Hands after their meetings they stated that the Custodians were assuming' all such functions, rights and powers in SUCCESSION to the Guardian of The Bahai Faith---.' The obvious implication is that if they were successors of the guardian, then they had the obligation to appoint a new guardian. After all, as successors, were they not also assuming the vestment of infallibility and the appointive authority? They dismantled the Council and installed one of their own. In their own logic, therefore, would not the head of their own appointed council be the guardian?"
The point is that if one assumes an interpretive and controlling role in this case, it stands to reason that the responsibilities also are part of being the Guardians successors. Of course it could be argued that this could also be used against the Orthodox position. However, either they had all the powers and responsibilities of the Guardian or they had none of them. Either way, the problem remains.To say also that a future House of Justice would rule on such a question as the appointment of a new guardian is not logical since the previous council was disbanded and the president of the Custodian council was not recognized as anyone of significant power in the administration of the Faith.
The stages needing to happen before the authentic House could be elected had not been completed and the change of councils from one appointed by the Guardian to one manufactured by the Hands made thesituation even worse. The status of Remey as Guardian was never seriously addressed openly.The House elected in 1963 could not rule retroactively on a non existing, in their eyes, Guardianship. The argument, therefore, that the Hands developed over the years and adhered to until the present time and supported by the House is false and insupportable. The overwhelming evidence from the Writings, Pilgrim Notes, and logic itself, as well as the statements of the Guardian strongly points to false and very fallible conclusions by the Hands of The Cause in 1957 and the House of Justice in 1963.
The fruits of the present Bahai system of Administration show that it has failed the test, and the Bahais in general have failed, at least until now, to investigate this issue individually and independently. Abdul Baha did suggest that the House be elected immediately due to the threats against him, but it is obvious that the Master had already appointed the Guardian at this time secretly. Again the arguments of the present Bahai institutions fail. They are left with only the fact that they were called the Custodians, a designation not intended to appoint them ascollective guardians but onlyto describe their role in supporting the work of the Guardian.
Either, then, there is a guardian now or not. If there is one, he must be identified, if not, then we can expect a new manifestation well before 1000 years have passed. After all, the guardianship is BADA, andtherefore so is the 1000 year interval For surely God, in his Mercy would send a corrective manifestation as soon as the Bahais failed.The corruption of Christianity is one reason,after all, why the IslamicDispensation cameso quickly as JesusHimselfwarned when he said, "Behold, I come quickly," and Bahaullah saved therevelationof the Bab.The plan of God cannot be stopped by an erroneous decision on the part of current Bahai leadership and their failure. Events themselves suggest something is wrong. The Guardians warning about the Plan of God possiblyinterfering with the Bahai plan may have indeed been prophetic, and it must, if so, had been a sad realization for the Guardian himself.
It is time indeed to either accept change in the current situation in the Bahai world or begin to search for a new prophet. And the Guardian himself foresaw the internet as wenow know, where ideas can spread without truly being censored or blocked, at least completely or for long. Another Guardian or a new prophet would surely use the internet to communicate with the planet, as in the case of theThird Guardian. Or is there a new prophetteaching andcommunicating to uson line this time? As Raymond Massey said in the closing lines of the great film Things To Come ( 1936 ) after his character frustrated those who would rob the human race of its future, " Which is it to be, which is it to be---?"
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