Letters from Baha'i's

A fascinating letter from a Baha'i: We received a fantastic letter from a person in the Baha'i Faith. It reconfirms what Maitreya has been teaching for the last 20+ years and Reveals much truth for all to ponder on. Even Baha'i's should be waiting for the coming of the Last Manifestation.

A Baha'i finds the Truth: Another Baha'i who also sees the Truth in Maitreya

A Baha'i who is not happy with our assertions and claims: He is bothered that there is another person who claims to be a new Major Manifestation. He is answered by a former Baha'i. Read his email and the answer to it.

A Christian who wonders about Baha'i Faith: Is what Baha'is say correct and the Truth!

Some interesting facts: sent by our Baha'i friends.

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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