Some interesting facts

1. Sal Om,
I noticed a few weeks ago that the Mission of Maitreya began publicly in 1982 which was nineteen years after the formation of the Baha'i Universal House of Justice which many of the Bahai small groups feel was an illegitimate version of the House that Bah'u'llh wished to see.
I noticed that the commentators stated that the pope began his pontificate at almost exactly the time that true instant communications around the planet became possible by satellite, phone, wire, and television and radio. The year was 1977-8, the very year that Maitreya began his revelations. The idea of computer chat rooms and instant communication began in 1982, the year that Maitreya began his public ministry AND, as I said, nineteen years after the formation of the probably illegitimate Baha'i House of Justice in Haifa. These coincidences are, I think, markers of the Universe to guide us to the person we should listen to at this time. Meditation on the [HOSH] mantra has made me feel less fearful in the crisis I am going through, and if the mantra was not a path to the energy of Maitreya and the Force, then there would be no affect or effect as well.
My heart is saddened at the promise and apparent failure of the Baha'is, the sincerity of real Christians, and the inertia in these groups that make change truly difficult. I thought I would like to share these thoughts with you.

2. Maitreya was, I think, born on 8 November 1944. Bah'u'llh was born on 12 November 1817. The time frame of October and November seems to be the main birth month for prophets. Also Maitreya states that his dispensation begins in 2017 which is exactly 200 years after the birth of Bah'u'llh. The eleventh month, November, and the eight day, also at least in the Gregorian calendar add up to 11 + 8 or 19, a vahid or favorite number of completion by many prophets. That 9 + 1 is 0 also signifies, I think, an entire new beginning. Of course, we already know that Maitreya was born about 100 years after the birth of Abdul-Baha and the beginning of the mission of The Bab.

There are some other interesting numerical coincidences, but this one, I think, is a good one.
I just wanted to share that.

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