Sal-Om ... (Sal-Om = We pay our Salutations to the Divinity within you),

Your email was a Heart felt one which deserves a Heart felt answer.

There is indeed confusion on the earth. This confusion has been Prophesied to come at the end time, and it is here now. As you might have read in our web site, or you will if you continue reading the site, this confusion will not be lifted until the Seventh Revelation will be Revealed to man. This end time and how it will unfold was kept a secret to humanity and the Great Prophets like Daniel, Ezekiel, etc. who received Visions of it and were told to seal it and not reveal it to man.
Therefore, no man, not even the Great Prophets of God, Messiahs and major Manifestations were allowed to tell people what will happen at this time and what the whole Plan IS. However, they gave us a glimpse of it and explained that it will be terrible, so it will be! In The Revelation in the Bible it is clearly stated that only at the time of the Seventh Angel, Seventh tribulation, etc., the Mystery of God will be finished, It is Done! This Revelation (our teachings) is the Revelation of this Promise, and Maitreya indeed has fulfilled all the expectations from all religions, etc. So rest assured that this is the only Revelation that can dispel the confusion for you and humanity.
We are indeed at the time after the Seventh Revelation and Revealer so the end is near/here. We can also see all the signs of this truth all over the world. The Kingdom of God is at hand and will come in around two hundred years, for sure. However, by the year 2018 this Mission will firmly reach a point that no man can stop it. Indeed it has already touched the life of many, and it is touching the lives of more people every day. This is the Salvation of man at the end of this period and the coming of the Kingdom.
The Bahai Faith is beautiful; however, God clearly has Revealed that it is not Perfect. God has shown this to them as there always was upheaval and infighting among their leaders, and eventually the most important part of the faith, the Guardian, was destroyed. AbdulBaha clearly stated without the Guardian there is no Bahai Faith. It makes sense if we know the Words of God that: There will be two more Revelations to come after the Bahai Faith. That is why in The Revelation when the Saints of that Faith (with the white robes) cried to God, When will the Kingdom come? God answered them that they have to wait for a short period of time, until their brethren also are killed (martyred in Iran after the Revolution), and two hundred years is a short time for God. His last Revelation came in the last century (around two hundred years after Bab/Bahaullah). In a sense AbdulBaha was right; the twentieth century was the time that Gods Kingdom will be Revealed. However, like most things in the Bahai Faith, it was not perfect!
These things (and much more) all religions on earth should learn and know so they can see that there is only One God and all Revelations have come from Him/Her/It. Not only there is no separation between Religions but indeed they are complementary and are a part of a Greater Plan.
This, of course, human will resist and each religion will insist that they are the only way until they reach a point that they will have no choice but to accept Gods Plan, which is Revealed through this Mission and Maitreya. This resistance is what will bring the Great Tribulation and destruction to them. They can avoid this destruction if they all accept this Revelation and understand the Words of God as it is Revealed and Explained in our Teachings, but they wont. Ego and protection of their turfs and their way of lives, etc. will not allow them until they reach a point that their egos are no longer and their hearts are open to God. Therefore the destruction and tribulation is inevitable, as God Knows the heart of man.
About the space and space traveling (other beings), etc.: Our teaching is very clear on that. If humanity wants to spread and progress, they have no choice but to reach to the stars. This is for a practical reason: There are limited resources on earth. In order to overcome this we have to spread out and reach places that more people can be supported with the resources in those planets. The population explosion will not stop. Humanity has to reach out or destroy itself. Besides, the sun eventually will be destroyed, as all suns are. However, if we advance enough that we can go to other solar systems (or even galaxies) we have a chance to escape the finality of this solar system, etc. So indeed all the Prophets were correct that we might indeed meet other beings in other planets, etc.
We hope these answers will ease/heal your pains, tribulations, and bring Peace to you that God is in charge and all is well, according to His Words. His Kingdom will come on earth. The Elects are indeed incarnated and will be reincarnated until this is DONE.
Be One, In God.
Mission Of Maitreya (MOM)

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