Mission and Ben Creme's Work

Sal-OM ...,

Thank you for your e-mail. We are glad you will check out our web site for yourself. Whatever conclusion you reach is between you and God. This is His Mission and it is only He who can change and/or expand the hearts and minds of men.

As to the Benjamin Creme group, nothing they do would surprise us. Yet their attacks have only increased the numbers of those who visit our web site, many of whom, like you, e-mail us their doubts, confusion, and questions. It is very interesting the way God works.

We trust God completely as He is the only "Being" who has ever said He was going to do something and then was able to make what He promised come into manifestation. He prophesies and all those prophecies have come to past. Except one, the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth (KOHOE). And we are positive, because of His past performance, that He will bring this prophecy about also. Actually, as you read Maitreya's writings you will see that he reveals the way the KOHOE will come about.

We know very little about what is going on in the Creme camp (just what people like you tell us). Our focus is to spread the Message that the Father has given to Maitreya to all of humanity. This in itself is a very big job. If we stop to find out what is going on with Creme and his group, we are not doing what God has commissioned us to do. We are only Messengers. It is the Message that is of vital importance. This Message is out now, it is on the Internet and anyone who sincerely seeks will find it. Creme and his group can do nothing about stopping this Message. It is too late.

It is true that any new idea or Message will prompt many questions as seekers attempt to discover if it is the true Message or not. We are glad then that you do not accept blindly. No one should. You should study and seek, etc. until you are fully convinced that this is the Revelation from God and that Maitreya is the Major Manifestation for this time. So take your time and continue to study and seek until you can say, "This makes sense. I have no choice but to follow the Eternal Divine Path."

May God Bless you in your search for the full and complete Truth that is now on earth!

In His Grace,

On behalf of The Mission of Maitreya

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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All Thanks To God (ATTG).