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No you actually missed the whole point of that paragraph. I wrote that trying to explain that if God's Word is already with us in the Bible, then it is not we Christians who are doing the judgement. We are passing on the words of judgement in the Bible straight from God himself.

There are hundreds and thousands of denominations in Christianity, which one is the One that Knows the Words of God and has the right to use it to judge?

The Bible has been revised more than 27 times, many things have been changed and many things are omitted, etc. Which revision has the whole Truth? Even then which parts are to be trusted and which ones should not?

All of Christianity (especially the western Christianity) has been strongly influenced with the Roman Empire and European (Greek) philosophies. The very name Jesus is a wrong name for Christ; His name never was Jesus (and you are saved by His Name), then how can we trust which part of Christianity is the original one and which ones are from Rome and Europe (Greek)?

God says He is a Mystery until the Seventh Angel comes (Revelation 10:7); was Christ the Seventh Angel, which He never claimed to be? If He was not and the Seventh Angel will come after Him, then God was a Mystery (no one knows the whole Truth about Him) even after Christ. Therefore even Christians do not have the whole answer and the Whole Truth. They, therefore, do not have the authority you claim.

The Truth is that God indeed has destroyed the origin and base of your teachings, as He destroyed the Old Testament for the Jews (they lost the book Torah completely at one point). These are all signs that God has finished with that Revelation and religion. Many New Wines in New Skins came after Christianity. The words you use are your dogmas and they have no power in the eyes of God. Therefore, again, you do not have the authority or the power to judge.

Thank you for insulting my intelligence or lack thereof. But explain this... how can you take words from a book and claim that it contains truth and lies? John 17 verse 17 "Sanctify them by the truth; your Word is truth. As you have sent me into the world, I have sent them into the world."

I am not insulting you or your intelligence. I am presenting the Truth. Truth is an insult to those who hang onto the old and the dead. The Pharisees and Sadducees also thought that Christ was insulting them. He was not. He said the Truth. Their egos became bruised with His Truth. He attacked them just to invoke a response from them and make them to realize how wrong they were.

He (Christ) indeed departed the Truth to humanity. So is Maitreya. It is humanity's misunderstandings, changes they have made to His Words, additions made to it by Paul and others, and many dogmas that has crept into it that make it half Truth and half false. Even Christ predicted that He shall return again. Why? Because His return is needed to bring humanity back to the Truth again and again. It is He who proclaimed that the Kingdom will be taken from the Jews and given to another nation. Who was that nation? It is the Bible (God) who foretells of the coming of the Seven Angels and only at the end when the Seventh Angel comes will the Mystery of God be Finished (before He comes no one has the whole Truth). It is the Bible that says only when the Book Sealed with Seven Seals is opened that the whole universe rejoices (Revelation chapter 5), etc.

So we can see that although Christ brought the Truth that He was supposed to, there were other Seals to be Opened and the Seventh Angel has to come before the whole Mystery is Revealed. That expectation is now fulfilled with the coming of the Maitreya.

Why would God send Jesus Christ, who totally contradicts what this man is saying, then send another "avatar" to update our views which God himself passed on through Christ. It seems to me that Maitreya has concentrated on "explaining" the very words in the Bible that condemn him.

John Chapter 14 verses 6-7 "I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

Now I know you explain this away saying there is a cosmic Christ etc. but I believe God is clear and to the point. In fact the only confusion around here is what Maitreya is causing. The words are very clear and cannot be misinterpreted (now I could insult people who believe this and their intelligence but instead I would describe them as being mislead).

I see, here you are talking about the Maitreya that Mr. Creme has been preaching. You are confused, as many others are. Our Maitreya does not teach anything about "cosmic Christ." No Words in the Bible condemn the Maitreya we represent. Indeed the Bible and the Words of God confirm the validity and legitimacy of the True Maitreya in the Mission Of Maitreya.

Mr. Creme has brought a lot of confusion in this matter. The same thing happened with John the Baptist. He also claimed the Christ, and predicted His coming, but later did not recognize Him. This created much confusion. As it is written in the Bible, even John's disciples came to Christ and asked Him if He is the Christ they were waiting for.

Here history (His Story) is repeating itself. Creme comes and predicts the coming of Maitreya. He, however, has his own ideas of who Maitreya the Christ is. His teachings are not scriptural, but his prediction of the coming of Maitreya is correct. The True Maitreya comes, but Mr. Creme does not recognize Him and is still waiting for his Maitreya to come, which will not happen, and even if he comes, it is not the One from God! Many people take Creme's words and explanations, and condemn the True Maitreya based on those words instead of reading Maitreya's teachings and realizing what He says is different than what Creme has said! What the True Maitreya says are the Words of God and do not contradict the Scriptures.

Once again you have missed what I have been saying all along. That it is not we Christians who judge Maitreya but the Word of God itself. I agree with your every word saying that sinful people do not have the right to judge. But we do have a right to explain God's Word and how He will judge people if they disobey His rules.

God's Words do not condemn or judge the Words of the True Maitreya the Christ, His Words Confirm His legitimacy. Read the paragraphs above again.

Again, you do not have the right to explain God's Words as God is a Mystery until the Seventh Angel comes (Revelation 10:7). Any Words of God, Revelations, Messengers, etc. before the Seventh Angel comes will not Reveal the Whole Truth, therefore, any explanation of them also will not be perfect. Therefore no one has the authority to explain the Words of God until the Seventh Angel comes. Only he alone has this authority and will teach others what the Words of God mean and can therefore Judge among men.

> Maitreya has no fear of Christ or God (The Father) as they both
> are with
> Him and are One in Him. He is also not afraid of Christians, as
> His trust
> is in God. His fear is for your souls who are lost in your
> misunderstandings, ignorance and arrogance, which has already
> condemned you.

I follow the very teaching of Jesus Christ of Nazereth. How can that condemn me?

Because what you are following is not the Pure teachings of Christ (even His Name, earthly and from Spirit, never was Jesus). Yours is the dogma of Christianity (as there are dogmas in other religions as well). Since what you are following is not the True teaching of Christ, if you insist to follow them, even after the Seventh Angel has come, you are condemned.

I am working on erasing all the flaws from myself and working to become sinless. Not for salvation but because I love God.

That is Great :). When you succeeded, then you will see that you and I are One, because I Love God as well. You also will recognize that Maitreya is indeed the Promised One of the Father.

> I dare you to leave out this message from your web site.
> Your wish has been granted! Go to:
> http://www.maitreya.org/English/Letters/dared.htm.

and of course you post a letter with many misunderstood replies. Well thank you for your time.

There is no misunderstanding from this side. Realize that the Maitreya we represent is not teaching the same as Mr. Creme does, that Mr. Creme and John the Baptist have demonstrated the same trends (both predicted the coming of the Christ and both did not recognize Him later). So go to our website and read the Teaching of the True Maitreya. Then we may discuss His teachings together.

Also empty your cup of the dogmas of the Christian religion so you can see clearly. Realize that God indeed has predicted the coming of Seven Religions (Churches) with Seven Prophets (Angels). Read Maitreya's commentaries on the book Revelation in His book "Revelation Of The Revelation." You will see a Wonderful God who Loves all humanity and His Elects (Divines).

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