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Q - Master Maitreya,

I have accessed your web-site and I find many references about The God-head creating everything that Mankind encounters, including 'The Creation' that manifests as Mankind's Universe Of Mind.

The question I have relates to 'The Dead Sea Scrolls', and in particular 'The Talmud Of Jmmanuel', which clearly informs us that The God-head works for The Creature known as 'The Creation', who is The Maker of All-That-Is. In the Talmud we find that the God-head is the 'Director Of Forces', and the 'Manager' of The Creation's Energic Wishes.

Please can you tell me why there is a slight difference in Cosmology in the literature on the Maitraya web-site, contrasted with that of 'The Talmud Of Jmmanuel'.

A Humble Student - John

A - There is no difference between the two explanations. There is God in the state of Witness Entity (Godhead) which is not engaged in creation but Wishes (Director), and based on the Laws in the universe, it will happen. Then there is God in the state of being engaged in the universe (Consciousness and the three gunas). This is the part that carries out the Wishes of the Godhead (Manager) and makes them happen. The Godhead is the State of Pure Consciousness. God in the Manifested state is the state of Seven Lokas which are connected to Koshasin man, etc. (read the Book Universe and Man in THOTH).

The only thing you might see different between the Talmud and our teaching is a Higher state of God. In that state It Just Is (Be-ness). This state is beyond the creation, and God in that state is unattached from all things in creation (Godhead and the Creative Forces). He is in the state of complete Bliss and Oneness. This state is Known in the Mystical Paths as the state of Un-knowable. It only can be experienced (not explained)!

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