Background: I have been with the Mission since 2006. I found the Mission after I intensely prayed and meditated for an answer to questions such as, "Why am I here and what is God's Plan?" All thanks to God, the Mission and the Teachings have answered all those questions for me.Reading and studying the website and especially The Plan for the first time was very uplifting and still is; indeed, the mystery is finally revealed.

I completed my undergraduate education in San Diego, California, studying business, biology and psychology. I then moved back to my home country of Turkey, where I worked on translating the Teachings to Turkish, reached out as much as possible, and tried to establish a Mission presence in the country through starting yoga centers and other ideas. I later returned to the US and obtained my MBA.

Currently I live in San Diego with my wife Niama, who is also dedicated to the Mission, and work as a Construction Project Manager, learning new skills and gaining knowledge which hopefully one day can help in manifestation of the Communities of Light. We are working on ourselves by following the Eternal Divine Path (as much as our current situation allows) and learning to be in this world but not of it. In the very near future we are hoping to move to Albuquerque and work more and more for the Mission.

Fruit: Round Table member and Paravipra Training Centers project manager. He has translated a large portion of the teachings into Turkish, and maintains and updates them at the http://www.maitreya-turkce.org/ website.

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All Thanks To God (ATTG).