JUly, 2007

Revelations (The Voice Of God) 



The Last Revelation from God:

The last Revelation was given 7/7/07. A new format started 6/2/07 where the Voice of God Revealed new Revelations. It finished 7/7/07 (only two sessions). In these two Revelations, God Revealed many things, confirmed the Mission of Maitreya, warned humanity of the last days, and finished 30 years of Revelations from 1977 to 2007. Listen/Read these two Revelations and marvel at their depth and Truth that God has Blessed humanity with.

 God Indeed Is Amazing.  


Some of you may be familiar with the Paltalk format used during the Yearly Feast of Tabernacles on days when Maitreya is available for questions during the Readings.

Starting August 4th we will use this same format for the Monthly Gatherings on the First Saturday (Sabbath) of the month. This new format will be called:  FURTHER CLARIFICATIONS. The session will start at 1:30 pm MST with chanting of the HOSH Mantra and Testimonials from the members. If anyone would like to give their testimonial, please raise your hand and we will pause the chanting. Only the members of the Mission can give testimonials.  

An introduction to this new format will be read, and then Maitreya might come to the microphone for a short period of time. When He is finished then there will be 2 readers who will each read for around one half an hour.  This is done by Reader’s Choice. If guests or any of the members come to the room and want to ask questions, the reader on the mic will ask the person if they have studied our website or teaching first. If they have, then the guest may have microphone privileges.  If not, they can type in text. Maitreya will come to the microphone and answer them. 

In addition, if any Rabbi, Mullah, Priest, Minister, etc. or followers from any of the previous religions would like to come for a debate or challenge, this is very welcome also. The Reader will simply pause and turn the microphone over to Maitreya for the debate and answer.

If any scholars and/or well-versed person in any religion with credentials wants to arrange a session with Maitreya to discuss their religions and debate, compare, etc. their religions and the Mission, we can prearrange these sessions. These sessions can even be longer than our usual one hour and they can be extended to as long as we might need. 

Anyone wanting to volunteer to be a reader on August 4th at 2pm MST (or thereafter), please send email to: reader@maitreya.org 



Sal-Om, we pay our Salutations to the Divinity within you. Welcome to the Mission Of MaitreyaFurther Clarifications sessions.  The Mission of Maitreya represents the final Revelation of God to humanity.  It is the Prophesied Revelation that unifies all religions, opens the Seven Seals which were promised to be opened at the end time (Revelation chapter 5), and explains the Mystery of God as was promised in Revelation 10:7, the last book in the Bible. Maitreya has been Writing and Revealing these Revelations since 1977 until 7/7/7. This room now is the final step to answer any remaining questions that anyone might have about these Revelations.

We will read these Revelations and teachings and if anyone has any questions about these Teachings, wants to know where any religion and/or teaching in the world falls in the Seven Seals, or would like to discuss and/or debate religions with Maitreya, they are welcome to do so. If you have been studying our teachings and know the base of these Revelations (Eternal Divine Path) you will have microphone privileges. In this case just raise your hand any time during these readings and Maitreya will come to the microphone and will talk to you and answer you. If you have not studied our teachings, then write your questions in text.

These sessions will be held once a month on the first Saturday of each month at 2:00 PM MST, from the USA. The session will last for one hour. However if there are unanswered questions, and/or we have made prearrangements for a long debate with a specific person and/or group, the session might last longer than one hour.

Again Sal-Om and welcome to our room.  

QUOTE OF THE MONTH “We do not ask humanity, not to glorify God and celebrate Him. Indeed, whatever we have taken away from humanity, we replaced with a Godly alternative. That Godly alternative for Christmas is the Feast of Tabernacles, which is the celebration of the coming of the Christ..... God's Ways have been clearly given in the Bible. There is nowhere in the Bible that it talks about Christmas. But in the Bible it clearly says, ‘Keep My Holy Days forever.’ This is in chapter 23 of Leviticus.” Read More:  Conversation with Maitreya 12-25-04  


Divine Actions

Divine Actions: those actions which make a person Divine. All the actions taken to help the universe to reach higher consciousness are regarded as Divine actions (actions done for the establishment of the Kingdom within and without).



Paltalk has been having trouble with the Premium room links which includes the Mission LIVE CHAT function. If you experience a problem logging in from the website, please send a Bug Report ASAP to Paltalk at: http://server.iad.liveperson.net/hc/s-6038405/web/ticketpub/msgcontroller.jsp?surveyname=Bug%20Report

If many people send in these reports, Paltalk may pay more attention and get it fixed sooner!  

To test the LIVE CHAT function: Close your running Paltalk program and try logging in from the website by clicking on the LIVE CHAT link.  If you encounter a problem or get an error, send the report with the error message to the above link. This is the power of Community!  


There is a new version of Paltalk which contains many new options and possibilities, one of which is video over Paltalk! This is still a Beta version and they are working out the bugs. However, we can start brainstorming on ways to utilize these new features for better outreach. To download the new version or research it: http://www.paltalk.com/beta/ 


Please be reminded of the August 1st deadline for sending in your Registration Fee to the Mission. After this date there will be 20% addition. Click for Feast Info  


The MOM Members room in Paltalk of 7-20-07 is online at the Mission FTP if anyone would like to listen to this gathering. It was great sharing and Mission Teachings. Next gathering is August 17 (Friday) at 7pm MST.    


We are in the process of finalizing the artwork for the Introduction CD case and CD itself. It is very beautiful and will be forthcoming soon!  Stay tuned!  


The Mission now has its own professional recording studio complete with a sound-proof booth and top of the line equipment (microphone, computer, mixing board, etc).

We are ready for the Talented Voices to step forward! During the Feast we also hope to record new Services, singing/chanting, Reminder, etc.

At this time, we can record THOTH professionally with a high quality sound and make it Perfect!


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August 4th , 2007




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