Reports from Contacts


Sal-Om everyone,

Report for the month:

Still studying the Satsangs, making all efforts when it is possible to readaSatsang while listening to the same recording each day. It helps understanding the Teachings, and familiarizes me to hear the language better. When I read and I found an unknown word I can use the translator. Thanks God for the technology that helps the most,we are in an era where everything we need to study and to reach the goal is at hand.

Still trying to getsomeGood God meditations, but even ifI slow down of about 75% my coffee consumption and other Tamasic food, I need to go on and
keep calming the mind.

I have made a search in the Web last week for the students who interviewed me with camera and microphone, about the Religions, God and
the "reasonable accommodations" (relation with other cultures here in Quebec). God was talking to themusing my mouth, I was surprised to see how it got out of me. I remember that I talked about the universal view of religions and also mentioned the Mission's Teachings and the name of the Website, but I forgot a lot of what they asked me. The interview was made last year or before and is not in their website yet, or maybe I didn't browser enough their site. I am going to make a phone call to the college to have more information on that and be back next month with the result of those actions.

Keeping on fasting on Sabbaths and moons, the best I can from sunset to next sunset, without cheating too much. It is not always easy, I get headaches and I quit fasting sometimes before the sunset [the reason you are having headaches is because the body is toxic. If you are breaking your fast, eat satvic foods and cut down the toxic foods. The very presence of headaches is a good sign that you are purifying. M]

There areonly a fewpeople here that I can share the Mission with,but as the opportunities come I am very glad to share with themwhat I have learned. It gives me a good reminder and keeps my memory in a good state and it shows them that there is some New Teachings from God available.

There are not a lot of people that enter the "Lets stop the madness" room while I was near the computer,so not a lot happens in outreaching there.

That's about it for the monthly report.

Sal-OM to all, Be good, Be Godly, Be there next month

*Note: We encourage other contacts also to send in their monthly reports to the Mission to be added to this column!

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