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Sal-Om everyone,

This month's things in the center started to become more organized and in order. I had regular yoga and meditation classes every day of the week with a couple of different groups. I am getting calls from even neighboring cities and the reputation of the center has grown out of this small city to neighboring larger cities. More people who are interested in yoga, meditation and higher thoughts are getting in touch with me. One of these people is a person affiliated with some Ananda Marga people from Istanbul who started to come in for yoga classes to the center now and became interested in the Mission Teachings. She says she likes the yoga we do in the center better even though I use a book by Ananda Marga as the base of the yoga classes I give in the center. Nothing beats the meditation process the Mission gives out though, everybody likes the Silence :) in-between breaths.

More and more I am becoming a sports psychologist. I am working with a group of professional swimmers now. (Getting ready to go to the Olympics, we are going to sing the HOSH mantra in the opening ceremony :) I am realizing that the sports people are easier to work with because they are goal-oriented, more disciplined, one-pointed and more open to things that can improve them in general. So I enjoy working with them. We do yoga and meditation four times a week now and I also meet with them individually for counseling etc.

THOTH has been registered with Google Book Search Partner Program and will be available to searchers in e-book format soon, so that everyone can search inside THOTH in google books, give reviews and even buy it through the Mission website or other online bookstores. Hopefully this will be a another channel for many to find out about the Last Revelation of God through the Internet. All Thanks to God!

Other than these, in my spare time I recorded two videos of myself, one reading the Letter to Humanity and another one reading the article to put on the internet (YouTube etc.). I did not follow any script to record the videos but just hit record and read from the Teachings and at the end just finished with whatever came from my heart (to the best of my ability).

ATTG for the Teachings and the Mission. As I go out to the world to work with people and see the tribulation people are in and going through first hand, I can not even believe people can survive in such agony without being aware of the Eternal Divine Path and without following it. The world for sure is upside down and Communities of Light that are based on the EDP definitely are the cure. All thanks to God.


*Note: We encourage other contacts also to send in their monthly reports to the Mission to be added to this column!

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