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Florida, North

Sal-OM, All

I live in a small rural town here in North Florida, where there has been mainly a Baptist population,clearly dogmatic. However,for the past couple ofyears there has beenan influx of people moving to this area for the country life where acreage is still affordable.They are coming from many different areas of the country, backgrounds, spiritual/religious beliefs,andI am beginning to meet more of them and I amfinding they are open to discuss the Teachings of The Eternal Divine Path.

I am a working artist here and have my art work in a local gallery, this is givingme more opportunity to beoutand meeting people.

Most of my paintings expressa meditative feeling. And it has been through my art and meditationthat I often get into conversations that lead to sharingwith them about the Mission of Maitreya.

Hopefully in the future I will have more to report. I will continue to share themessage of the Mission whenever and wherever I can.

Thanks to God,


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