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Sal-Om MOM

The world around me here, just like the rest of the world, is experiencing the tribulation more and more severely every day. Minds of people get darker and more turbulent caught in the vicious cycle of the four winds. Parents bring their children in for me to help them but in fact it is the parents who really need help. Many that I talk to in the center or outside are realizing something is not right inside and outside, and it is doomed to be destroyed but on the other hand they cannot see the way out, they cannot see the vision so they chose to ignore everything all together or they think they know but not really which of course only increases the level of tribulation for them and in general.

ATTG though, with the light of the Teachings, Mission, Maitreya, God, things are looking up for me and for the center. More people are recognizing the truthfulness, usefulness, efficiency, functionality of the things I offer in the center so more doors, opportunities are opening for me. Right now after reexamination of the past couple years, learning from the mistakes and experiences, I am in the process of almost starting over with the center once again. I will be moving the center to a larger place, in which I will have a larger studio for yoga and meditation and many other useful things etc.

I continue working with the swim team. Some of them show real interest in things I share with them and I work closely with them in helping them understand themselves better so that they can fulfill their dharmas. Their parents, the management, the swimmers all are happy with the progress we witness and the change of atmosphere, motivation etc. in the club both collectively and individually. Only the head coach seems to be a little uneasy with all these, feeling a little
intimidated and threatened but I do my job to the best of my ability and do not get in the drama of things so things are going pretty smoothly for now. ATTG

I cannot wait to see the unfolding of events as we get closer to the climax of the tribulation even though
some difficult times might be ahead. I cannot wait for the Kingdom to come. All thanks to God for this wonderful opportunity and experience.



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