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Mission Of Maitreya's Newsbrief,December 2008, issue 12

TriPreparation for Tribulation!

Message From Maitreya
We know that the Tribulation is coming.Should we simply trust in God andput no effort to prepare for it? What is the minimum we can do!


Preparation for Tribulation!

What would happen if all the ways to communicate are lost? Here is an article by Hosanna that shows the way outif this happened. Read...

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Second Life is the virtual world where the Mission is creating a
Cyber Community of Light. We have the Temple, housing, meditation area, etc. Go to SL to visit, and read news about it!Read...

cReports From Contacts:

This section is for the contacts to send their monthly reports to the Mission: Canada (British Columbia, Quebec), Turkey, US (Florida: South, North).

Why some contacts are
not sending any reports!

MOM Members Meeting:
Friday, December 19th at 7pm Mountain Standard Time.
Unus/Hosanna will be the moderator/co-moderator this month Read...

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Preparation For Tribulation, Message From Maitreya


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