Preparation For Tribulation

Preparing ourselves and family for the tribulation:

Sal-OM to All. In discussions about how to prepare ourselves for what may occur in the coming tribulation, one aspect mentioned was communications with the Mission members. Add to this that here in the West, families are spread out across the country, communicating can become a real issue.

One form of assistance is the Amateur Radio Operators around the world. Wehave a system in place already as operators to assist others in getting messages from one to another. The Ham operators in your area will probably have a specific area set up for this purpose or will be willing to do this for those that make a request. This should be done for no cost to you, so if they demand a payment, keep searching to find another.

To send a message through this system, you will need the recipients first and last name, physical address (no P.O. Box; an APO or FPO is still possible through other channels), telephone number and a brief message. The telephone number is still required because they may actually have phone service where they are even if we cannot call them directly. The message must be brief in nature as there will be several messages sent and time is at a premium.

If you recall as a child playing a game wherea person tells their neighbor a phrase, and it gets passed through several people back to the first person and how that simple phrase changed, the same issue may occur here as well. Depending on where the message is going, whether a state away, across the country or to the other side of the world, several operators may be handling your message. You may want to talk with family and friends now toinform them of this service so that a small message will mean more than just the words.


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