Preparation for Tribulation

We all know that the Tribulation is coming. The Bible, Koran, and other Scriptures, vividly describe what it will be like. Probably no amount of preparation will help those who are not Chosen to be in the Kingdom! However, should those who are supposed to be in the Kingdom simply trust in God and not prepare for it?

There have been many stories on how God wants man to use his judgment to make the right decisions by themselves.

Remember the story of the man who waited for help from God! God sent him a boat, a helicopter, and other help but he refused to take these and said he will trust in God instead. He eventually drowned. He complained to God why He did not help him. God said, I sent you all these to help you but you foolishly refused the help.

Or when a follower of Prophet Muhammad lost His beloved white camel! The man who lost the camel said he trusted in God that the camel would be protected. The Prophet told him Trust in God but secure the camel!

In our teachings all things are from three kinds: From knowledge, passion, or ignorance. In this time we have to make decisions based on knowledge. It has been less than two years that we sent the letter of coming great disasters to humanity. We already see that humanity has reached to a very disturbing state. They still are resisting God and are trying to fix things by themselves. If they could have done that they had twelve thousand years to succeed and they did not. It is time to prepare ourselves for the Tribulation!

We recommend that people come together and start to strengthen themselves in Unity and number. Use all the resources they can muster to be prepared. Individuals, no matter how prepared they might be, will not succeed. The more people come together the greater their chance of success. The least one can do is to be prepared to survive at least for two months. Hopefully after that time there will be help for them.

There might be periods between now and the ultimate state that might make some to become relaxed and think the Tribulation will not come, during which things will look better and people might feel the Tribulation has passed and/or will not happen. These periods will be short-lived and the worst will come after them. In fact, in the US, Obama and the new administration (and others in other countries) might make the economy restart again. However, it will be for a short period. It has been said: There will be seven years of peace and then


Letter to humanity and their leaders

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