Supplemental Websites

We have people who have created websites to supplement the Mission website. There contain a wealth of information and inspiring writings. Check out these websites and be inspired by them. For example you can find last month's article (The Wall) by Mandala in his website, in the section called Reflections. You will also see other writings by him on the same page. These other writings are also approved by the Mission and you can read them. The latest which was just approved by the Round Table is The Mountain (with a beautiful picture taken by him on his way to meet his father who was sick). They are somewhat personal, but beautiful. Check out other sites also!

Since most of these sites will be approved by the Mission, we encourage everyone to check out these websites and if you found something that is not according to the teachings, let us know so we can correct them before the final Seal of Approval is given. When we give the Seal it means that the site is 100% reflecting the Mission and its teachings.

There are so many ideas and opinions in this world that keeping the teachings Pure is a great challenge. It is not that we want to control others, but we want to keep the teaching Purified and True to its original state. Why not try to do this, while we have the Prophet with us? When He is gone, hopefully, we will have many sites that reflect the teachings and many people who Know the Teachings in their Purest form.

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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All Thanks To God (ATTG).