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Canada British Columbia.

Sal-Om everyone,

I have been meditating early in the morning, then I read THOTH for about one hour. It has developed into a routine, and I was thinking about meditating on The Greatest Sign, and trying the Reminder more often (although I work on that moderately often, because the yoga postures are needed, early in the morning). I am doing well with the first step.

I am also an artist. My recent painting, someone had made a comment: "It looks very spiritual". The painting was a portrait of an aboriginal, front-facing, and holding a red-breasted robin over the heart (I was thinking, heart chakra), and the idea is that it is about mystical paths, as described in The Greatest Sign. I have been painting about mystical paths.

I have to study more the second step, it seems that sacrifice is needed to take the step, although I can do small sacrifices all the time.

Sal- OM


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