Reports from Contacts

Florida, South, Fort Lauderdale area.


Recently I have come to see the greater value in giving a monthly report of the Mission activities in our areas. Not only does it show us where we are month to month, it gives us the opportunity to compare what we have or have not done for the past month and to keep a check on our responsibilities as Mission members. And as we see what others are doing and confronted with in their area, by sharing in their reports, we are able to connect and understand and perhaps we can help one another. If we are to become and remain ONE in consciousness with the Mission of Maitreya we need to support one another in all areas of the teachings.

As for myself, I just now made a copy of "How You Can Help The Mission" from the website. In reading it over again, it helped me to re-evaluate what I am doing for Mission work. I will be posting this where I can read it daily. There are so many areas that we can direct our energies to. But I think the main area is our mentality of how we live. If we live with a consciousness of being a Mission Missionary then we are a step in the right direction, I believe. So, Thanks God, for the opportunity in sharing the greatest teaching in the world. May we rise in strength of God to unify man, so that we can indeed, bring the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

Mission Contact Report
from So. Florida


Athena, Hephaestus and myself are planning on making a video of our testimonies for the Mission.

Also, am continuing the Following:

Reading of THOTH online on Tuesday mornings.

Personal readings from Mission materials, (Satsangs, Discourses by Maitreya, etc)

Facilitating the Wednesday evening Meditation Class on-line 7pm MST, 9pm EST.

Monthly ad for Mission of Maitreya in the Natural Awakening Magazine

Periodic checking website for corrections and sending to the Mission

Follow up with new THOTH readers (gave THOTH's out to share)

Sharing with others the EDP, through emails, phone calls, person to person, etc.




*Note: We encourage other contacts also to send in their monthly reports to the Mission to be added to this page! The deadline is the 5th of each month. The Newsbrief is usually sent out the 10th of each month. Send your reports to:

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