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Sal-Om MOM

The work continues :) Other than taking part in regular Mission activities online and helping with Mission projects, etc. this month I spent most of my time and energy on rebuilding the center, pulling its standards up while getting grounded firmly as a rare kind of business. ATTG for all the inspiration and guidance.

The highlights of this month include a couple of conversations with some old friends who are showing more signs of awakening to the realities of their situations, as well as the world is facing at this time. Although spiritually aware of some things, these friends seemed not to show much interest in the news of the Messiah being here and His Teachings at first but apparently now at last opening up more as they see the ways of the world are not working for them and for the world at large. God knows the best.

The same thing is true for my family and even people that I interact with in and around the center. In fact God is so amazing as it says in THOTH, "Every word of God has more than 7 meanings" it seems to me that every action of God has more than one purpose that are intertwined together (has more than one dharma). The things I experience, learn, and share with the opportunities here in Turkey make the vision of the Teachings clearer, strengthens my faith, understanding, and knowingness, and tests me while at the same time to create an environment and opportunity for others to see the Light of Maitreya's Teachings and the Truth through this struggle, endeavor, etc. I cannot thank God enough for His Grace and Presence in all the universe.

I wait patiently to celebrate with all humanity (or at least with the millions mentioned in the Revelation:) the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and eventually reach the Goal. ATTG


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