Feasts of Passover
and Unleavened Bread

The questions were asked: What do we do during the Feasts of Passover and Unleavened Bread? Do we put out all the products that have yeast from the house? Should we refrain from eating things which have yeast in them during this week? Should we feel guilty if we did eat yeast at this time?

The whole purpose of this ritual is to realize how sin leavens as yeast in the bread. It is like those who lie; they have to lie to cover the lies before, and they continue until they no longer can distinguish between what is a lie and what is real. They loose touch with the reality.

The same is for going against the Universal Laws. After a while the ungodly actions seem good to the eyes, and Godly Laws seem hard to follow and are harsh to the fallen.

It also seems hard to put all things with yeast out of the house. It is a discipline, an awareness of the act of Purification. It is a deliberate decision to follow God's Commandments, not to sin!

In the Mission we no longer just follow the rituals, we realize what they mean and why we do them. It is no longer the dark age. It is time to understand why God said what He said. We have to create The New Man with the Lucid Mind (in Touch with God's Will). Then we do the rituals with full understanding of why. We agree with God and so follow what makes sense.

During the week we refrain from eating yeast, not that suddenly yeast is bad for us. No, again it is a discipline and an awareness that I will follow God's Will. I will be aware of my actions and think of God and His Commandments. It is a practice of strengthening our resolve, becoming aware of how much we think about God and are aware of our actions.

Now if we accidentally eat yeast, should we feel guilty? That means that you are not aware of your duty and other things are more important in your life than God and His Commandments. God is not First. So it is a practice of becoming aware that we have to bring God first to our lives.

It is OK to set up for yourself a penance any time you forget to remember God First. Anytime this happens, give alms or help someone, etc. It will be an added action to increase your awareness. However, it should not replace the process of progressing and believing that just following the punishment is good enough and so you do not have to progress to become the most Godly!

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