Contact List Updated

Although we had many different contacts from around the world listed on the website, we noticed that only a few were sending contact reports, and some we had not heard from in months. Upon further investigation, we realized that many of their email addresses did not work, and there were other signs that they were no longer with us. Therefore, an effort has begun to update our contact list and keep it updated from now on.

Any contact we have not heard from in a while will receive an email, asking to confirm that they are still committed and want to be listed on the website. If we do not receive a response within a reasonable time, we will remove that contact from the website. Of course, sending in contact reports is better than coming to this point!

Sending monthly reports has always been one of the requirements of being a contact. It is very important to keep the Mission updated with what is happening in your area, so we know our situation and can best direct our resources. Indeed, the contact report has been designed to give contacts an extra incentive to include Mission work in their monthly activities and so put in an extra effort to have something to report! Sending the report will be a strong requirement for future contacts!

Several contacts have already been removed, and many more are pending. Of course, we hate to lose them, so if anyone feels they have been taken off unfairly, please email me at Also, if you do not wish to be a contact any longer, please send an email letting us know. I will send more updates as needed. ATTG.


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