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US, North Carolina

Sal-OM everyone,

I'd like to report that I have recently sent a package to the Mission that has an ad that is to be posted on about the Mission (when anyone goes there they will be able to connect to the web site or the Mission's email, or call a contact, or all 3, smile!). It is going to be listed under Churches with subtitles of Universalist, All Nations and Unification...also typing Mission in brings it up. Anybody will be able to access this: you would need to go to the site listed above, then to Asheville or Hendersonville area, and type in Churches, and one of the subtitles mentioned (Note: the ad is not yet posted, but will be in a few weeks). It is too bad that it is only under the Asheville/Hendersonville area that it comes up...but that is what I was able to choose, as cost was prohibitive to be able to do anything wider. To do it nationwide which is what I would have loved to see is $2000 a month!

However, there are a lot of spiritual people in this area and lots of people come, vacation or visit here, so if God Wills maybe it will give some fruit. And is available to anyone on the internet, worldwide. All Thanks to God.

Also, when the final draft is on the site, there is a place with 5 stars for people to rate the organization, ie. in this case the Mission, that is posted there. So I thought people from the Mission would want to go in there and add some ratings and small testimonial that others who land at the site will be able to read these :).

Also, I sent two flyers (actually they are mostly the same except one is in black and white and the other in color) to the Mission and received approval to put them up everywhere! These flyers say, One World, One Humanity, One Savior, Under One God. They have a picture of the Earth in the middle of the flyer...and I tried to do them in an artistic eye-catching way using materials from a craft store. The point of contact on the flyer is the Mission's web site.

I would love to send a copy of each (the color and the black and white) for any contact who would like to use them to make additional copies and put some up in their area! They were hand made so I would have to send them by snail if interested just email me at, and give me your snail mail address and I will get them out to you! I intend to make other flyers with different wording in the future, too, so there will be some variety.

I would also like to report that I have a friend named Wanda that does Mission services with me whenever she stays at my home. She loves the Mission's meditation classes online too, and we will often visit that room and meditate (sometimes 3 classes at a time! LOL). She says the people giving those classes have the most wonderful soothing voices!

I am much more vocal about telling people about the Mission and/or suggesting they visit the website than I ever was in the past. I think my confidence in and desire to share this teaching and work is greater than ever! And THANKS GOD for that for sure!


*Note: We encourage other contacts also to send in their monthly reports to the Mission to be added to this column!

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