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Sal-Om, This has been a quiet month as far as Mission outreach goes. The city I live in is half vacant because many families are on vacation in the close by coastal towns. In Turkey most of the families, even if they are not so well off, have a summer house that they can spend the summer either in coastal towns, in their hometown villages, or up on the plateaus. So when summer comes the cities are not too densely populated. As a result the business slows down a little as well. Therefore the business activities in the yoga center I run also have declined and almost stopped for a while this month. I spent most of my time this month being the mediator between my office neighbors and the contractor of our building. The contractor did not do a good job in building and failed many of the promises that are in the agreement as well as some legally required details. But the contractor is blaming the other parties for not paying the required fees on time for him to do a good job, etc. So it seems there are faults on both sides, but rather than coming to an agreement and finding a viable solution to the current problems which brings many other complications and have undesired consequences for everybody involved in this situation, both parties just argue, yell and blame each other. I tried to bring some sense to the situation as much as I can but I am still not sure how this will all resolve. At the end, it might be a long legal process which might not benefit either party. Even in this small matter, the painful mental tribulation humanity is going through is apparent. They are lost and not willing to let the false egos go. Hence, the confusion and chaos. So financial difficulties and the complications, as a result of running a business in the middle of a confused, lost and not so orderly environment, were the highlights of this month. This caused me to contemplate and meditate on these experiences more deeply and see what lessons are in these for me to realize both personally and business-wise. At the end I am grateful to God that He has sent Maitreya and the Teachings of the Eternal Divine Path and blessed all of us with His Grace, but unfortunately not all of us are aware of His Grace yet. Hopefully, as the lessons are learned and realized, all these illusional situations pass and there will be more good news to report for the Mission from Turkey. All thanks to God Unus

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