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I know last month I reported that New Jerusalem was complete, well, it seems that is not the case. In accepting suggestions for improvements, a major aspect that I overlooked previously has begun. The Temple libraries are being stocked according to Maitreya's explanation (view the description at With thirteen libraries toinclude not only God's Revelations to humanity, but also human history, that will be a lot of books, to say the least. (Actually, I just did the mathandto fill the shelves, it will take 1,080 titles!) So in an effort to stock the shelves, a request is made that those who are interested make a suggestion or ten! The requirements for these books are that they must be offered freely as an eBook, that they can be read online, and that they fit into Maitreya's guidelines. When you send in your suggestion(s), please include the direct link to the eBook, and in which library you think it belongs. This process will help us all learn the correct placement of these books for the Temples of the future. Oh, for the Scriptures, we already have those, so no suggestions for THOTH are allowed :). However, if you know ofa book that relates directly to a Seal that is not Scripture, please send these and all suggestions to


Note: You need to download the SL program, install it, etc. before you can access the island.

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