Thus Speaks Maitreya
on Esa The Christ

The book Thus Speaks Maitreya on Esa The Christ has been fully transferred to Indesign and corrected. The corrections have not yet been made to the online version, but they soon will be. The book has been sent to the Print On Demand publisher as a test to see how well their service works. We will receive a proof copy from them soon.

The book will be created with perfect binding and will be professionally printed. You will be able to order it directly from the publisher. From now on, at least for this book (and hopefully others in the future), the Mission will have little or no involvement in the publishing, storing, and shipping process.

If the test is successful, and Print On Demand works as it is advertised, we will continue to transfer all of our literature to this service. In this way, we will be able to offer all of our literature on our website and on without having to worry about printing, running out of stock, etc. Again, God has given us an amazing tool to spread His Message further into the world. ATTG.


Note: We have received an email that a "proof copy" has been sent to us: "This is to notify you your order has been shipped..." We soon will know how this copy looks and if there is anything that we need to improve in it. For sure, it will be ready to order by everyone very soon :).

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