Red-Dotting the Paltalk Rooms

On 12/9/2009, some people entered the "All Religions Unified..." room on Paltalk, grabbed the microphone three times, interrupted the reading, and disturbed the room. Also, many people ask questions while the reading is in progress. This can also be disturbing to the room and a sign of disrespect to the reader (attention is not in listening)!

So, from now on, we have decided to red-dot the room all the time. Only the active microphone (the computer that broadcasts the services, the reader, etc.) will be un-red-dotted. This way, there will be quiet in the room and all can concentrate on the services, readings, meditation, etc.

One or two admins might be un-red-dotted to provide information on the sound quality.

It is a good (God) idea to inform people, probably in the banner, that they can go to the website for more information, and send their questions to the Mission (if they cannot find their answers by searching on their own).

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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