Feast Lectures

For the past several months in the Round Table (RT), we have been discussing different topics. A topic would be chosen, such as: Divorce. We would then break it into subtopics, such as: Reasons why divorce happens, views of divorce in different cultures, etc. Each RT member would take one of the subtopics, research it, and, bring their findings to the next meeting.

We have done this for quite a few topics so far. The discussions have been lively and the conclusions, most of the time, have surprised us all. We all have learned much and are continuing to learn even more.

We recently thought: If these discussions are so helpful to us, why not share them with everyone? So we decided that each member of the RT should choose a topic that we have already discussed, compile the research and findings on it, and present it as a lecture at the Feast of Tabernacles. All of the RT members agreed to participate in this.

So, at the next Feast, these lectures will be presented by the members of the RT for everyone's benefit. The topics have already been researched and discussed in the RT, and conclusions about them have been reached. Some of them became the base for parts of what we have represented in Golden Keys 7.

We hope one day to have so many lectures at the Feast that people could choose which lectures they would like to attend!

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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